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Meet Justin Colby

Justin Colby is the founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and The Science of Flipping Coaching Program and is an active Real Estate investor having flipped over 1500 homes in multiple markets.
As a coach and mentor, he has advised 1000s of clients on how to become a real estate investor and is a recognized national public speaker.

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We are naturally very picky about who we work with. We have a strict (but reasonable) set of criteria on who we meet with and ultimately, who we select to work with.


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Recent Podcast Videos

Nov 25, 2020

The Zillow Hack To Sell Properties

Need a hack to save a little cash on your exit strategies? I got a simple but effective hack in order to maximize your profit on the dispositions side of your rehab!

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Nov 24, 2020

When To Wholetail or Rehab

If you've been in real estate long enough, I'm sure you've heard the term "Wholetail" before and you may be wondering what the difference is between a rehab and a wholetail. The truth is, wholetailing may be a good option for you! Let's talk about how to determine when to do what.

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Nov 23, 2020

3 Best Practices For Rehabbing

Rehabbing has a crazy amount of small intricate details that play into the entire process. But above all, there are three things that you absolutely must prioritize during your rehabbing!

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Nov 20, 2020

Episode 174: The Power Of Good Skip Tracing Data

Skiptracing is something that pretty every investor that does direct to seller marketing uses. One thing that most people overlook is the quality of the data that they're using. This has a massive impact on the leads that come in, because if you're using bad quality of skiptracing data, that means you'll get bad quality leads which affects your bottom line. Let's chat more about it now!

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Nov 13, 2020

Episode 173: Top Executive Quits Job and Gets First Deal $12k

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a top executive and quit your job in order to be a real estate investor? I'm excited to have my good friend on to talk about how he made $12k off his first deal coming out of a top executive position!

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Nov 06, 2020

Episode 172: Getting Deals Using Realtors

There are many different kinds of relationships you can leverage in order to get deals, but one of the most effective relationships is with realtors. So what are the things you need to do in order to get deals coming your way from realtors?

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Oct 30, 2020

Episode 171: New Investor Gets First Deal with $0 Marketing Budget

Marketing is one of the most important functions of your business, but you don't always have to spend money in order to lock down deals. One of my students, Sterling, locked down his first deal without a marketing budget and we're going to dive deep into how he made that happen.

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Sep 29, 2020

Episode 170: Pre-foreclosure List? - Real Estate Investing, Buying and Selling

People are always looking for the best motivated seller list to market to. Well, since you are a marketer, you need to figure out who has the most motivation and how many people have that motivation to sell their property. Justin goes in depth on the Pre-Foreclosure list and if that is the best list to use.

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Sep 24, 2020

Episode 169: The Realtor Convo - Increase Your Deals Monthly

The training shows you how to have a conversation with realtors that will increase your deals monthly.

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