Q+A: How John locked up 9 deals in under 3 weeks using A.I!

Q+A: How John locked up 9 deals in under 3 weeks using A.I!

And you don’t even need to do that. The reality is the AI Bot allows you. If you’re a little shy, you’re not Johnny Oitice who’s a New Yorker and doesn’t give a crap he has the ability to have that. Not everyone has with John Kirk. And Johnny Oitice says, I get that. Right? So, if you need to have a little assistance, that is why there’s a Bot involved. So you don’t have to hear the things you don’t want to hear. Right? Roberts asking, was it Johnny skill? Or was it Rockley? Well, I would tell you, it’s Rocketly that gets a seller there is Johnny’s skill that gets the deal done. So, Johnny doesn’t get those deals if there’s no Rocketly. So it’s a combination of both. Robert Very good question.

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Justin: All right, dude, we are on we are locked in. We are ready. Rochelle, what is going on? Robert, what is going on? If you are here and you are in the Facebook group live, let us hear from you say what is up? Say what’s good? Say something to us. So we know to give you a shout out. Brett. What’s happening? Excited about tonight’s call. So tonight is going to be a call between me and John. Now we have a member, a Rocketly member who is absolutely crushing it. And I think Jon, you said he got another handful.

Jon: For more in the one seller. Yeah. So that’s actually that’s 14 Dude in like four weeks.

Justin: So, you know everyone talks about how it’s so hard to find deals, so hard to find seller, so hard to get deals right now. Now, while I even myself after 16 years of doing this business can’t say it’s challenging. There’s no doubt. But something I created eight months ago now nine months ago with Jon and myself and Chris Lewis and Pete who hides behind the curtain so no one knows Pete has had us, they’ve given us the ability to find a lot of motivated sellers, find it for very, very, very cheap. And get deals done on a consistent basis. Now, I and Jon have been talking a lot about Rocketly over the last, you know, handful of months, a lot of people may or may not have even heard of it. And so if you’ve never heard of it, I’ll tell you now, I would tell you to go schedule a demo right now. It is a game changer. And that’s what we’re going to be talking about tonight, which is go to rocket li Roc KETL y.ai rocket, Li Roc K ETLY lot of people think we say rocket lead. It’s not rocket lead, is Rocketly.ai. Schedule an absolute free demo, you’re gonna see this pretty man’s face right there, John Kirk, he is going to give you a one on one demo. And the reason why I’m telling that out of the gate, is because what we’re going to review tonight, what actually has happened to one of our Rocketly members in the last four weeks has made us just say, hey, we need to talk about it. What is he doing? So Jon Kirk, interviewed one of our members, John, another John separate John Oitice about what he has done what he has done well? Some of you may have even been able to see this, recording the interview that John did. But I wanted to highlight some of the takeaways that our John Kirk got from his interview, and why this member has just crushed it in the last four weeks, and how I can help you guys do the same thing. Kurt can help you do the same thing. Because this is very real. It is not rocket science. forgive the pun here with all this rocket, but it isn’t rocket science to find sellers. Right now. It just, it takes the right strategy. It takes an online presence, and it takes a certain amount of technology, right? And so again, if you haven’t seen us do a demo, go ahead and schedule a demo, Rocketly.ai. Totally free. Jon will do it one on one with you to see the technology. But first, Jon, I’m going to hand the mic over to you do your best to describe Rocketly just audibly without sharing your screen anything like that?

Jon: Yeah, I mean, it’s really a fully automated, AI powered, inbound seller lead system that is also a CRM client relations manager as well as the transaction management system all in one. What it does is it automates the process of communicating with sellers, and does a lot of the heavy lifting of qualifying a seller to make sure that they actually want to sell a property and are qualified to sell a property before the human component comes in, picks up the phone, and then goes to work. Right? So, in a nutshell, that’s pretty much what it is. And it works off of another linchpin technology that we built an own, which is called Lead detector. The reason why it was built was because of the detector, which lies embedded within our Minute Pages websites. So whenever traffic flows to that Minute Pages website, or any website that has lead detector technology on it, it will capture folks that come there, and then abandon the website without ever filling out a form at a very high accuracy at a very high capturing. So what this created for us, Justin was a problem a good problem to many leads, but yet still a problem where we accumulated thousands of leads where we were guilty of ignoring them for about a year and a half before finally, we were going to have me start cold calling them and instead of doing that our brilliant partner Chris Lewis, you know got the inspiration to build this fully automated AI powered, inbound seller lead system, that instead of cold calling the mobile’s the landlines, and the emails, we patch them in to the Rocketly system where five pillars of communication go out the texting, powered by AI, the email powered by AI, a ringless voicemail, a direct mailer, and a Facebook retargeting that is actually proprietary down to the user’s hash code on their phone. So the accuracy with which we were capturing these emails and these numbers, is just on point, unlike anything else we had ever seen. And then all of a sudden came the inbound responses from all the sellers that are like, “yeah, make me an offer. Sure, what’s my house worth?” And literally, our jaws hit the floor, you know what I mean? Where we put three deals under contract, just you and I Justin the first week of it. And that’s what really caught our attention. We were like, this is something special, because it was the easiest three deals I think you and I have ever closed, it was seamless. And that’s when we started to kind of show it to other people. And just the hands went up where everybody was just like, I want it. I’ve never seen anything like this before. And they’re right, because nothing else like this exists. Because there’s never been anything else like lead detector. Up until last July or August. You know, people were just working off of form fill leads. Now we’ve got lead detector leads that are closed transactions in droves that have never been in existence before. And that’s what all the fuss is all about.

Justin: Yeah, so why now that? You know, we’ve seen John Oitice do what he’s been able to do, Right? almost feel like Man, we under achieved but what has been the secret sauce for John Oitice. And for a little background here. John Oitice came into our world with Rocketly. He got Rocketly as a software. And within four weeks now he has contracted something like 15, 16, 17 deals. He’s already sold to buyers as a wholesaler. He already sold seven of them, is that correct? (Jon: Ten of them). Ten of have been sold already. And he’s contracted 15 or 16 or 17. I think he has a couple of still in marketing to find buyers, I believe. And then and by the way, the interview is in the link for all the Zoom people here. And then I think he’s had a you know, backed out of a handful too, which is totally fine. But he’s been able to sell 10 of these deals all within 30 days. And everyone in you can attest to this Jon, everyone is screaming about how they can’t find seller leads, there’s no deals out there, so hard to get a deal. But John Oitice comes in within 30 days is able to go get this deal done. Correct?

Jon: Correct. Yeah, I think the secret sauce Justin is the fact that he and his team, he’s got two acquisitions, guys. And he’s doing a lot of the dispositions, but he’s also closing, they just get on the phone immediately. He’s getting a big amount of form fill leads, and I have his ads pulled up. So if anybody’s curious what his ads look like that we built for him Justin? I can show the simplicity of it. It’s nothing special. But they’re nice ads. I mean, I guess they are special because he’s getting a lot of form filled leads. So there’s definitely a secret sauce to the formula of the way that we build and design our Facebook ads with like a home and a human element component to it. But he’s just getting a ton of people. And he was only spending $25 a day on his ads. He just now upped it to 40 because he’s like, if I’m getting results like this, let’s put the pedal to the metal. Let’s see what happens at 40. And bro, he texted me this morning. He’s like, it looks like the ad started kicking in because things are starting to roll in. Like this is crazy. Man. I never seen anything like this before. I mean, he’s definitely a freak of nature. But by no means is he is he indifferent than any one of us. I mean, you and I or anybody else that picks up the phone. I mean, we’ve listened to his conversations, the phone calls are recorded. He’s just literally just connecting with these people. You know, one lady’s father had dementia, both of his grandparents, unfortunately had dementia. So he’s relating to humans, instead of just hoping and praying a deal closes itself. He’s just taken measures upon himself to just get on the phone and just have these conversations. And some of them do require follow up a couple of days. I’ve seen him work on deals. He’s like, I finally got this one, it’s going to be a huge hit. And I’m like, dude, way to stay with it. The fact that you stayed with it, it really just shows that it’s the follow up is where the fortune is. And just consistently speaking to people on the phone is where the deal is made.

Justin: Yeah. So the highlight here is he’s actually doing the work right? So, it’s one thing to be able to find a seller lead. It’s another thing to actually do the work it takes to get them on the phone and convert the lead. Right? And I tell everyone all the time, it’s not you know, that difficult You just actually have to pick up the phone. Now we have an AI Bot that does a lot for many of you guys. I’d love to hear how many of you guys are doing this business part time. Throw that in the comments below if you’re doing it part time. But there’s an AI Bot that literally will communicate with these sellers in the same way a human can. But he’s decided to not even turn on the Bot and to take it upon himself to reach out right? That’s the separating difference, correct?

Jon: Yeah, absolutely. He’s in the chat right now, too. He can’t talk on the on the video, but he’s there in the chat. But that is the difference with Johnny. He is just just a very connecting type of human being where once he gets on the phone, he knows he’s going to extract information. He allows the seller to close themselves by asking powerful questions to self discover what the next best question is to get whatever information he needs to close the deal. And then, you know, he shows our community Justin like he came on Tuesday came, he on Wednesday, and he kind of demoed the way he pulls comps and he uses Zillow. I mean, it’s, it’s amazing how he uses the Zillow software, and just anchors these folks gently. And he talks about his max allowable offer and he comes in a little bit lower than that, just to give himself a little bit of leeway. When the seller wants to come up a little bit. He lets the seller feel like they won right? like they got so that’s his it’s actually very, very brilliant the way that he does it, but he makes it so seamless that it seems like it just automatically happens organically and the sellers just want to do business with them.

Justin: Yeah. So I would say listen, guy, Johnny, Oitice. So if you’re on. Would you recommend Rocketly to everybody? Anyone who’s serious about getting their first deal, their next deal? Consistent deals? Would you recommend everyone should at minimum do the demo with John Kirk, would you say that that’s got to be a must. Because if you yet are trying to get your first deal, let alone trying to get a deal or two. Then you got to go have a resource to find the deal. And again, Rocketly.ai Rocketly.ai to schedule a free demo. It’s a free demo that John is offering up his time. So you guys can really see how this works. Right? And you know, Oitice kind of respond to anyone who wants to do the work. Yeah, this isn’t a get rich quick scheme. This isn’t like a lead comes in and you’re gonna go make five or $10,000 or $15,000 This is you got to do the work. You got to reach out to the seller, you got to communicate, you got to follow up. And by the way, secret sauce. Here’s a pro tip, pro tip for all you, you got to make the offer. I’ve talked to thousands, tens of thousands of people who struggled to get their first deal and when I asked them how many offers they’ve made in the last 30 days, and they say none, it is no shocker to me that they haven’t gotten their first deal. Now, I’m not even saying you need to have Rocketly to make an offer. I mean, making an offer is pretty easy. You can call a realtor and make an offer, you can offer on a wholesalers deal. You can door knock and make an offer for God sakes. Right? But Rocketly finds sellers from online presence brings their contact information into a CRM. We have an AI Bot that Oitice doesn’t even use for God’s sakes that you can use I see you know Matthew Lise is potentially doing this part time. So if you don’t have a full you know? And by the way, John Otis has a full time job to on top of doing all this, by the way just to highlight that. He has kids, he has a wife, he has a full-time job and the last 30 days he has contracted 14, 15, 16 deals and sold 10 of them. And he’s doing this part time. And it’s because Rocketly gives them the opportunity to find the sellers. So anyone else here that is doing, you know working full time and doesn’t know if they can do this. The reason why I had Kirk come on here is because anyone can do this to Oitice’s point you just got to be willing to do it. Like do it. Right? So you know I think the secret sauce is a couple fold Kirk. Wouldn’t you agree is first bringing the lead. That’s what Rocketly can help you do? Then start communicating with the lead. Now on Oitice’s case, his secret sauce is he reaches out personally right or someone on his team.

Jon: Right? And he makes the offer like you said like he he will put an offer in your inbox. No matter what. Like that is one thing that I talked to him about. It’s a none negotiable. Like you said, so many folks will get on the phone. They’ll get discouraged based upon a conversation. Johnny doesn’t get discouraged. He knows that’s just the process where at first, of course they’re not going to want to accept lower, it’s going to take time for him to provide comparable and substantiate why the house needs to be sold here. And when he’s able to explain that just like anybody can through doing some research online to see what other comparable properties, beds baths, square footage has sold for, you know, you explain the process, listen, I’m gonna read this or I’m gonna buy and hold it in order for me to put X amount of work that you have to put into it based upon what you just told me, then, you know, really, the max offer is really going to be right here. And we can close within 30 to 45 days, he starts talking about the closing, and then collecting their money and allowing the seller to start visualizing that, wow, this guy’s been here done that before, right? And if you haven’t done it before, you got to act the part, right? You got to learn it until you earn it Right? And you got to give these people confidence that you’re going to close on the dotted line when you say you’re gonna get the deal done. And then he just goes to work on dispositioning and a lot of the deals he does. He’s already got the buyer before he locks it up.

Justin: Yep.  Do you need to be in the US to do or be American to do this or use the software? Neato? Yeah, I mean, I can’t vouch for anything overseas, right? So yes, US. Doug Jones, can you type that question, my man? And then I’m gonna go check out our Facebook group real quick. Rayman active buyers without buying lists? Ray, are you asking if you can find them? How can you find buyers? Well, you can just go on every single rehab go, you can go to Zillow, and go on and just say, any active listing as a rehab, find out who the LLC is, and reverse engineer and go find their information. And give them a call. That’s easy. Jennifer Atkins, is he using the Bot Atkins? No, he is not. He firmly believes getting on the phone within five minutes or less, and having a conversation real time. Right then right there. Um, can you tie this in? With AI Bot? Yeah, so Doug, this this has an AI Bot within Rocketly that comes with Rocketly and that’s why we’re highlighting kind of the difference here is Oitice firmly believes in being true salesmanship like get first to the phone, first on the phone. Now while I tend to agree with him, we’re also understanding many people don’t have the time energy effort to sift through leads, want the AI Bot to work in part for them. But even then you need to be watching the bots communication because the seller will say something that shows motivation, that you want a human to reach out immediately to get on to the phone with that seller. So even if you’re allowing the bot to work, you don’t want to just allow it to work. set it and forget it. You want it to work, while watching it work until you see the motivation, a sign of motivation of buying sign something that will immediately tell you I need to call them right now. And then you do just that get on the phone.

Jon: Or if the Bot fully qualifies them, Justin, they will notify you and they’ll say hey, so and so has met and satisfied all of the Rocket Bot objectives and goals. They’re ready for a cash offer. Go ahead and reach out to them. If for some reason you’re not paying attention, we will notify you that we’ll notify you when it’s time to reach out make an offer

Justin: A 100%. Great question, Doug. What else what other questions we got? This is serious. Go to Rocketly.ai. To do a demo, obviously, we can only do so much. I wanted to have Kirk on just to talk about what he learned from this interview. In the chat, you will actually see a link to the interview. Right, you can watch that interview directly with Oitice. Or you can just do a demo directly with John to see exactly how it works. Either way, you’re gonna leave the call with John better off than you started. There’s no doubt about it. Going to rocket lead.ai. And so what other questions you guys got? Pretty straightforward. If you do go to Rocketly data hit scheduled demo, it’ll ask you to fill out a very simple application that way, John knows who he’s talking to what you’re about? What you’ve done? You know Where you’re at? with experience, all that kind of good stuff. And then you guys can jump on a call together and actually learn how this works. I’m actually sitting here in a hotel room because I’m at boardroom mastermind, which is arguably the best mastermind for experienced investors ever built. I’ve been running it now for over a decade. And I’m telling you these people in this room who are doing seven figures or more their number one challenge is finding seller leads and converting those leads. Everyone is saying the same thing. And so I mentioned Rocketly just once and they lose their mind. And so you You know, this is for the newbie, just trying to figure out where to start and how to find a seller, all the way up to someone who’s already doing two, four or five, ten deals a month doesn’t matter. This is how you can find sellers and how you can start to utilize AI technology to your favor. Right? So, Kirk, you want to leave everybody with anything else?

Jon: Yeah, you know, just the community is so powerful as well. It’s not just a piece of software, you know, that we sell you, we you know. Hope for the best and wish you the best of luck. The community is the power, really, it’s the coaching, it’s the consulting around the software, you know, we’re on, you know, five days a week, you know, eight to nine different coach calls every single week surrounding this software. We’re making live calls on Tuesdays. Today, I was on the phone with the seller, again, making calls, locking deals up again last week. I’m sorry, yesterday I was on the phone, again we had Pete today. And then tomorrow, every Friday at 3:00, we’ve got our Rocket League, our league of rocket tears, where Chris and Pete and myself are all on taking all your questions to help you fully understand and digest this software. So you can use it to its maximum efficiency. It’s no pun intended. It’s not rocket science.

Justin: I would love to say that earlier tonight. And I’m like, Dude, I’m saying rocket too many times.

Jon: Too much right. But it’s not dude, it’s, it’s simple. It’s not easy, right? Like this business. It’s simple. It’s not easy. You know, if you’re willing to take rejection, if you’re willing to get on the phone, and you know, get some nose and get kicked in the teeth a couple times and have some people say some things “You know what I’m not interested click, and you go on to the next one. You know?

Justin: And you don’t even need to do that. The reality is the AI Bot allows you. If you’re a little shy, you’re not Johnny Oitice who’s a New Yorker and doesn’t give a crap he has the ability to have that. Not everyone has with John Kirk. And Johnny Oitice says, I get that. Right? So, if you need to have a little assistance, that is why there’s a Bot involved. So you don’t have to hear the things you don’t want to hear. Right? Roberts asking, was it Johnny skill? Or was it Rockley? Well, I would tell you, it’s Rocketly that gets a seller there is Johnny’s skill that gets the deal done. So, Johnny doesn’t get those deals if there’s no Rocketly. So it’s a combination of both. Robert Very good question.

Jon: He’s not even using his sale process. He’s just talking to people, you know?

Justin: Yeah. Can you use Rocketly to also find buyers? You will get buyers. You know, Oitice actually just commented in the thread that he has found buyers within Rocketly. However, as a moment in time it’s not built per se, to go find buyers, a lot of the automation or all of the automation is meant for sellers.

Jon: I spoke to that buyer yesterday on the phone. Her name is Monica. She’s in Cleveland, Johnny uploaded the list. And last it out in Cleveland spoke to the lady Monica. She’s looking to sell John the house. But he’s also going to be purchasing one of his deals that he has going on as multiple deals. She was a big buyer, I remember speaking to her in the level up group coaching, we stream that call live. So if anybody wants to go and listen to that call on how we spoke to a Rocketly seller. And she also turned into a buyer for other properties. We’re recording all those calls live as well. So definitely tap in because it’s not it’s not rocket science. It’s not it’s pretty simple. We’re just getting on the phone. And like you say, Justin, people get ready to get ready too much. They start pulling comparables, and they take a half hour and then they like, Alright, I’m ready to call this seller. And then they call and then the answering machine comes up and then you just killed a half hour, right? Versus you know, myself, Johnny, we just get on the phone, I want to speak to somebody, a warm blooded human being who was a potential seller. And if they’re interested in selling, take my time with it, I’ll pull it up, you know, I’ll look at it, I’ll slow the conversation down. They’re speaking to you for a reason. It’s because they want to sell the property and they’re entertaining, possibly selling it to you. So how you act on the phone will dictate and elicit the response that you get back from them. So yes, Robert, it is John’s skill set when it comes to closing. But you’re just as much as a skill closer as well. And it’s just about time on task over time. Getting those reps in the batting cage and just continuing to swing at those balls might strike out on some, but you’re never going to hit singles, doubles triples or home runs unless you stay in that batter’s box and you keep taking reps.

Justin: So, a couple questions. Doug says how do I tap in, go to Rocketly.ai and book a call with John. That is the start of you tapping in is to schedule a demo so you can understand how to tap in. And then also Chris Lewis who actually developed Rocketly so we were honored to have King Geek here. He is basically mentioning if you have a buyer’s specific website, right? So like if you go to many pages calm and you get a website specific to buyers, not sellers, like you know about selling homes, then you can put lead detector, which is what John Kirk said is like the linchpin of this whole thing on that website and it will start to drag in buyers into your Rocketly. So, yes, the communication though we’ll have to start coming from you because right now it’s all meant to be with sellers.

Jon: Yeah, I just posted our buyer facing website deals that nationwide homebuyers and it has leak detector on it so just know if you go on they’re probably going to get captured

Justin: So, Matthew Lai says Do you track do you track the effectiveness of the leads. So in terms of leads there you can have form fills or you can have lead detector leads. Form fills obviously, you know, just like Pay Per Click advertising they have a high percentage of motivation, right? They filled out a form, they want you to call. The lead detector leads may or may not have a high percentage. So, that’s where the bot can come in to start the communication because you don’t you know, if you’re a solopreneur or if you’re you know, challenged on time you don’t want to waste your time with someone who’s not motivated per se. So you can let the bots start to communicate with them if you hear this is where I say if you hear see specifically see some motivation signs, then you got to pick up the phone start dialing for sure. Alright, y’all, Kirk I appreciate you Oitice if you are still on we love you, appreciate you bro. Keep knocking them down. This is great. This community is on fire right now. I encourage all of you go to Rocketly.ai at least at minimum book a call with our boy John Kirk. Understand exactly how this all works. And I’ll see you guys all later.

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