How to Contract Deals with the Power of AI

How to Contract Deals with the Power of AI

Jon: Johny what would you what would you attribute your ability to close these two? Like, why are you getting so many deals so fast? And maybe some other people are not?

John: Just get on the phone, bro. I mean, listen, it takes practice to be on the phone. Yeah, like when I signed up for this, I was already closing two to four a month. If you can’t close a deal that comes off your website. I don’t know what to tell you. Like it’s this thing does it all for you.

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Jon: Dude this is nuts. I wish you would have told me dude,

John: I tried telling you in week one bro I was like, I’m crushing. The first week I was on this crap. I was crushing it.

Jon: I had no idea

John: I think the first the first day, so I went live at night. So, I know I talked to Pete. Pete got me live. I think it was like a Thursday night. I think it was. Friday is when I closed my first one. Like that night, the night overnight is I got like three leads. Overnight from like the time I got off the phone. To the time I woke up in the morning, I already had three leads to work. Now, mind you, I hadn’t even set up the Zoom meeting between me and my two team members. And Pete yet, so I had no idea how to work the system. All of a sudden, I started getting these things and I’m like shit. So I went ahead, Christopher Noble is definitely one of them.

Jon: This one, you’re making 14 G’s on this one.

John: Yeah, that one that one was? That’s a beautiful one. I actually paused that. Because like I said, you know me, I’m not technical. So, I’ll show you the investment.

Jon: This one closes on the 14th of this month.

John: Yeah, that one should close on the 14th or there before (Jon: Wow). So, this one I put it as a draft because I went to post it. But I sold it before I was even able to post it.

Jon: And that was the one that we just saw of Rocketly.

John: Yeah, that’s the one I’m making 14 grand on. So, this one stuck here is a draft because I don’t know how to do anything with it. Because I’m still like I said, I’m not technically you know, my technology skills aren’t great. But I left it as a draft because before I was even able to post it on an investor list I already had it sold.

Jon: What else you got? That’s sick.

John: All right, so we got this one here 90. That’s Shotwell, or whoever that’s Shotwell that’s done.

Jon: That’s another one of Rocketly?

John: That’s Rocketly . This Rocketly. This one is Rocketly here. Then I believe…

Jon: Where else is Rockely there?

John: I think this one is Rockely as well. So this is one on Rockely here. So, we have inquiries about this one for pretty hardcore. We’re getting ready to dispo this one, this one I’m just waiting on the buyers to confirm with title. So all the all the paperwork is in all the contracts are signed. But they’re not. They haven’t confirmed the title yet. So, I’m hoping tomorrow they confirm the title. And we’re done. But this one I got off Rockely as well.

Jon: Johny what would you what would you attribute your ability to close these two? Like, why are you getting so many deals so fast? And maybe some other people are not?

John: Just get on the phone, bro. I mean, listen, it takes practice to be on the phone. Yeah, like when I signed up for this, I was already closing two to four a month. If you can’t close a deal that comes off your website. I don’t know what to tell you. Like it’s this thing does it all for you.

Jon: What about your comping skills, clearly you got skills when it comes to comping property well

John: It’s not hard, you just you have to look the property, you don’t cross any major highways, you don’t cross any parks don’t cross any waterways. Find three or four good properties that are similar, same year, same, you know, same build, get the prices, give them giving them offer. I mean,I keep my my offers that it’s 70% Less repairs of ARV less than minus repairs minus my fee.

Jon: And one thing I noticed when I go in your system, it’s like you’re on the phone all the time, either you or your team is on the phones, not just technically.

John: Yeah, no, always. Listen, we get a lead. The minute they engage, we’re on the phone. Like within five to 10 minutes, somebody’s on the phone.

Jon: So, Rocket Bot would only be there for you in the event that you guys are all on the phone with other people and you can’t get to that call right away. Otherwise.

John: I don’t even think we use Rocket Bot like they fill out the form and they answer a text message. And we’re on it after that on my personal cell phone and sent them out a contract. And he literally said to me, he was like, “you know what, you’re the only person that acted”. So, you’re probably 98% chance of you getting this contract, because I’m the only person that sent them out a contract, did with exactly what I said I was going to do and sent it over to him. It’s about action.

Jon: And this lady right here. Okay. (Phone conversation with Ms. Hamburger: Got a barn in the back).

John: Oh, yeah, that’s, that’s somebody at her last name, hamburger. That’s the only reason why it sticks out to me.

Jon: You got her under contract as well?

John: So, I’m working on that she wants a little bit too much for what I comp the property at, we don’t let lead sit for more than 20 minutes. We don’t like  if there’s three of us. We are on it. Like as soon as a lead comes in, like even if like so. Even if I’m driving, like in the morning. I drive the kids to school. Sometimes I take my wife to to her job so she doesn’t have to drive in or whatever. Even if a lead comes in right then in there, I’m on the phone whether I have the information in front of me I still want to engage with them because I want to keep them with you with me. So I engauge with them. And I say hey, listen, you know, like the Hamburger when the first call. You can hear me? Listen, I’m driving right now.

Jon: I heard Yeah. You know. That’s what I do when I’m on the phone bro. It reminds me of like when I was on the phone closing. I don’t waste a minute.

John: No. You can’t. You can’t. You can’t. And look, you got to get the contracts out to these people immediately. It doesn’t matter whether you’re actually going to close on a deal or not. You have to lock them in.

Jon: You’ve been three weeks into the system of Rocketly right now. You got the Minute Pages website we’re doing great.

John: I don’t even think It’s been three weeks, bro, to be honest with you.

Jon: How many deals have you locked up under contract from Rocketly specifically

John: From Rocket 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7?

Jon: And how many of them are disposed already?

John: All seven of these are disposed there’s two other ones that I haven’t disposed yet. So altogether, I’ve locked in nine and disposed seven.

Jon: Ballpark figure, give me a total on the total assignment fees

John: 35 to 42 altogether. Just in three weeks, all you have to do is take it and run with it. Like it’s not even like it’s you guys make it so easy. So it’s not like it’s not like you. It’s there nothing hard about it. It’s just all about getting it locked in.

Jon: Doing the work, just do it. It’s simple work. It’s not easy. It’s simple. You just got to do it.

John: Lock it in, lock it in. Even if you don’t close on the deal, right. So like, if you lock in a deal, let’s say you lock in a deal, like I don’t have any buyers in Oklahoma, right? I’m still going to lock the deal in like to be honest, anybody who’s not locking deals up using your platform, they can come talk to me message me directly

Jon: The ones that are locking the deals up and finding or not even talking to us because they’re so busy.

John: Right. That’s why I’m saying that’s why I haven’t been busting your balls because I’ve been so busy locking deals up. But like anybody who’s having trouble, I’ll lock them up for them. Like I’ll help them all the way. Like, you know, I have the investor list. I’ll help them dispo the whole night. I’ll do the whole thing with them.

Jon: Because they’re filling the forms out there. They’re motivated to get their property sold. They’re responding. I see it. Yes, they’re calling you. That lady called you when you’re dropping your kids off to school this right? For a reason.

John: Exactly. She’s ready to sell.

Jon: So, this is the disconnect. People will get scared because the call comes in. They’re like, oh crap, I don’t know what to say, I don’t have the property in front of me. I don’t know what I’m gonna have. It doesn’t matter. Connect with the individual build a human connection. You said when I get back to the office, I’ll give you a call. I just wanted to put a voice to the name. And you know, fill it out. And I’ll call you and you close them, bro. So it’s getting on the phone. This is exactly what we talked about in our Rocketly training today is because we just sent out one of them got like 80 Call. 80 callbacks from a bunch of ringless voicemails that went out. And he’s like so what these guys are major closers. They just wanted to know what the process I said, bro, I don’t care where you are, pick up the phone. I’m walking into a closing right now, Just wanted to put a voice to the name where you’re looking to sell. Okay, great. What’s the address, I’ll write it down. I’ll call you back when I get back to the office. That’s it.

John: As long as you can connect with them at some sort of level if you as long as you can put, you know, because Rocketly sends out like the emails and the voicemails, and this that and the other thing. And these people don’t know who they’re really talking to you until you get on the phone with them. You know what I mean? Like until you connect with them and actually hold the conversation with them. You don’t know what they’re going through. You know, like that. That lady who called me as I was driving, you know, I found out that her her husband had dementia. She had this big old house that she held on to for months and months and months because he didn’t want to do change. You know, I connected with her like I explained to her my situation was you know, my grandmother and grandfather when they had dementia and how I know how that is and you change and we connected.

Jon: You got the deal. he loves you

John: So now she’s calling me to set the deal up. Of course she wants to set the deal up. And it’s all about connection and it’s all about being able to talk to people and it’s not about just the money either like

Jon: The byproduct (John: Right). I know it’s Friday night dude. I’m grateful you hopped on let me let this process dude I’m gonna have you back on in front of the group live do this. We got, we have a lot more to talk about offline. But I just needed to see it bro and I appreciate it.

John: Yeah Man. Always Bro. Listen like I said me and the two guys that I work with. We don’t let anything slide like the second things come up here. They’re they’re taken down like I’ve trained both these guys to the T on on wholesale and these guys like I don’t even question them anymore. But you know what I mean? Like you know if they they have a they have a question about comps or something they’ll come to me but other than that these guys are their killers, man. They’re closing and you know, we’re locking crap up all day long.

Jon: Let’s do this. We still got our time set for tomorrow afternoon. Let’s still chat tomorrow afternoon when you get done doing what you’re doing. Give me a ring. Let’s catch up and also my mastermind everything else that we were talking about. Johnny, I appreciate you bro. Have a great day. Peace.

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