Lions Not Sheep: Sean’s Cutthroat Quest For Entrepreneurial Dominance | Sean Whalen | EP7

Lions Not Sheep: Sean’s Cutthroat Quest For Entrepreneurial Dominance | Sean Whalen | EP7

Sean Whalen and I delve into entrepreneurship and life perspectives. We emphasize finding gratitude and purpose in daily life, regretting missed opportunities, and prioritizing personal fulfillment over traditional success metrics. Our discussion underscores the importance of self-awareness, taking risks, and being honest about one’s desires. We advocate for personal responsibility, urging individuals to overcome challenges and pursue their dreams. Sean’s journey from coaching to real estate investing is highlighted, emphasizing the value of mentorship and being coachable. Financial commitment and action are deemed crucial for personal growth and success. The endorsement of Whalen’s coaching program by a friend underscores its positive impact on mental, spiritual, and physical well-being.

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Justin: Welcome back to another episode and as always, I have some of the best people in the entire universe to teach you about how to be an entrepreneur and I have a very close friend of mine Mr. Sean Whalen is here. What is up, brother?

Sean: What’s guy, what’s up?

Justin: Let’s do this. So listen, this entrepreneur DNA podcast is all things entrepreneurship doesn’t matter the vertical, what I want to do is I want to impress upon all those out there either aspiring entrepreneurs, or entrepreneurs in the thick of it, how to navigate this terrain? What it takes? Why we do it? And how they can kind of get to levels well beyond where they’re currently at? Dude, and just a little background, right? We’ve we first met back in Phoenix doing some real estate stuff together, huh?

Sean: I think so. I don’t remember. I barely remember my kids name. So, you’re gonna have to refresh my memory.

Justin: That’s it. That’s it? Well, so we have a background there. And you know, listen, if people don’t know Sean Whalen, you immediately you need to go follow Sean Whalen on all platforms, because he has a movement of entrepreneurs, men, women of just people who are just changing the world, right. And so I’m telling you, this is going to be one of the favorite podcasts I’m going to be having here. And so let’s just talk about what drives you at Lions not Sheep in all the different avenues that you got cookin dude, what drives you day in and day out to run as hard as you do?

Sean: Life, man, I mean, the fact that I woke up, you know, it sounds really simple. A lot of people think that there’s some mystical, magical thing or like, what drives me is the success or the money or I’m not where I want to be financially or any associate, you know, literally waking up. I decided years ago that what made me really unhappy was the chase of the thrill and the thing and the accolades and the benchmark of money and this that and other stuff. And over the last year, literally, I’ve had three or four of my friends die unexpectedly at a very young age. And it just keeps reminding me how incredible it is just to be alive. And so what drives me is literally when I wake up in the morning, I genuinely feel like I won the lottery. I genuinely have like, radical gratitude in my heart, like dude, I get another day, I get another day. And I look at every day as a gift, you know, now like, oh, crap, I gotta go to work. And I gotta do this. And I gotta, I gotta have this old lady as my wife and my kids. And it’s like oh, dude, I’m alive. I woke up, game on, let’s go. You know what I mean? So from the simplest reality every single morning, what drives the crap out of me is the simplicity of just waking up and being alive.

Justin: So, how do you give someone that level of perspective? I think you’ve gone through a lot in your life to your point, you just lost four incredible friends. How does the 30-year-old who probably hasn’t had a bunch of crap sandwiches in the way that maybe you and I have had? How do you gain that perspective?

Sean: There? You can go a million ways with this, right? Like, I look at it from the perspective of if I could go back to being 20 years old, I would have listened more to people, right? I had a giant ego. I thought I knew everything. I thought I had every answer to every question. And I didn’t. And I ran myself ragged and I ended up divorced and depressed and bankrupt, and it wasn’t the right play. And so, I would like to think that if you’re if you think that you’re smart, and you actually listen to people, and that you know that there’s people out there that have knowledge and wisdom that you don’t. So my counsel of people is find people that are where you want to be, or have what you want to have, whether that’s life, whether that’s a business, and learn from them. Think about it for a few seconds like if you’re 30 years old, and you think that the racket is the game and the money and all that great, go and run that racket, I’m telling you as somebody who was a self-made multimillionaire by 30 years old, that’s not the game. The game is life. The game was experiences the game is living, right. And so what I teach people now and what I what I think I have is a good track record of showing people like you could do two things, you can build a business and try and live life around it, or do what I which is what I did for 20 years in my career, or you can figure out what kind of life you want to live, and then build a business that will support that. I mean, how many books do you have to read by moguls that came before us that say, man, I would trade everything to go back and do it all over again. How many times do you have to hear the Steve Jobs story of him being on his deathbed saying I’m worth $7 billion, and I can’t cure my cancer. I literally can’t cure my cancer. I’m rich as fuck, I won the money game. But I didn’t win the life game. How many times do you have to read a book of a Carnegie Rockefeller, a Steve Jobs and anybody where they said, Man, if I could go back and be 40 years old again, I would have done it this way. If you’re smart, if you think that you’re smart, what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna listen to that story and to listen to that crap. But the problem is we have egos, and the ego and the social media and the whole thing is like, Go Go, go build a build, go, go go build build build build. And I’m telling you right now, I chose a number of years ago to start listening to the really smart people that were on their deathbed telling me “ listen, live life, man, you’re going to end up dead. You’re going to end up where I am right now”. And Steve Jobs said the same thing. I have all the money. What I can’t do is go back and live my 30s again or my 40s again, and I give all of the money I have to go back and do that. So I’d made a choice years ago. That’s the kind of life I’m going to live. That’s the kind of business I’m going to build. And this is why I am where I am today,

Justin: Bro. It’s as you guys can already see, this is gonna be an incredible episode. He’s an incredible human. What I’d also say in you just kind of reframing it for me. I think there’s not enough people to make a decision on what they want. I’m from California, and I can go doing woo woo on everybody, of course. But when I say What’s your why and make a decision. I’m not I guess I’m, I’m tired and maybe you are to have people saying my why’s my children. No kidding crap. You’re a parent. This is the game, right? Like, it’s got to be bigger than that, right? And so I really believe there’s a lack of entrepreneurs that start at what I would call pillar one, which is decide what you actually want. Yeah, and make that decision. And it can’t be like, well, I’m going to do it for my children. So I’m going to work 80 hours a week and make a million dollars a year. And that’s why I’m doing it. Because to your point, right now, that’s a short that’s a short road, right?

Sean: One of the heart one of the hardest questions a human being will ever have to answer is simply that what do you want? I’ve asked literally thousands and thousands and thousands of people that question I’ve asked millionaires that question. I’ve asked billionaires that question, what do you want? And the reality is, most people don’t know what they want. Most people truly don’t know what they want. Well, I want freedom. I’m like, Yeah, cool. I’m free to stab you in the face with this market right now. You’re free to do that. You’re free to run across the street naked if you want. There’s ramifications of some of these things. Okay, well, what do you want? I want, I want I want financial freedom. Well, what does that mean? Like, what does that mean? Like? Well, I want more money. Well great how much more money? It’s such a wild thing that we were living in such granular lives of like these one dimensional realities. And when you start actually asking people questions, which is what I’m like a pro at doing, like, why do you want that? You know what I mean? It’s really, really easy. And this is something that for a lot of people to take away, especially entrepreneurs, like when you say, I want more money, I can’t help you. Like, I’m a coach, I have thousands of clients right now in my lion’s den coaching group thousands. I can’t help you get more money, right? But the people that say, I want to make a million dollars a year, I can absolutely help you. If you just say, Well, I just want to be happy. I don’t know what the that means and probably you don’t either. So the reality is like, what is happiness mean? Like what exactly do you want? And what’s fascinating, Justin, as I as I look through this and talk to people, most people don’t know. But the even crazier thing, most men are terrified to say what they really want. Most men act like total and they’re not willing to say what they want, right? I don’t want to work, real talk. I don’t want to work. If there’s not a man on the planet, that would trade being at the beach playing with his kids for a day in a cubicle. Not one of you no one, but you don’t have the balls to say I want to play. You don’t have the balls to say to your wife what you really wants. You’re like, whoa, whoa, baby. Like you don’t have the balls to say what you really want. And this is why you don’t get what you want. You get what you’re given. You get all the crumbs that fall off the table from other things and other people and from the church and from what mom and dad told you everything else. Men are cowards. They don’t literally know what they want. And they’re not willing to go down into the rabbit hole to figure that crap out. And so they live these lives of anger and misery and frustration. Oh, dude, life that a damn you bro. What do you want? And what I have found is like, when you can be around people that will challenge you, like really challenge you to get clear on what you want. Then you can build anything. I can show people how to build anything, if you have a target. What most men don’t know how to do is number one, identify the target or number two, they don’t have the huevos to say exactly what they want so don’t be surprised when you don’t have the life that you want.

Justin: Yeah and that starts with looking in the mirror in my opinion right? You’re probably wait like everyone wants to everyone wants to go on social media and and look cool talk the big crap. I want to make a million dollars I want to be a bit whatever the hell yeah, when they look in the mirror. They know their truth. They just don’t want to admit it right? And I think that starts with on us inside.

Sean: Yeah, my coach asked me this like what do you want? And I was like, well I want this and I want freedom. I don’t want finances. And I got really fingered it took me a year. It literally took me a year to to answer some of these questions most important that and I just flat out told him I was like dude, I want to play with my kids. If I’m being really honest, I want to play with my children. I have kids they have hockey and soccer and horses moldy, and I owe a sudden they started realizing to myself that’s really what I want. That’s what I want. Now how do I build a life that allows me to play with my kids whenever I want and it was like nobody taught me this. Nobody showed me this. What I was shown is to go to school, get a job, climb the corporate ladder, put your money in your 401K, your Roth IRA the company will match, that and that. And then at some point in time, you’ll be happy, you can talk or retire. And then you can do whatever you want. And I was like no I don’t like that. That’s not what I want. What I want is to be able to play with my children whenever I want and do whatever I want. And it was like, Okay, well cool, but that’s gonna, that’s gonna cost millions of dollars. Great. What type of business do I have to build to do that? Great, or that’s the type of business? Well, who do I have to become? What type of man do I have to literally build? Like you’re a creator, you’re built exactly what you are. You built exactly what you are. So if you’re a fat sack of crap, you built that. If you’re nice, you built that. If you’re rich, if you’re able to do whatever you want. And this is why people it’s fascinating for me, especially with entrepreneurs to say, well, well, well, but but but but but damn you. Like I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon. I don’t have rich family. I did it. I’m literally I’m literally living the exact life that I built. So don’t tell me it’s not possible. Don’t tell me that it’s not possible. Just tell me that you don’t have the balls to do it. Don’t tell me just tell me that you don’t have the wherewithal to do it. Just tell me that you’re not man enough to say what you really want. And then we’ll be cool. But so long as you lie and say well, “Sean you’re lucky, Sean you’re that”. No, I got crystal clear and said “I want to be able to do anything I want with my children whenever I want”. That’s not practical for you. It’s not practical. For me. It’s my life. So what’s the difference? What’s the difference? I had to swallow a giant freaking humble pie. And realize, okay, I don’t have the life that I want right now. Who does? Who has the tools and the resources that I can get to build the life that I want. And eight, nine years ago, I went on this quest, and I’m literally living that exact life right now. But I haven’t had a real job since I was 20 years old.

Justin: I love that and so by the way, let’s let’s go down that path. I actually think we’re insane. Just so you’re clear, my actual personal opinion entrepreneurs, is there’s actually something wrong with us. Because I have also never had a W2 job ever. I went to a nice school. Got my nice little pretty degree, because that’s what we do. Right? That’s what society says to do. I said, Okay, I gotta go do that. Go to UCLA. Get my degree. I’ve used it this many times. I’ve never applied for a W2.

Sean: What if this is normal? I mean, have you watched the matrix? That’s the way I look at it now. What I think is absolutely insane is relying on someone to pay you every two weeks is that’s job security. That’s financial security. That’s family security. That’s life security. That is the most insecure unsecured thing that you could do is trade your time that like that nine to five as a literal slave that’s that’s like the most unsecure thing possible because all you’re you’re just a number. You’re just a line item on a spreadsheet. And all of a sudden, they’re like, they don’t care about your family. Mainstream, America, corporate world doesn’t give a care about your family. They don’t care about you. They don’t care about your kid. You’re replaceable. In two seconds and fire you and ship your job off to some other country. That ain’t job security. What’s job security is knowing that I can create whatever amount of income I want whenever I want that security. I am my job security. My skill set is my job security. Now mind you, I’m a high school dropout. I don’t have rich family. I don’t have rich friends. So how did I acquire the skill set and the knowledge to have what I have today? It’s really simple if you watch the matrix. Red Pill blue pill you choose red pill whichever one it was blue pill, red pill you stay exactly where you are. Keep doing what you’re doing. Good luck to you. Blue pill? Maybe it’s the other way around. No, I don’t know is we’re gonna open up doors of possibility. And we’re gonna go on a journey. And there’s it’s possible to build what it is that you want to build. It’s possible that you can become a man who can actually dictate his own future. It’s possible that you can go from having a broke family. I’m the first millionaire in my family ever. I owe family tree as far back as we can go. Don’t tell me it’s not possible. Just tell me you don’t want to do the work. Because I know that it’s possible. And a lot of people like this is what rubs especially men wrong is then the ego flips in is like well you don’t know my story. Your story is nothing. Your story means nothing. Your past means nothing. How bad your daddy was and your mommy was and how many millions you lost when the market crashed? You know one of my favorite things is dudes like Yo dude, when the market crashed I lost it all. Bro that was 12 years ago. What the crap you’ve been doing for the last 12 years? Oh me. You see what I’m saying? Like literally anything declaration between you and your God and saying I am done playing these rules. I am done being mediocre. I am done working for the man. The problem is nobody wants to do that. Why? As a safety my mom like stationarity, my parents will say stuff, my wife will be scared and that and that and that whole thing. And I have literally found the more I jump off the cliff the more comfortable I am jumping off the cliff. The more I’m able to build my wings on the way down, the more comfortable I am building my wings on the way down. So now it’s just not even a thing for me. I start a business to a deal. It’s just another day. Right? And this is where I think some most men go wrong is they’re just we’re liars. We lie to ourselves more than anything else. We lie to ourselves. When we lie to our family, we lie to ourselves more than we lie to the social media. We lie to ourselves more that we lie to Facebook, we lie it, we’re just, we’re just liars. And we lie to ourselves more than anything. And we’re killing ourselves. We’re literally depressed and frustrated and sad, because we simply won’t tell ourselves the truth. It’s wild. I think we’re absolutely damn normal and I think people that actually rely on a job and rely on somebody else, and think that this government and this system in this country is gonna help you out. You’re nuts. If you if you’re relying on a government and a job and some other man to feed your family to ensure your financial security. You’re nuts. You’re absolutely nuts.

Justin: Dude, I love it. I love it. Because the mind blowing part of all this whole thing is your original point. You get to create the life that you actually want to create. Now, listen, if you’re okay, living mediocre, and you’re totally happy, and that is you. You’re not going to vibe with Sean for sure, you’re likely not going to be vibing with me, right? But the reality is, the honesty that you get to realize is, this is your life that you get to create, the more honest you are to yourself in the mirror. You can go woowoo on this abundance thing. But just in general, the life you can live when you put it on your shoulders as a man is miraculous. Yeah. Miraculous

Sean: Right your ability, you’re a creator Man, look, I’m not gonna I don’t need to go down the whole religion, rabbit hole with you and shove you’re a creator. If you’re listening to this right now, there’s no one that made you go to the job you went to today. There’s no one. There’s no one that’s making you be where you are. Look how you look around now you’re no one, it’s your choice. You chose it. So, you either chose years ago to give up on your dreams, to listen to the fat slobs. To go down the path that your parents went down which are miserable, or you made a choice I’m going to do in my way. And everybody calls you crazy and knots and, and not stable and irresponsible and whatever, whatever. But the funny thing is, most of the geniuses that came before us, they were labeled crazy and irresponsible, and nutty. And then all of a sudden, they created the iPod or the iPhone or something like that. And now they’re geniuses, right? You got to go through being an absolute nut job, completely irresponsible to find their scope of genius. You got to go through some really heavy, hard life changing life questioning crap, to be able to become free. I had to question everything I thought I believed. I had to question everything that I had been told since I was a child of what normal looks like? What being a dad looks like? What being a husband looks like? What being a CEO looks like. I had to question all of that and say, Is it possible that all of that is a lie? Is it possible all of that is a scam? And what I found is the ultimate level of freedom, which is I am a free man, I get to create what I want. I get to wake up every morning and add the value to the marketplace and build whatever I want. And there’s no one other than me standing in my way.

Justin: I love that. Let’s take that direction about what to build. Let’s just say Sean you fired me up. That’s it. I’m in I’m ready to go create. How can you direct that person in the right direction? Right? Meaning I well, I think you know what I mean, right? Like, do they go like you? Do they create a community? Do they go brand, a clothing company? I mean, you definitely are multifaceted, and many of us are. How do we help these people say, I just heard Shawn, my life has now changed. I’m going to do it. What is it? How do we tell them which way to go?

Sean: Number one is stop lying, I can’t tell you what to go do. I can’t tell you what to be passionate. You’re not going to be me. Don’t try and be me. Don’t try to be Justin. Don’t try and ever be me. You’re not me. You don’t have the same screws loose as I do. So go figure out where your screws are loose and run with that crap. What makes you tick? What are you good at? What are you passionate about? And not what you think is safe? Anybody else? Or what might be accepted by everybody else. But the reality is like, I spent years, like coaching people without ever collecting a dime for it because I was like coach I’m not a coach. I’m a real estate investor. I’ve been in real estate investing in real estate since I was 20 years old. Like I’m not a coach. And then all of a sudden, I got somebody who was a coach who made millions of dollars like yo, you’re really good at this. You should do this. And I was like me, really? And I literally made tens of millions of dollars in coaching since then. Right? What are you good at? What do you like to do? What’s your passion? Well, Sean, I like fucking fixing cars. Great. There’s dudes on TV to make millions of dollars fixing cars, go do it. Problem is and where everybody goes wrong is they they take their little teeny pinky toe and they’re like, I’m going to just put that little teeny pinky toe in and you expect the world to give you abundance you expect the money to flow while you just dabble in it. No!. All in or nothing. And guess what’s funny, you’ll know really fast how to navigate the game, and this is where guys are so stubborn, and you go wrong is you’ll never actually know why you just dabble. You will never become wealthy dabbling, you will never know for certain dabbling. I literally sat down with one of my one of my dearest friends, this is why you got to have good people. You got to have mentors, you got to sit down with Justin be like, Yo, tell me the real truth. Give me like the real crap. I sat down with my buddy. And I said, Hey, man, I want to get out of single family. I owned like 170 homes at the time. And I want to get into multi unit and he’s like, alright, you want me to be real with you. I said, Yeah. And he’s like, right, I’ll never forget this as long as I live. He said, ride the waves. I was like, What do you mean? This is like back in 2016. He said, ride the wave. I said I don’t understand what that means. And he’s like, bro, your social media is blowing up. People fucking love you. The way you’re to orate words and the way you’re able to share the story, your way you’re able to teach. There’s very few people on planet earth that can do it the way that you do it. And I’m like, Yeah, but I’ve never built that business for I don’t know anything. He’s like, Bro. This, the real estate will always be here, you’ll always be able to make real estate. But the second he said that, I was like, okay, I’m all in. I’m not kidding you I’m not making this up. I got receipts to show. I sold every one of my houses. And I went all in on Lions Not Sheep. I didn’t know how to build a coaching company. So what did I do? I found coaches and and mirrored what they did. I didn’t know how to write a book. So I found an editor and said, How do I write a book? I now have a best selling book. Now almost a million copies sold. People with book deals don’t sell a million fucking copies. I sold a million copies of book it  doesn’t have it doesn’t have fucking page numbers. I literally forgot to put page numbers in it. So don’t tell me that it is kind of perfect. And all this other crap, right? I started a coaching group with my phone, literally with Facebook and Stripe. That is it. I didn’t have anything else. I didn’t know the Tech game. I didn’t know any of that crap. And I literally started, I just started. And what happened was, I started with one person, and then two, and then whatever. I have 2,000 people in 13 different countries that now tune into me once a week to coach them. I’ve had 23,000 people since 2016. Come through my coaching groups. 23,000 people, right? I didn’t know how to do this. But I knew that like my passion inside it. The only thing I could bank on with 100% certainty is me. And I bet on me and I bet big on me and I went balls digging deep. And I literally create a multi-million dollar companies since then. So, if you’re sitting there scratching your head going well, Sean I’m not you, you’re good. Don’t be me. Don’t try and be me. What burns inside of you? What message do you know that you need to share with the world? What skill set do you have that you can shape and refine and crush the marketplace in? Well, I suck at business Good. Go hire somebody who doesn’t suck at business to teach you business. This ain’t hard. You understand what I’m saying?

Justin: Guys,he said this, literally for the past 21 minute since we’ve had this episode running. He has said it no less than every single minute. Buying someone who’s done it before is doing it better. Pay them to teach you. Yep. I don’t know how many. I mean, you and I were just at down in San Diego together literally full of the room of probably the 50th, 50 highest performance influencers in the nation. Right? I mean, getting in those groups. Do you think I was able to level up? Do you think Sean was able to level up? Cutting a check to be in those groups. Cutting a check to be around Sean. Cutting a check to be around me and others. We all do it. Shawn does it. I do it. But for some reason someone who’s just starting or really wants this. They are terrified to cutting that check. And that is a breakdown that I’m I’m I’m tired of it. Because it’s good enough for Sean and it’s good enough for me.

Sean:  Yeah, the single biggest thing I did was hired a coach. And I didn’t I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it. I’m like why would I pay you? I was a multimillionaire, but if I’m gonna study what are you going to teach me? And it was the act. This is what’s so few people understand. It was the act of jumping and hiring someone. There was the single greatest lesson it wasn’t what he taught me. It was that I was willing to become coachable. I wrote a $15,000 check to my very first coach. I had 16 grand in my bank account. They say one of those Oh, I was drinking hose water and sleeping on a park bench.No! I wasn’t poor. I wasn’t broke. It wasn’t my last dollar. But I was like God I was screaming. I mean, like, are you going to do anything different? Are you just going to keep doing the same dumb crap? Yeah, but 16k and 15K and that’s that’s an irresponsible move. And one day I was like, Dude, how much longer you’re going to bang your head against the wall. The definition of insanity is trying to do it the same way over and over and over again getting the same result. And what what what I am fully convinced of is it wasn’t the coaching program that ultimately shaped my life. It was me literally signing a check in saying, I’m now going to be coachable. It changed the entire game for me. And ever since that day like what I have learned over the that, that past that next six months, I’ve literally made tens of millions of dollars from what I picked up and what I learned. And this is where most men don’t understand it until you sit there and you’re actually willing, like one of my favorite quotes and this is so hard for people to wrap their head around is this. The very best leaders have mastered the art of following the very best leaders have mastered the art of following and my last of the best speakers on planet Earth. One of the highest paid coaches follows Tony Robbins. Like how many stories of this y’all want to hear before you realize? Justin might be right. Fine Justin, what do you got? Teach me. Good, write the check, jump in my crap. Game on. Same thing with me. My freaking “Lion’s Den” Group is hilarious. It’s $297 a month, it’s $10 a day. And you get access to me 24/7. You get access to my friends who are all multi multi, multi, multi multi millionaires. And you get these business owners like $297 why would I spend that? That’s dumb. I’m just gonna keep you know dumb crap going day after day, week after week struggling and it’s like you’re stupid. Like, all of your answers are right here in front of you. And it ain’t about the $300 well if it ain’t about the $300 then why don’t you just tell me? What do you think Annie Fercilla and I Justin and everybody’s been doing for five years, giving you all of the content, all the resources. Here’s the lesson. You haven’t done jack crap with it. Right? Or else you wouldn’t be struggling. So it’s It’s the game of you committing to yourself financially, that 99.9% of the people listening this podcast will never do. And that is the reason next year, you’re going to be in the same spot that you’re in right now. Those people that get the game that know, you got to pay to play, and it ain’t about the I’m not getting rich off of your $300 friend. You understand this? What I am doing though, is challenging you to jump into a game you’re not fully committed to. If you’re not willing to invest in you. Why would I? If you’re not willing to invest money into you? Why would you expect Justin to spend one sick waking second with you when he could be with his family? This isn’t what people want to hear this stings a little bit. Welcome to the Big Leaks.

Justin: Welcome to entrepreneur DNA baby. That’s why I created this for individuals like Sean Whalen to tell the truth. Yes. So if you’re listening to this first of all, make sure you find Sean Whalen on every platform. If that vibe that he just gave off resonates with you you need to sign up with Lion’s Den. I mean it’s not even a question just go right now. He’s a friend of mine There’s no one I could tell and like get over there right now period everybody I appreciate your brother you are making a massive massive impact. Make sure to follow him on everything. He will change your life mentally, spiritually, physically. Bro I’m hitting him up about his jacked as body. He’s all big and crap now in his old age I love it bro. Well I appreciate you keep doing your thing. I think we should everyone all the loyal listeners. Sean I appreciate you though.

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