An Inside Scoop of Massive Rocketly Success | John Oitice

An Inside Scoop of Massive Rocketly Success | John Oitice

John: Your failures gonna just if you and this is the beautiful thing this is what I love about Rocketly and I help my guys all the time using Rocketly all the time is I play the phone calls because they record it. And then I find out where I went wrong. Where did I go wrong? What happened? Where the conversation switched and I lost this? Yeah, and I’m able to make changes on it just with this so it’s also a teaching platform for me because nobody’s perfect. You don’t know nobody can easily I’m sure even you you’ve got you know some of them you crazy amounts of experience, you probably lose deals every day. It’s not about the lost deals is what you take from it. You know what I mean (Justin: That’s right some days you earn some days youlearn). Right, I you know, this Conversations tab, I go through this all the time and any deal that we don’t lock down especially like a form fill, or like a website we I listen to either mine or my guy’s conversations and and I take notes on it and I try to find where we went wrong in that conversation. So that way we can have a discussion at the end of the week and kind of change that narrative and push forward from there and try to get it next time and that’s a huge tool too that’s another tool too.

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Justin: Welcome back to the science of flipping podcast. I’m your host Justin Colby. And if you have any questions that you do not get from this episode that you might be thinking about, go to “” Any questions you have at all go to and you will get those answers from me. Also, each and every one of these podcasts are sponsored by Rocketly. Is your AI lead generation platform. check it out. All right, I have an incredible guest here as we talk about Rocketly and The Science of Flipping this as a new member here at Rocketly in The Science Flipping John Oitice. What is up brother?

John: What’s going on? Man? How are you?

Justin: Man? I’m excited to have you. One of our specialists, Mr. Jon Kirk, did an interview with you that I did not know about and it blew my mind the amount of success that you’ve been having using Rocketly. I said, You got to be on my podcast, bro. Let’s talk about it.

John: Yeah, let’s do it. I mean, you know, you got a great, great team. At Rocketly. I love those guys. They’re rock stars. Pete and John are amazing. They love it. They just, they they’re rockstars man. I mean, yeah, I almost it was actually funny story. Like, it took a while for me to get all the stuff on because like I said, I’m not I’m not a techy guy. And, and it was, like difficult for me to like upload voice recordings and do all the things that need to be done behind the scenes to get this up and running. And I almost bailed on rod like, this is too much for me, man. I can’t, you know. But I’m…

Justin: And what if you would have bailed right like the reason why?

John: This been kicking myself in the foot, you know, he had I would have been kicking myself for sure. Because it’s, uh, you know, the first week that I had it, it just popped and I you know, between the brainstorm between me and John with the the website thing, how you link the website to the lead detector, and the form fills and stuff like that, we were able to end up with a with a domain name that was killer. So it was like, it was a great like I ended up getting I think it was So it was like a super thing. And before I was even all done with Rocketly, I was already getting lead captures from just organic site traffic, organic searches. So I knew it was going to do something like special for me and really amp up what I was doing in the beginning anyway.

Justin: And  that’s within the first couple of days of you having Rocketly?

John: The first couple of days, the first three days, I think I closed two deals in the first three days

Justin: Three days you closed any contracted direct to seller in first three days of having Rocketly

John: Right. So I had I had three deals under contract in the first couple of days. And it was like, we went live with Rocketly and everything was up and running. I think it was a Sunday night. By Monday morning, I had about six or seven things that I had to follow up with. And of course, being brand new. It’s like oh my God, what’s going on? You gotta you gotta like really rush to go get this. And out of those I had three and now everything. Pretty much everything except for like maybe one or two. Like there’s you know how people tire kick online. So it’s it’s little. Sometimes you get a good deal. Sometimes it’s just somebody that wants an astronomical amount for the property. It’s just got a kind of let it go. (Justin: Yep) But, you know, pretty much everything that comes through here. We can lock down. I mean, I’ve had some funny conversations with people. I’m actually making a t shirt.

Justin: I loved that when you text me yesterday. Yeah, absolutely sent that send it to him for sure.

John: I have to make a t shirt or this because it’s it is the absolute that was the funniest conversation I’ve ever had. Or it wasn’t even me it was a team member who had it. And I was just like, oh my God, I can’t believe he said that on the phone. Like oh, my God.

Justin: So tell me you’ve had Rocketly now for. You’re going on for weeks, right?

John: Yeah, I think next week could probably be either my third or fourth week. I don’t really remember.

Justin: Okay. So again, a very short amount of time.

John:  Right. It hasn’t been long at all.

Justin: How long did it take for you to get set up? A couple weeks, three weeks, four weeks?

John: To set up the program? Yeah. So for me, like I say I’m not a techy guy. It took it took a little long, long talking. I took probably about six weeks for me because I I just you know, you have to do that. The thing that my biggest, my biggest problem was the uploading of all that stuff that you have to do.

Justin: Well, it’s a very manual. This is not you know. Rocketly for all you this isn’t just some CRM Um, you get a link to right like, we are manually building this out for you. And so but obviously it works, right?

John: Oh my God, listen, I’m so happy that I stuck with it and kind of like let it run its course and do the things that it needed to do see it’s making things so much easier as far as is wholesale. Yes.

Justin: I mean in three days you contracted direct to seller three or two or three probably in the first three days. How many have you contracted in the last in the total time? You’ve had Rocket League going? How many contracts? Have you gotten?

John: How many contracts total? Like without this total contracts?

Justin: Just contracted with the seller?

John: About 15? Maybe 18.

Justin:  15 total. I love Yeah. And then how many have you already sold to an end buyer?

John: So, we have seven in title right now. And then we have another two that we’re currently working on? We actually find the buyer. Yeah, this morning. Actually, we got a good conversation going for another one. So we should be at eight by Monday or so.

Justin: And what do you think a secret to your success, right? Because we have other Rocketly members that you know are having success, but maybe not as extreme as your so there’s a two part question for all these leads that you’re bringing into Rocketly. Remember, this is for all of you who don’t know what Rocketly is, if you just go to You can book and schedule a true demo like one on one with Zoom. My team will work with you on helping understand the power of this. So schedule demo. But how much money are you spending in marketing to get these leads every single month?

John: I think I just bumped it up. I just bought it up.

Justin: like 20 grand a month?

John: I think I was at 15 bucks a day.

Justin: $15 a day. Yeah. And I asked that intentionally because someone like myself is spending 40 or 50 grand a month on Pay Per Click advertising, (John:Rright) 40 or 50, grand thousands. You’re spending $15 a day.

John: A day. And I actually just upped that because I took it off. Because originally when I signed up, I I only did like seven or eight states that I wanted to do this in because that’s where I had most of my buyers. And then I turned around, I was like, You know what, like, if I’m doing this kind of volume in seven or eight states, if I can just open this up, I’ll worry about later. You know what I mean? Right? I’ll worry about the buyers. You know, the way I set up deals, buyers are going to come anyway, (Justin: A 100%) I buy and hold myself like I have properties that I hold. So I understand as an investor, what people are looking for.


Justin: Well and I need to buy more from you, right? I’m always looking for my community to find deals that I’m gonna buy, right? Buy or I could buy let’s have a direct connection there. We’ll do that offline alert (John: Sure. Yeah, absolutely can do that). And so, $15 a day, which for all of you out there, that is nothing that is $450 a month, you do not need a big marketing budget to rock this thing. So you have 15 Total contracts, you’ve had to back out of a couple you’ve already sold seven, you have two in marketing. It sounds like another one of those two just found a buyer sounds like oh, yeah, what is the secret sauce, what is separating you right now from some of the other members that that aren’t using it the way you use it?


John: The Phone. Like you have to be. So I tell my students all the time. So like when I teach I teach, like again, I teach every Saturday it’s on a zoom. And I sometimes I get on the phone with them so they can hear how I how I operate. The biggest thing is that the immediate connection, so when people are filling out forms or going to a website or searching, I want to sell my house, how do? They’re in trouble. They have something they need to offload. You’re not the only person that they’re contacting. You’re not the only one that they clicked on. You’re not the only website that they visited. People have visited 15-20 websites and you may be you know, in the middle of the pack. How you get to the front of the pack is you don’t make them wait, you don’t. Oh, I’ll get to him on Monday, or I’ll get to him whenever that I’ve talked to people at 5am in the morning. I’ve gotten I’ve gotten a lead at 5:00 AM by 5:10 AM I was on the phone with this dude. Giving him a number where I think we could work something out. You know, you can’t you can’t wait. The longer you wait, the more chances they get to search more people, the more searches they get. Somebody’s going to nab them before you go and and that’s a huge you know, part of why I’m so successful because I have I’m on it. I’m on the phone immediately.

Justin: And you’re not and you know this and you haven’t even turned on. But you know, there’s an AI bot that would do a lot of this communication for you. And for those that do in his essence, do it. If you want to do it. Yeah.

John: Listen, I feel like okay, AI Bots are great, right? Everybody likes AI Bots. They all do this thing. But there’s nothing like getting on the phone and talking to somebody and feeling their voice out, you know? You could tell a lot by somebody on the phone, you can tell, you know, you can get into a Bots not going to try to get their pain point, you know what I mean? Why they’re trying to sell their house, the bot may engage in conversation and kind of, you know, mold that deal a little closer for you. But a Bot’s not going to be personable with the person on the phone. I had a lady in Texas, she called me four times, after we spoke the first time because she wants you know, she’s getting all these calls. And she wants to make sure that I’m sending her an offer, because I was the only one who actually picked up the phone, and I called her and talk to her, you know, and found out about her story and, and connected with her on a personal level. And, and let her know that listen, I’m gonna do everything I can to get you to your number that you want to be at, as long as it makes sense for me, you know, it’s it, it’s a business, but I feel for you, this is what I can try to do for you. And you know, a lot of people too, don’t know different avenues on how to get things under contract. That’s, that’s another big thing. So, they don’t know about subject to, they don’t know about, you know, seller financing, things like that, that make it just another tool in your belt, to be able to help these people out in a bad situation. So, you know, they could the house could be over leveraged, but then you can get them to kind of say, “Hey, listen, I can catch you up on your payments and I can do this, and I can do that”.  You know? Justin: Understanding how to do that, right and structure the offer, I mean) that is plan. But you know, you get these tools under your belt, and you’re able to present them with a couple of different offers. And allow them to pick which ones they want. And that that you can do if you’re able to do that. And you can understand those processes on how to do those things that will make them come to you even more. Because now you know, you’re talking about saving their credit, you’re talking about giving them a little cash every month. You know?

Justin: So you’re spending time with them. You’re not just trying to blow through a conversation, right?

John:  Yeah, no, I’m spending, you know, my conversations lasts anywhere between five to 15-20 minutes, the first initial conversation because I want to feel them out. You know, I want to see, you know, I’ve had people get on the phone with me like, yeah, I want like, 700,000, I go look up the property is worth like two and I’m like, Alright, come on, like it is, you know, but people are going to be like that, and you can’t get discourage. But you know? you have to educate yourself. And that’s number one and it’s something like your programs, great. I love your program. It’s awesome. But it’s not for somebody who’s not educated. You know what I mean? Because you can get all the leads you want, like you can get a hundred leads a day, if you’re not educated enough to bring those leads and put them into actual contracts. It’s not going to it’s not going to do anything for you. So education is key, being on the phone is key. And then again, dispo dispose, there’s a huge portion of this, you have to, you know? Build up your buyers, you have to have buyers, you have to have people ready to go. You know? Because sometimes these contracts, you know, I’ve gotten lucky sometimes I had like 30-45 days, you know, but other people were like “Listen, I’m in real, real bad shape. My auction date is, is you know, seven days away, you know, we have to do something” and you have to have somebody ready to go for first stuff like that.

Justin: And it’s there’s no doubt and if I could ask you a favor for those of you that are listening. Awesome. Hopefully you go over to to watch this. Because I’m going to ask John to actually share his screen I want you guys to see his flow what he’s doing again, for many of you may be listening to this. You may have a W2 job you may be listening to John say yeah, but dude, I don’t have the time. I don’t have the people. I’m just getting started here. I need the lead.

John: Man. I work for a town of cortlandt, I’m a building maintenance guy.

Justin: And you still find the time. If so, I love that because it’s always about what’s important to you. Right? And so you find time to make sure that you or someone else is reaching out to the seller. It’s important.

John: You guys have an app, it doesn’t work very well. But there’s an app that goes onto your phone and I found that it doesn’t work great. But it’s good enough to get you in contact with that person. (Justin: That’s it. That’s all you need to do) Like it’s good enough. It doesn’t give you know? I’ve talked to Pete about this and told him like we got to tweak a little bit here because it’s like it’s kind of jumbled up is a little bit of a mess. So like somebody like me who’s not techie it’s hard for me to like decipher like what’s what. But it’s good enough for you to click on it. Click on it. Get on the phone, talk to this person a little bit. Put your name in their ear and then gives you a little bit more time to go and do what you got to do to, to cop it out to do whatever you have to do even on your phone, you can do all this stuff on your phone, and then call them back and kind of shoot them an offer. Yep. You know it’s not.

Justin: You want to show. So again, the easiest way again, if you’re listening to this, when you get home, from the gym or your car, go to And you’ll see this video, every podcast is also over at Go check them out. But show exactly kind of your workflow, your process of how you’re navigating Rocketly.

John: Alright, so I’ll show you I’ll share my screen here.

Justin: And even show the deals that you’ve sold. I was so impressed that you sold these deals.

John: When I was on with Jon, he kind of like helped me a little bit get some stuff into the Dispose section of it because I didn’t know how to do that. So yeah, it’s hard for me to like, navigate this site still, because again, I’m not techie. So this is my workflow here. Like I said, not much has come in in the last couple of days. But that’s okay. It gives me time to dispose the stuff that I do have. So here you can see the two deals that we talked about. With Justin all these are assigned and ready to go. I don’t know. Again, I’m not gonna have to open my full screen here. There it’s signed. This one is a new contract I’m waiting on. This guy here, he actually sold his own property. It was great. It’s a funny story like he he wanted and Shotwell, I guess it’s his mom or whatever. But he wanted. We got under contract. And then the guy was calling me constantly like, “hey, you know, can we close? We gotta close. We gotta close. I got a better offer blah blah…” I’m like, Oh, you got a better offer? Oh, who gave you the better offer? And he’s like, Oh, this company. Here’s the number blah blah… So, I called them. And I said, bro, I’m dealing with this guy. I got him under contract. He says you guys have a better offer? Like, what’s what’s going on? I was like, I can sell it to you for this. And they’re like, Oh, that’s right around where we were offering him. I said, Alright, so I’ll send you over the assignment and was done like that.

Justin: How great is that? Again, the power of knowing a buyer, right? You didn’t have that buyer. But he basically gave you that buyer that power of knowing your buyer.

John: Yeah. Now I have them now I have an extra buyer. But so this is this is the workflow it’s very, like I said, it’s hard to like understand how I have it and go these are my gauge leads that I still have to follow up with. Some of them are gone. This guy here, he has an offer. This is a great property I’m just waiting on. This is the one that I said was probably going to sell today or tomorrow. Yeah. This one here, we’re still waiting for him to sign the contract. So that’ll be up on the thing later on.

Justin: And this is all again the reason why I wanted to show this all of this is not really your flow that I’m trying to teach people. It’s the fact that you’ve done this in four weeks max.

John: Hold on a second. Here you see my batch leads, obviously, you know, batch leads is a huge tool. So this is how I kind of keep track over what I’m selling with you guys. Yeah, you know, it’s hard for me to switch stuff up. So if you look on my batch lead, I’ll show you. You have I have a rocketly folder (Justin: Love it). And I go in and these are the ones that I’ve already done on.

Justin: You’ve already sold them. You already have a buyer in place. And you’re all over. I see Cleveland, I see Lewisville. Right, New Haven, Brownfield. So, you are all over you’re in Florida, Texas, Ohio, I want to buy everything in Florida. I’ll take most things in Texas, you can keep the Ohio you can sell them off.

John: Ohio is easy. I was like one of those states that like I guess all the big names are talking about now.

Justin: Yeah. The rental rates are incredible. Right?

John: Right. With use section eight. So, I’m a big Section 8 guy. so, I love owning section eight properties. I you know, whatever the guy that I’m that I helped teach. He teaches all the section eight, all the scaling all that stuff. He’s amazing. Um, and, you know, he, he’s big in Ohio too. The section eight rates versus your cash on cash. If it’s not even in Ohio. There’s, it’s so, so much of a bigger thing because like, I’m in New York. So I live in the Bronx. I grew up in Westchester. The amount of money that I have to put down on a property to make the money that I’m making here is crazy. No changes. I’d have to spend 150,000 on a property. That’s right. And then when I buy in PA I’m putting 15-20 grand down and I’m making it’s the same if not more.

Justin: Let’s do this. Let’s let’s stop sharing your screen for a second because I want to talk I want to talk a lot about this. If you have some time is just (John: Yeah, absolute). You have a W2 job right. So you’re still fully employed. (John: Yep) You’re doing this quote and quote as a part time hustle, right? That’s how the kiddos call it this day. (John: Yep) You have sold seven of these deals already how much gross revenue is gonna come from those seven deals?

John: Total? with those seven deals. I think it’s around 35 to 37,000.

Justin: Okay. So $35,000 Just to use a round number. You’re doing this part time? (John: Yep) Could you replicate this every quarter? Is this something that you could say, hey, as a part time hustle. I could do this four times a year, four times three is an extra 120 grand that can come to my bottom line minimum.

John: Yeah, I can. Yeah, I can definitely, definitely repeat this. Like, like I said, I honestly, my my end game is obviously I’m not going to want to keep working up at five. This is what I’m going to end up doing. And I’m, I’m there. I’m just when you’re in a situation like me at work and you know, I have a pension and all that stuff. So, it’s like, in my head, I’m like, Oh, do I really want to leave that.

Justin: I would tell you not I you know, just to give you some advice. I’m not a big fan of people leaving a W2, if you don’t have to right? I have a member Risiko, which she might know, she keeps her job. She made 300 grand last 12 months in my coaching plan. And she’s doing it part time and is in again, she’s like you. She is not spending a bunch of money on marketing. Right? That’s all the bottom line. So I tell you, dude, if you have a pension, like, again, I think you could do more than this. I’m trying to be a little…well for listeners.

John: That’s where I’m at. So, like that’s why I kind of like I took off the few states that I had. And now I’m nationwide and up my ad spend a little bit more to to reach a little bit more people like my, my goal is to see what I can do. And then, you know, obviously, the wholesale games not going to be around forever. I mean, they’ve already been there’s certain states that have already made some pretty big restrictions on it. But I use that to go ahead and buy my own buying holds and that.

Justin: How many buy and hold you have currently?

John:  I have 19 doors right now.

Justin: Good for you, bro. And so you know, I teach a lot about being dynamic. And so anyone coming into The Science Flipping membership is you got to focus on finding the deal analyzing deal, exiting the deal that’s it. You find it, you know how to analyze it, then you can exit it and why that’s important in that frame is, to your point, John, the math is huge. You might have a deal, that is a great rental, right? But if you don’t know how to analyze it as such, and you always just think it’s a fix and flip, then you may not buy it, right? You might try to just wholesale it or whatever (John: Right). Or it can’t wholesale because you underwrote it wrong, right? And so, for you to be able to work full time, build a portfolio of 19 homes and your wholesaling making, let’s just say 30 grand every, you know, couple months. (John: Yeah) I mean, this is exactly what I want the audience to realize as possible. This is it. This is the world of what we can do. Because now you have options. If you wanted to quit your job you could that’s the point. You don’t have to but you could and that’s empowering to a lot of people. Right? And that’s why I wanted this podcast so much is you exemplify what can happen if you just do the work. How much time a day? Are you focusing on these leads in Rocketly? If you had to guess I mean, I know you don’t know exactly, but um Is it eight hours a day? Is it two hours a day?

John: Probably like three to four

Justin: Yeah, anyone listening to this. If you have a job you can find three hours a day, right? Like you have plenty of things going on John like that you’re making certain sacrifices maybe you’re not watching Netflix or TV or whatever.

John: Yeah, my wife my wife is all over me about that one.

Justin: That’s it. Me too. I basically promise my wife our little connective time is at night. You know, watching some Netflix thing (John: Right yeah). But I’m with you. But like, I just want you to be highlighted I think you’ve done an incredible job you’ve obviously created something incredible, but I guess the best thing I could say for what you’ve been able to do that anyone can do is you’re just are doing it you’re doing the actual thing and you’re not relying on or crossing your fingers and hoping you’re just bringing in the leads as we teach you how to do and then you’re calling it and it’s just that (John: That’s it) right? And then obviously knowing your numbers helps and knowing the buyer helps so that’s the other component but first find the deal right? That’s it and that’s what you’re doing you’re doing it really well dude.

John: I mean listen. When you find a deal you if you structure the deal the right way you’re going to sell it. You’re gonna your buyers list is gonna grow just based on what you bring to the table anyway says that you can grow organically. So, you know? it’s not it’s not hard, you know, yet do I do I spend more time than sometimes I would like on stuff like this. Sure. You know, like, if there’s days where I get five or six good leads, I got five or six contracts going out. Um, I’m working on it a long time, you know what I mean? But you know that day like, Friday and Saturday, I didn’t have much to follow up on. The ones that did come in were assigned to my two guys that I work with closely and I was able to go out. I mean, we were texting. Yesterday I was out with, you know, bookstore and lunch with the kids and (Justin: yeah, you’re doing family time. It’s not over consuming) you know, you’re you’re able to do that, you know what I mean? It’s, it’s nice, you know I mean.

Justin: What I think is the most important part for the listener right now is you need to be able to bring the lead in and that’s what Rocketly serves. From there, you actually have to just work the lead right? And so again, if you’re not watching this, you should, But I want everyone to understand like John has the same issues of life that we all have kids, married, job, right? Like he’s nothing special and respectfully I say that John, you’re an awesome person. But like you all can do this, you just need to understand it’s doable. He’s had Rocketly for four weeks, he had 15 contracts already sold seven maybe sounds like 8, 30 to 40 grand in this pocket, there will be a lot more to come. Everyone listening to this on Apple everyone watching this on YouTube everyone. Go schedule a demo is what I would tell you understand how this fits into your life. John’s busy. So if he can fit Rocketly into your life, or his life, you can fit into yours. Just go to Schedule a demo and see it and understand it because it will change your life. Right? John has options now bro, you do? You quit your job if you want. I wouldn’t tell you to. But you could.

John: You can and the beautiful thing about this is like the more you do it even if let’s say you get five leads in your in your thing and you can’t close any one of them. Right. Your failures gonna just if you and this is the beautiful thing this is what I love about Rocketly and I help my guys all the time using Rocketly all the time is I play the phone calls because they record it. And then I find out where I went wrong. Where did I go wrong? What happened? Where the conversation switched and I lost this? Yeah, and I’m able to make changes on it just with this so it’s also a teaching platform for me because nobody’s perfect. You don’t know nobody can easily I’m sure even you you’ve got you know some of them you crazy amounts of experience, you probably lose deals every day. It’s not about the lost deals is what you take from it. You know what I mean (Justin: That’s right some days you earn some days youlearn). Right, I you know, this Conversations tab, I go through this all the time and any deal that we don’t lock down especially like a form fill, or like a website we I listen to either mine or my guy’s conversations and and I take notes on it and I try to find where we went wrong in that conversation. So that way we can have a discussion at the end of the week and kind of change that narrative and push forward from there and try to get it next time and that’s a huge tool that’s another tool too.

Justin: You’re a great leader that is what leaders do right they get in the trenches they’re training others and leading by example you’re contracting deals you’re showing and listening to their dude I’m really impressed by you dude this is awesome stuff. Everyone who isn’t following you needs to follow you Where would you like everyone to go to follow John Oitice Facebook. Yeah Facebook John Oitice. Hit him up he’s the real deal. He lives in New York, does this virtually, has a full time job, has kids, has a wife. No excuses. He plays full out, puts on his helmet gets on the field every day. And I know you guys can too. So hopefully this was awesome. Again, this is brought to you by This is what we’re talking about on this episode. If you’re an aspiring investor or an active investor and need more seller leads, go to Schedule a call right now. Brother, I appreciate you. Thanks for coming on.

Absolutely appreciate it.

I’ll see you on the next episode of the science flipping podcast.

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