The Science Of Flipping Podcast

Welcome to The Science of Flipping

Full time Real Estate Investor Justin Colby shares the systems to create the business and lifestyle you always dreamed about as a real estate investor. Flip homes while on vacation, flip homes while sitting on your couch.

YOU will discover the systems and techniques to use in your real estate investing business. YOU will also hear from a diverse group of very successful real estate investors from across the country. The Science of Flipping podcast will help you become a millionaire real estate investor.

Justin Colby Says:

“I started this podcast for the sole purpose of giving back. My business partner Eddie Rosefield and I have been fortunate enough to have had some unbelievable mentors in our career and its now time to give back what we have learned.  We have flipped well over 300 properties in the last 6 years and we currently are working on our first development.  After putting in all of our time, sweat, and tears we can now call ourselves successful.  Our success has taken time, and this podcast is meant to help other investors create the same success that we have had, in a much faster amount of time.  We have coached hundreds if not thousands of student on our systems, now you can all have them for free.  Enjoy the podcast and make sure to take notes.”