Thriving in Turbulence: Resilience, Adaptation and Growth | Kent Clothier | EP6

Thriving in Turbulence: Resilience, Adaptation, and Growth | Kent Clothier | EP6

Kent: . So, one, understanding the purpose, why you’re doing it. Two giving your brain something to actually imagine. And then three, the last thing I’ll tell you is that go calculate how many days you have left on this planet. And when you calculate how many days you have left on this planet, so if your man, take 78 and subtract your current age, that’s how many years you have left, a woman 82 Subtract your current age, that’s how many years you have left. Take that number, multiply it times 365. That’s how many statistically speaking, how many days you have left on the planet. average American male with 78 average American female lives to 82. When you see those days, and you take that number, and you go put it on your mirror in your master bedroom where you brush your teeth. You know, when you get out of the shower, brush your hair, put your makeup on that mirror right there. When you put on a dry erase marker, write it up there and every morning, when you get done brushing your teeth, you erase, you watch your life tick away, and you realize, holy crap. The clocks moving on me. This is why my purpose is and that is what perfection looks like the combination of those three. Those are things that start to really, really play an impact on understanding. There is no point in playing Small. You got a limited amount of time baby, you better go.

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Justin: What is up entrepreneur DNA family? I’m here with what I consider one of my closest friends a big brother to me, someone who’s brought me through the real estate space for well over a decade now my brother Kent Clothier is here what is happening, dude?

Kent: What’s happening, man?

Justin: Well, I’m excited you were able to find some time you were a busy cat. But you as always are here to help me serve my community and shine some light on the people and in this is a special episode because it is right up what you have made a big impact on me for which is becoming a business owner being an entrepreneur, riding that roller coaster ride the ups and the downs. And you have recently really specialize in taking the heart kind of this helping business owners become a true CEO. Right? And I think that’s something that I want to highlight here on this episode, and in what that kind of look like. And for all that don’t know who Kent is, I encourage all of you guys to first go follow him on all the platforms, Instagram, you know Facebook, just everywhere. Just to get to know how powerful this man is. I can’t tell you how much he’s meant to me my business journey in my entrepreneurship. So listen up, this will be a good episode. And by the way, he will be keeping it raw and real. There is no doubt. That’s what he’s known for. So let’s dive into it dude, where I think something that is been a common theme. Specifically, as we record this, as everyone’s a little weary of the economy, and owning a business and running a business and doubling down on marketing and spend in cost and those type of things. How are you looking at the economic state right now, as a business owner, you run many businesses? How do you look at what’s going on real time in the world right now?

Kent: You know, I simply don’t care. And the reality of it is, is if I spent time, you know, looking outwardly, as it relates to the economy as it relates to you know, let me let me just say it this way. There are certainly a lot of businesses that are dramatically impacted by what happens you know, in the economy, right, if you’re in the if you were in the if you owned grocery stores, if you owned any kind of retail, if you were on a real estate brokerage right now, if you were selling used cars, are you incoming, there’s all kinds of things that for sure are impacted if you owned you know, local banking. But my particular businesses and what I run, I have found that largely consumer sentiment, customer sentiment does have an impact. But I specialize in working with high level entrepreneurs in my you know, my businesses now that are designed, the way their businesses are designed, and my mind is that they are designed that hey, good economy, bad economy, somebody’s still transacting, things are still happening, you know, money’s still moving deals are still be it was still being done. You know, I think people get caught up in in, people get caught up in in applying the macro, and trying to make it fit into their day to day business. And it has a direct impact on their sentiment, their belief system, the actions they’re willing to take. And I’ve never found that our I shouldn’t say never, but I haven’t found that over the course of the last probably two decades to be anything that in the end is really relevant to me. And we’re in here, I’ll give you an example. So if you look at it, you know, even if you were in the if you’re in the real estate business right now, and you own a retail brokerage, the entire housing industry has not shut down. There are deals still being done tens of thousands of deals being done every single month. And so if you, if you go looking for reasons why things are bad, you will find them. But if you go looking for reasons why things are still progressing, and they’re good, you’ll find that also. And so, I didn’t find it. Look, go separate fact from fiction. And if I wanted to sit around and say, Oh my God, you know, I’m reading in the papers that the market is down 20% and all this kind of stuff. Well, when you get very local, and you realize if I owned a retail brokerage and it you know, it does a hundred transactions a month, and my business is down, and my business is down to where I’m doing 60 transactions a month I’m down 40%. Well then go look at the actual market. You know, I’ve done this several times ago in the actual entire market, your entire MSA where you actually operate, how many total transactions? Oh, well, there was 12,000 that happened. Okay, so you were or the 12,000 used to happen now it’s down to 10,000. Okay, so the whole markets down 20%. You were 100 transactions of 12,000. Right now you’re 60 of 10,000. Anyway, you cut that, that’s 940 opportunities or 9,940 opportunities you did not get and there’s still plenty of room for you to go get yours, you just might have to fight harder than you’ve ever fought, you might have to do things that are that are not necessarily the way you’ve been operating up to this point, you might have to be more aggressive on marketing, you might have to get, you know, really get very serious about going and turning up, turn it up in the business. But allowing this macro news feed, to suddenly convince you that there’s no opportunity. So therefore, you’re managing the business different, you’re taking different actions, you’re being a lot more risk adverse, whatever that is, the myth becomes the reality real quick. If you just look at it differently and say, last time I checked, a hundred transactions out of 10,000 is still there’s still plenty of room for us, we just gotta fight harder. You know, that gets to be true also. So you get to decide what’s true in a good economy or bad economy. That’s my that’s the way I look at it.

Justin: When you’re known, you know, for those that do know, you’re known for your saying motto, mantra fricking everything right? Which is average be legendary. Yeah. And that is a mindset as well. Right? That is, you are going to look at today’s economy, and you get to make the decision, are you going to go and adapt and go figure out how to go get and recapture those 40 leads, because there was in your example 9,000 other transactions done. But talk to us what that really means to you, and what that should mean, to anyone hearing you say that?

Kent: Look, I mean, they, here’s the way that and again, with age comes wisdom, right? With you know, when you get when you gain a certain amount of wisdom, when you go to the school of hard knocks as you begin to understand what is true and what is not true, right? And so, what here’s what I mean by that is that I’ve come to a place in my life now where I know that hard times create hard people, I know that challenging times, create, bring out the best in me, right? And so, you know I look forward to anything when the business gets a little challenged, because I know it’s going to bring the best out of me, I know it’s going to this is where our company where our organization will actually shine. You know, you can count on your competition’s mediocrity, when, when the vast majority of business owners, the vast majority of people out there are not educated, they’re ignorant, they’re they’re just kind of going through the motions, they they’re making some money, but they’re not really running a business. They’re not doing anything strategic. They’re just chasing, when you know, that is that is a fact out there. And you know that when they get in the headlines, or they start buying into the BS that they’re going to start pulling back a little bit and pulling down. Well, that is the exact moment where I want to be pushing it, because it allows me to create this massive gap in distance between anybody else. And that kind of thinking has always served me very well. Now, you know, as it applies to to business, you know, that’s just one tactical thing. But it has applies to businesses that you get to a place, we actually look forward to bumpy roads, right, not only because of that, but because it you know, as Warren Buffett says, When the tide rolls out, you get to see who’s swimming naked, right? Really easy and challenging times to figure out whether you’ve got what it takes or not. And either you do or you don’t either, you’re ready to crawl up in a ball and play the role of a victim or you are absolutely you know, up for the challenge, and you will be the victor. And I just believe that is the perfect opportunity to get the best out of yourself. I mean, if you were going to be an amazing, amazing fighter or MMA fighter or whatever, there’s only one way that’s done. And that is you must get in the ring. And you must get the ever living crap beat out of you for months, every day for months and months and months on in years on in before you would ever even expect to be sniffing around being called great, right? You literally have to get punched in the face over and over and over and choked out and bumped and bruised and black eyes and broken noses and bloody you know blood everywhere. It’s just part of the process to becoming great. It’s the only way to do that. Business is no different. Like, if you want to be great, then you actually have to go through things that make you great that bring greatness out of you. So these when it gets a little choppy, then this is when you get the opportunity to you know, sharpen that axe and become great.

Justin: There’s a common thread. I’ve interviewed you know a handful of people now and in wanting to make sure you are part of this initial launch of entrepreneur DNA but all the interviews so far that I’ve done everyone has a common thread you have and I have it. You not only need to eat it, to get to become great. I mean you You have to lose it all, you have to go to a real dark spot. Right? And, you know, I’m not trying to be overly dramatic about ending your life and all that necessarily, although that is also somewhat of a common theme I’m talking about, you need to really lose it all financially, like really crumble, tell the example.

Kent: I don’t know about greed, I tell you, I don’t know that you have to do it. But you have to be smart enough to be around people who give you the correct perspective. And a lot of times that when you’re around the right people, that perspective that you’re gaining that knowledge and wisdom, your gaining is because they have gone through that. And so the idea would be to avoid that. (Justin: That’s right) Like you a have a very, very healthy appreciation for it. Because you’re surrounding yourself with really smart and wise people who have experienced something that you’re trying to avoid. And what that wisdom gives you is the perspective you know. When you have a healthy appreciation that you can lose things, and that you know, that and it won’t kill you, right? Like, hey, it’s okay to push all in, it’s okay to go hard in the paint, it’s okay that to, you know, make logical, well informed decisions. But that are decisions that are at some, there is a level of risk in them when you’re trying to bet on yourself, and you’re trying to go big, but I’m willing to lose, but I would rather avoid it. Because I’ve gotten enough wisdom from people that that’s not a fun process and it’s not fun to get back. And it can take a decade or longer to get back on top. But I’m willing to and I’m because I know, it won’t kill me. In other words, I want to be I want to have a much bigger fear of regret than I ever have of losing. It’s that simple and so when you when you get around people that can kind of walk you through that, you know, guys like me who have lost everything and had to fight my way all the way back and absolutely should have filed for bankruptcy and definitely had thoughts of, of killing myself and all kinds of bad idea. And it was a really, really dark time in my life 23 years ago. But now I guess 20 years ago now I’m so that experience has made me extremely powerful. In other words, you know, at the time never felt like that. But now when you get, you know, 20 years down the line, and you realize that that one thing gave you so much power. Because in your darkest moment, you found your way back and you found, not only found your way back, you found your way you found a you turn that into fuel at your back, you know the wind in your sails to turn it into an empire, you know, 20 years later, you begin to really kind of buy into your own crap. And it’s not it’s not that I’m fearless. It is that I have a much bigger fear of regret. And back then I had a fear of failure. I had a fear of judgment, I had a fear of falling down. And when I did all those things. And when I did fall down, and I did get judged, and I did get laughed at, I did have to deal with the ridicule and shame and all that kind of stuff. Guess what? I’m still standing dude. That’s it. It didn’t kill me. And I can. I’ll figure my way back. And so now all of a sudden that turns into power. Like I am noting afraid of. What I need to be afraid of as regret. What happens if I don’t go for it? What happens if I don’t fight for my dreams? What happens if I don’t bet on myself? What happens if I don’t, you know, make that investment in myself to get around badass people or to get the education or to get mentorship or to invest in this marketing? Whatever it is, it’s the thing that seems kind of risky. What if you don’t do that? How is anything going to change? That’s power.

Justin? Yeah. What are your options? If you don’t do that? Right? So and that goes back to your you’re saying, right, average, be legendary? Well, you don’t get to legendary if you don’t, if you don’t go for it. And so, you know, listen, you have been able to empower a lot of other entrepreneurs with a simple idea of, you know, what’s your why? And I don’t want to get all West Coast woo  woo on everybody. But I think you have a very strategic way to help people understand that that isn’t like, I do it for my kids, which is every parent’s answer, right? You’ve said this to thousands and thousands, tens of thousands of people and everyone says, I’m doing this for my kids. But let’s walk them through a little of it. The strategy that you help people kind of walk through to help understand. What is their perfect day? Why are they doing this? What is mean for them to do it? What do they really want? In the end, you have a very good way to walk people down that path that I think would be important for this episode.

Kent: Well, I think, look, you know, the big thing for entrepreneurs is, you know, everybody goes through the same phases, right? You have to go through this hustler phase where you’re basically just trying to solve the income challenge right? And I’m sure a lot of people won’t here gonna be in that phase where they just need to make $150-$200,000 a year. And then I’ll, that’s phase one. And then you know, there’s this next phase where I’m gonna need to start the process of turning it into a real business, which means putting people and processes and all these things in place. And you know, why do people do that? A lot of times people think that they do it and to your point, they do it just because it’s kind of the next box to check, versus doing it with a on purpose with a vision very intentionally, and what is the outcome you’re looking for. And I’ll tell you that most successful people, the outcome they’re looking for is not that I want to own a big business, the outcome they’re looking for is I want to control time. And I want to be able to do what I you know, I started this thing to create financial freedom and financial freedom directly equates to time freedom. If I have financial freedom, and I’m gonna get paid whether I show up or not, then suddenly I get to control time, I get to spend it with my kids, I get to go and spend it with my church, I get to travel the world, I get to do all the things that actually matter. And I get to do them when I’m healthy enough to do them, not when I’m 65 or 70 years old, and you know, got a wheelchair and a cane. I can do it now. And so when you first frame it like that, and think about why are you trying to scale this business, what is the point? Why is it not good enough to just be a higher income earner? Well, it’s because I want to control time. And if I’m just trading time for dollars, and being the hustler, that’s not freedom. All right. So now let’s get really focused on why we’re trying to do this? And because there’s going to be levels of risk, there’s going to be plenty of times when you you know, I’ve got sleepless nights, you don’t want to do it, you want to give up and all of it go, you know, go back to the fighter analogy, you know, plenty of times and you get the beat out of you. And you’re back in the corner. Like I’m out. I don’t want to do this and you got somebody in your corner, the coach or whoever, like, No, you got to get back in there. Remember why you’re doing it. So you have to arm yourself with the mental toughness. And part of the Mental Toughness is getting down into the weeds of why you’re doing it? What’s the purpose? Why am I actually doing this stuff? And, you know, we’ve all heard this kind of attaching the “Why” from especially from a man’s perspective. When you can get the “Why” to be very emotional for you. Why am I doing this? And you keep asking yourself, why am I doing this? Why I am doing it? Because I want to build a business. Why? Well, because I want to really have some time freedom. Why? Well, I don’t want to miss my kids growing up why? Well, you know, my dad or my mom was never there when I did, why? Well, it so that and when you just keep going drilling down. At some point, if you keep asking yourself why? And you’re and you’re honest with yourself, you’re going to hit something that is going to be painful. And when you hit that emotional pain, that becomes fuel. And okay, now I understand exactly why I’m doing this. And now I’m going to use that as ammunition as a weapon. When it comes down to why when those gut check moments come up, why am I doing this? Why what timeframe because I wanna spend time with my little girl, because, you know, my parents weren’t around. And because they had to work. They’re like, whatever that thing is, you’re just gonna drop right down to it, and take you in minutes instantly. You know, our brain is designed to create these synapses. These Express freeways, if you will. And when you give your brain something that basically says, When the this questions asked, this is the reaction suddenly, that is the exact thing we need to snap out of it. Right? And so that becomes kind of, you know, the why behind it. But you know, to go much, much further on this one topic, right? This is all on basically, the fuel and the why is if you were if you had to live the exact same day over and over and over, like Groundhog Day, then, you know, I would tell you to sit down and write out or voice record in your phone. Exactly what that day would look like. Who would you spend the day with? What would you do when you woke up? Do you? What would you eat? What would the you know, what would the air smell like? What would the room look like? Where would you spend the time? Everything? What does a perfect day look like? Because if you had to live the exact same day, over and over and over again, what would be the point of it being anything less than perfect? And anybody that got on here and said well, I would go to the office and do that you’re full of shit because you would never do that in your perfect day. You would absolutely what is perfection looks like oh, well I would my perfection, I would be a rockstar and I would have you know 10 Hookers with me and we’d be flying around the world. And I Okay, well, that’s your version of perfect man, whatever you want to do, okay, but whatever perfect looks like is what I’m talking about for that 24 hour period. And you want to record yourself talking through this and you want to record yourself and there’s two rules to do this very effectively. I want to know what the perfect day is or you want to know what the perfect day is number one. Number two, you need to speak it in the affirmative is Am I doing this I am not, I will, I am doing this, I am with these people, I am going out on this boat and we are cruising around, like describe it as if it’s happening real, right? That’s very, very important. And then equally, you want to be as detailed as humanly possible. And again, if you want to write it out, and then record it, do it that way. Now there’s a reason there’s a logic behind all this. Our brain thinks, and images, and pictures and movies, that’s the way our brain like, nobody here I told you to imagine your best day ever. You’re thinking words, like you’re thinking about a beach and palm trees and coconuts, and you know, whatever it is, right? We think in images. And our brain naturally is looking for that. It’s craving the images, right? And especially our subconscious. And so the way this works is that your subconscious has a tendency, or dancy is absolutely making millions of decisions every day in billions of a second, right for me, moving my hands like I’m doing right now, or blinking my eyes or my heart beating or whatever your subconscious is doing all this kind of stuff. And now your analytical brain is just trying to think about what am I going to say next, and all that kind of stuff. And so your subconscious is so powerful, but it doesn’t think like, like our analytical side of our brain does. What I mean by that is that our subconscious scene is believing it is not your analytical side of your brain has one job, don’t die. It is designed to just keep us all alive. The other side of your brain is just go go, go, go go. And it’s it does it cannot distinguish between what is real and what is not real. And it is so powerful. And it is effect, you know, effectively so dumb to that, that whether it’s real or not, it will actually physically change you. And I can prove it to you right now you might be thinking, Man, this is just hocus pocus crap. But for everybody that’s on here. If you’ve ever listened if you’ve ever had a dream that is so real, that you woke up and your heart’s racing. adrenaline’s pumping, you’re out of breath. Oh God, man, that was crazy. Hey, your wife’s like, what’s wrong? What’s wrong? Maybe you screamed out or whatever? Okay. My question to you was, was it real? No, it was a dream. But in the mind’s eye, it was so real, that the adrenaline dropped, right? Right, the heart started racing even faster, you screaming out, maybe you’re crying, whatever is going on. Those are physical changes. The subconscious is, it cannot tell what’s real, what’s not. And it’s physically changing you making you take different actions, because it can’t tell the difference. Now, imagine if you could train that, to think about your perfect day. And imagine it over and over and over and over again. And it starts to believe this is real, what you’re doing is you’re training your intuition, you’re training your gut, you’re training your your mind to start imagining this thing looking forward. And all of a sudden, this is my perfect outcome I’m looking for in you naturally will start making subconscious decisions to move in that direction. It’s extremely powerful tool. And how does he do that? Well, without recording, you record it, once it’s perfected, and it’s all in it very detailed, just like you’re trying to look at a screenplay and it’s very, it’s in the affirmative. If you will listen to that thing on repeat, at the gym, in the car, when you’re walking, when you’re working out whatever it is, you’ll start to notice that I’m moving in an intentional way, not only from an analytical side of my brain, but from a subconscious side of my brain, I’m moving towards the outcome I’m looking for. And it’s an extremely powerful tool. So, one, understanding the purpose, why you’re doing it. Two giving your brain something to actually imagine. And then three, the last thing I’ll tell you is that go calculate how many days you have left on this planet. And when you calculate how many days you have left on this planet, so if your man, take 78 and subtract your current age, that’s how many years you have left, a woman 82 Subtract your current age, that’s how many years you have left. Take that number, multiply it times 365. That’s how many statistically speaking, how many days you have left on the planet. average American male with 78 average American female lives to 82. When you see those days, and you take that number, and you go put it on your mirror in your master bedroom where you brush your teeth. You know, when you get out of the shower, brush your hair, put your makeup on that mirror right there. When you put on a dry erase marker, write it up there and every morning, when you get done brushing your teeth, you erase, you watch your life tick away, and you realize, holy crap. The clocks moving on me. This is why my purpose is and that is what perfection looks like the combination of those three. Those are things that start to really, really play an impact on understanding. There is no point in playing Small. You got a limited amount of time baby, you better go.

Justin: Amen. And you know, one of the questions I think of when listening to you is I really think not everyone’s built to be an entrepreneur. And then I hear how you describe that. And I think everyone has to be an entrepreneur. Because if you’re a W2 employee, and you are beholden to that, how are you going to create your perfect day? Right? How are you going to be able to spend the time with the friends, the families, the holidays, and have the ability be able to financially do it, right? I’ve been to frickin Disney World and Disney Land three times in less than 30 days. Because I’ve created a life that allows me and affords me to do such things. And it’s because I’m an entrepreneur. And when you when you listen to how you just described it, and you literally watch your life tick away by one at a time removing it. I mean, it is a point of like, everyone has to become an entrepreneur. At some level, you may not need to be Kent clothier, Justin Colby, or a larger thing, but you need to be able to create your own life. And that really is what I’m listening and hearing and it really important. Now, to pivot gears just slightly here. You’ve spent the better part of at least a decade, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs, advising. What do you see as a common failure point where they break? Where they mess up? Where they don’t understand whatever that is? And then what would you give a piece of advice for a common thread right, knowing that you’ve done this for thousands if not tens of thousands for over a decade, a common break point failure point mistake, if you will, that you can say here’s my suggestion for the vast the masses of entrepreneurs don’t do this thing. What would that be?

Kent: I think that Perfection is the enemy of progress. Right? Yeah. And so I think that most new entrepreneurs have bought into some mythology, some preconceived notion, and whether it’s through social media, or through clever marketing, or whatever, they whatever it is, but they have very, very unrealistic expectations of what it actually takes. And I think, you know, one thing I pride myself on is being extremely transparent that this is the reason why the purpose, this is the reason why all these things, you have to get all these this foundational stuff that I just covered in place, because the journey is real. And, you know, what were the mistake people make is that they they walk in to, you know, they’re bringing a knife to a gunfight. Alright, they think they understand what is what they are in store for, and then they are expecting the best and they’re not prepared for the worst. They, oh, when does the Ferrari show up? When’s the Lamborghini show up? When’s the private jet show up? When’s a pretty wash to show up? Whatever. And the reality is, is that that’s all bullshit. Right? What What is real is that you have to be extremely passionate about life, you have to be extremely ambitious, that you deserve to, to win. And you have to be relentless, that you will never give up. Regardless of if it happens on your timetable or not that I am go, I have the mental toughness and intestinal fortitude that I will never stop. Like, I will, you know, the Will Smith saying like “when I get on the treadmill there’s a guy next to me, you know, one or two things happening, he’s getting off first, or I’m going to die”. Right ahead exactly the what it takes. Like I am, I’ve just you cannot deny somebody that will not give up. It was just a matter of time. And so, I think that when you get into the game, you have to literally be prepared, going back to the fight analogy again to get hit. And I think if you know again, let’s just do I’m going to go down that for a second here. Let’s just think about how unrealistic it would be. That if I picked up the phone, and I called you, I said, Justin, bro, I’m gonna be a great fighter. I’ve read every book. I’ve listened to every podcast. I’ve watched every YouTube video. Let’s get Dana White on the phone. I’m ready to be in the UFC championship. You’d be like, bro, you have lost your damn mind. And you’d be right. Right? And so, the point of it is, is that if I expected to be great, the only way that I would be it’s exactly what I said earlier. I have to get in the ring. I am prepared to get hit I know that I have an opponent on the other side of the ring, that his job is he’s trying to kill my ass. And I’m mentally ready for that, like I’m, I understand the rules of engagement, I’m going in, ready to get hit. It is a natural process, it’s a natural progression of becoming great. And I’m prepared to get bumped and bruised and knocked down and knocked out. But I’m also prepared that when that stuff happens, I’m just, I’m gonna get back in the ring, it’s not gonna deter me because I want to be great. And so I think you know, be to expand on that I think of that same kind of mentality. If people adopted that, coming into business from the very beginning that look, I know the way to become great is I’m gonna follow a process, I’m gonna follow a system, I’m gonna use the information and the insight that I’m learning, but I’m prepared to do battle, I’m prepared to go to war, I’m prepared that with what comes with that, and meaning I’m gonna get hit, I’m gonna get knocked around, but I’m never gonna give up. And it’s okay to get knocked down, it’s okay to get hit, it’s okay to suffer. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. But that doesn’t mean I’m failing. It just means I’m becoming great, that kind of mental attitude coming into it. I think if people could adopt that from the very beginning, or get around people that help them to adopt that, I think you would see the success rate and new businesses skyrocket. I think people come in bright eyed and bushy tailed with their head halfway up their ass, thinking that, you know, it’s just gonna Oh, the guy said, all I need to do is press this button and turn on this ad and suddenly everybody’s gonna buy my crap. Oh, my God. Like, that’s just that’s not real guys. Yeah, like, get into business, to fight for your dream, to fight for your perfect day to fight to become financially free to create time freedom. And because that clock is ticking away on you get all the right reasons in place and then fight. But don’t come in there thinking it’s going to be cupcakes and rainbows and sunshine, and, unfortunately, is what I see a lot of people do, they just kind of come in and they’re just not prepared. And the first time things get a little rough, they start running home to mama and you know, kicking and screaming and crying and playing the role of the victim. And it’s like no, bitch, that’s just a Tuesday. That’s what happens. That’s it every day, get used to it.

Justin: I say it in a slightly different form. And I just say, you know, remove your expectation of when you’re going to achieve the result. Right? So timers all expectation, most people have a very short expectation of when you are going to achieve the result and then they miss it. And they think they’re a failure. And to your point, they put their tail between the legs that call back home to mommy Oh, so hard. It’s my mark, it’s my thing, whatever industry, right? If there’s an excuse be hold it because they didn’t hit their goal. And here’s what I would tell you. And I’ll ask you not even tell you anything. Are you at where you want to be? Have you achieved your goal?

Kent: Never. Ever I mean at the end of the day. You know, you show me a millionaire. And I’ll show you a frustrated billionaire ( Justin: Right for sure). Or guys like us, and maybe think most successful entrepreneurs, you learn to become blissfully dissatisfied. And it’s just a you it doesn’t. The moment you get comfortable. It feels very uncomfortable. And oh, yeah. I mean, we’re guys like me, and you and many others. And a lot of the guys that we run with is is I certainly recognize the success that I’ve had, I certainly recognize him and satisfied that I have accomplished more than most will ever accomplish in their lifetime. But by no means am I where I want to be it’s just a constant moving of the of the the milestone, right? It’s, hey, it’s a way of keeping score. I know I am designed to continue to evolve and become greater than I am today. And that is the fuel that has always allow me to become, you know, some version of great a greater than I was yesterday and me I’m always trying to improve. And if I if I think that anybody that isn’t doing that you’re going in the wrong direction, whether that is personal or professional. So I’m I’m looking, you know, again, I think the set of best, I’m blissfully dissatisfied, I absolutely recognize. And I’m very grateful for everything that I’ve been able to accomplish and the people that are in my life, and you know, what most will most, unfortunately, will never get to accomplish. But that being said, Man, I’m not even high and got started yet. And I’ve been in business 35 years, I’m not even close to where I want to be.

Justin: Yeah, I think people don’t even recognize the amount of achievement they make. And I think that’s part of the challenge of an entrepreneur is your head down, trying to achieve so much you don’t actually even look around to see what you have achieved. And say it again how you say your blissfully really was you’re saying (Kent: blissfully dissatisfied). I love that, right? And it’s because you’re aware enough and present enough to realize Holy crap, look what I’ve created, you know, 30 years in business. But man, I got a long way to go to get to where I’m trying to go.

Kent: I think it also boils down to this man that when you when you realize that it’s a long game, and you get better with each week, each day, each quarter each year. As you gain that knowledge, as you gain that confidence, as you gain that success. You become better qualified to do it all over again, and keep going and keep going and keep going. And so then the excitement, it just kind of feeds on itself. In other words, you don’t have to do anything anymore. But you get to do things. Generally, I don’t have to do crap. But I get to do this because I’m really good at it. And I enjoy it. And I’m I have more wisdom over the law from the last 12 months. So it means I have more to offer it for the next 12 months, I have more things that I can bring to the table to make, you know, my organizations and others, even more successful. So as you gain that wisdom, and you gain that knowledge, and you gain that experience and that success and those failures, you actually become more powerful. And so what would be the point of becoming at your most powerful point of just? I’m out? That doesn’t make any sense at all right? I mean, you know, that’s the reason why somebody like Tom Brady or LeBron, you know, Tom Brady played as long as anybody and didn’t want to retire because even when he did retire, he was still one of the greatest in the game at that exact moment. Right. And LeBron, you know, as this has been recorded, like, at this very moment, you know, he’d been in the league longer than anybody else. And he’s still one of the greatest in the damn game right now. So, it’s kind of the same thing. And the game of life is like men at my most powerful at my most seasoned at my most well versed on how to do great things. Why would I even think about stopping now?

Justin: Yep, hanging them up. It’s in will kind of end with this, I have a we’re all going through these phases, right? I’m in I’m at the age where it’s like, taking care of my little kids. But I’m also taking care of family now. Right? I’m taking care of parents, and they’re at the age where now they’re almost little kids, right? It’s a very interesting thing. You’re going through a lot personally, that I’m aware of, and friends and stuff of that nature. Let’s talk about that thing that you have tattooed on you that you have behind your head. Let’s talk about the meaning of that. Because again, I just don’t think people are present and enough. Today I say like this, the days are long, but life is short. Right? We all have that the days are long, and life is short. So let’s talk about the time is now.

Kent: Look, man, I mean, we talked a little bit about it. But but you know, in the history of the world, nobody’s ever gotten out of life period. Right? Everybody’s got an expiration date. And every single one of the days that we are gifted by the grace of God, is that a gift. And I do not care how bad it ever gets for you, anybody who’s listening or watching this, you know, whether you’re watching it on your laptop, or your tablet or your phone. The reality is that that one thing puts you in a very, very elite club, because last time I checked, there’s something like 3 billion people that do not have access to clean water or clean sanitation on the planet out of 8 billion. Last time I checked on any given day, just in the United States, there’s 600 to 700,000 people in a hospital bed right now. Today, there’s tens of thousands that people of people that will die today. There are millions, if not billions of people, that on your worst day, they’re praying for it. They would be your worst day represents their best day. Right? Think about the people that are sitting in a hospital bed right now that would do like nothing more than the opportunity to get up out of that bed. Go home. And oh, well, you know what I get to do today I get to go record a podcast with a buddy of mine. Like that’s like, oh my god, that seems like the greatest day they could ever have right? When they’re faced with their mortality. And, you know, death in a hospital. A little perspective goes a long way.

Justin: You said this time and time again, not to interrupt you but you always say be grateful to have to overcome certain challenges. Because your ass is in in a hospital bed.

Kent: That’s right? Be grateful for your problems, right? (Justin: That’s right) Everybody every one of your problems. You know, there are real victims in the world. Let’s just be let’s be honest, but largely anybody that’s listening to this the problems that you have you created right there. They’re based on decisions that you’ve made, which is cool, because I mean, if I made those decisions, that means I can make better decisions. I get had the opportunity to solve this, thank God, these are my problems. Thank God I’m not trying to, you know, feed an infant and I have no money, no food, no water, no shelter. And there’s plenty of places on the planet where that’s true for people. Thank God I’m not sitting in a war-torn country like the Ukraine right now. Right? Thank God, I’m not in Israel in my young daughter has been held hostage right now. Right? Like, there’s, there’s some real crap going on in the world. And anybody’s listening to this, you’re not a part of that. And so, this is your moment. This is the time this is that chance you get today you woke up, you’re healthy, you’re breathing, you know, you’re physically fit, you get the chance to go and solve problems, you get the chance in the greatest country in the world to at a great time to actually start a business, run a business, create a business, you know. No, there’s nothing in this in this world I mean, for God’s sakes, we have 18 year old kids, 15 year old kids on YouTube making $10 million a year, right? You got fricking chicks on only fans making $10 million a year like we live in a place where if you can come up with an idea, the the tools and the technology to implement that idea and turn it into revenue in real time, as it has never been more prevalent than it is right now. That’s right. Oh, I mean, it’s everywhere. And so to sit around and act like a pussy and say, you know, I can’t get something done. That is a choice. That is you get you’re playing the role of a victim. And anybody’s playing the role of a victim. You know, I have no patients for them I have no because it’s just not true. There are real victims, the vast majority, the people that are listening and watching this are not those. And so, again, you’re healthy, you’ve got an opportunity. Now, do you need knowledge? Do you need inspiration? Do you need to be aspirational? Do you need to get do you need to go and take action? Do you need to do things that are going to be very and of course, of course you need to do those things. But the time is now this is that moment. You’re not getting any younger. As of this moment, this is the youngest you will ever be for the rest of your life. Right now. Yeah, right now, because nobody’s getting younger. Alright, this is the youngest this moment as you’re listening to this, that you will ever be for the rest of your life. You’re only getting older. And so go, be bold, you know, be fearful of regret. Take the and to do anything less than that, quite frankly, is reckless and irresponsible. Because you’re acting like time is on your side. You’re acting like tomorrow is promised. And I got news for you. It’s not and whether you know, I had big losing a big business at one point in my life I’ve had my mentor hold my hand yeah, with millions of dollars in the bank tens of millions and hold my hand and tell me as he was dying in a hospital bed. I just wish I had more time where millions of dollars could not buy him one extra minute right? You know in an emergency plane landing could have been a crash with my young daughter and my wife at the time as it as it’s going. As we’re being told to brace for impact as we’re landing in Tampa, like you realize very quickly that in those perilous moments Holy crap, man, I’m walking around with my head of my ass. I mean, I’m just get I just got on an airplane to fly home. I had no idea any of this crap could happen. Right? Like, how many people die in a car wreck? Like, do you have no idea what’s going to go on? So why would you waste one second? Not making that phone call not talking to that person that matters. Not telling people the way you feel about them not going after that business. Not planning and designing your life and implement it. Why would you not do that? Because you can. It’s that simple.

Justin: Yeah, well, dude, that is, that is a hell of a way to end this episode, brother. And I think everyone now knows why your close friend to me a big brother to me and mentor and advisor, someone that I hold dearly, on my heart. And so thank you for showing out and showing up. For all those that don’t follow you yet. You need to go follow him on Instagram, all the platforms he runs what I will always argue to be the most successful biggest, badass ass mastermind in the real estate space called the Boardroom. If you have any interest, if you’re a real estate badass and want to be a part of that, then until you reach out to me, I’ll ask Kent if I can bring you as a guest. But you got to be a badass. This isn’t for rookies, right? You got to be a real player in the game. But again, go follow Kent Clothier on Instagram. Where else would you like to drive them if you want to drive them anywhere?

Kent: That’s it, man. Just follow me on Instagram. And we we, between me and my team? We’re all over it, man. So if anybody needs any help there, just let me know.

Yeah, if you’re an entrepreneur, if you’re a CEO, he does COO, consulting coaching to help you grow and scale your business. So again, he’s a great resource there but brother I appreciate you spend the time with me the tribe. And as always, I’ll see you here shortly at the mastermind.

Kent: You got it Bro. Peace!

Justin: Take care.

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