How to Get Your First Real Estate Deal with A.I.

How to Get Your First Real Estate Deal with A.I.


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Chris: All right, so let’s, uh, let’s start from the top. Alright. So I’m gonna go over here to my, our website, nationwide homebuyers. Now nationwide homebuyers is one of our Minute Pages, websites and Minute Pages, websites really are at the core of this whole product. Now, what happens when you run traffic or anyone hits your website, they’re either going to check it out and submit their information. And if they submit their information to you, well, then you will get their contact information and their property details. If someone does not, then you have no way of contacting or getting that person’s information. And maybe, at most 3% to 5% of everybody that’s going to hit your website will actually fill out one of these forms. And the other 95% are just going to go on and go back to Google and search and go back to the, you know, the next person’s site and they’ll eventually submit somewhere else, what we do is we capture those visitors that hit your site that took no action, they didn’t fill out a form, they didn’t do anything, we’re still able to capture those people. So think of it this way. If you’re running paid traffic, and you’re you’re spending, I don’t know, $30 to $50 per lead, or more depends upon what market you’re in. And you’re spending $500, I don’t know, whatever week or month, you’re going to get so many leads, our software picks up up to 10 times more leads from that existing budget. So first and foremost, you’re getting a lot more leads than you would with any other system and website. And that’s really what’s at the hub of this is we are taking whatever money or efforts that you’re currently doing or spending to drive traffic, we’re going to pick up the slack where no one else does. And we’re going to give you a 10x result on that. Now, once those leads are captured, whether they’re a form fill, or they are a chat widget, which doesn’t look like it’s populating on here, or their lead detector, anonymous website visitor, everything is going to funnel into Rocketly. Now what’s going to happen here is there’s a lot of automation in the background, that is going to let me switch it over to this one right here. Because I want to see some of the new updates. Alright, cool. So what’s gonna happen here, and I don’t know, Justin, whoever’s seen this before, you’re going to notice there’s some updates that have been made to the system. But what’s going to happen is everything’s going to flow into here, and it’s gonna go into your “My Leads”. Now “My Leads” are all the contacts that are cumulatively coming into the system, whether it’s from a website visitor, or from a form submission, or even from an uploaded list. One of the things I forgot to mention is that this also works with uploaded lists. So if you get a good list, whatever it is, you can upload it in the system, and it will run all the automation the same exact way. Now what that automation is doing is it is sending out a series of outbound messages. So we have it set up to send out the first 72 hours, they’re going to get a sequence of emails, text messages, as well as voicemails, ringless, voicemails and voice broadcast. So for the first 72 hours, all these workflows right here, all I’m showing you this for is you can see, all this automation happens in the background, you don’t need to do anything because our team builds this whole thing out for you and hand you the keys once it’s ready to go. So as a lead comes in, it knows exactly where it came from, what features what information it has or doesn’t have, it runs it down the appropriate path, and it starts sending messages. But it’s not just sending a regular message. It’s not just sending the same message every time. We’re using open AI and chat a GPT for turbo, and we’re giving it very specific prompts. And we’re telling the system your name is in this case, it’s going to say whoever the user name is. So if you have a team, it’ll send all these messages from the individuals on your team. And it will send a unique message every single time that it sends that message so that it doesn’t get flagged for spam, which is something that happens quite often, whether it’s through text or email, and then it’s going to continue to wait. If there’s no response, it’s going to send another email the next day. If there’s no response within another email the next day, if there’s no response, it’ll send the voicemail the following day then it waits and see sends the text messages. This is all going on for the first 72 hours that a contact comes in, so it reaches out for 72 hours. If they do not respond during those 72 hours, we put them into a follow up. Now the difference between just any regular system that’s going to send follow ups follow ups to people is, this is also sending Facebook ads and custom created postcards as an option as well. So those first three days of contact that we are messaging that we send out, if they do not respond within those first 72 hours, we’re going to send it to a 30 day follow up. So for next 30 days, they will get not only a postcard from you, if you choose to have the postcards go out, the system will automatically send them. We create the postcards to your branding, I can show you what those look like but they’re very high quality. It’s also going to send custom Facebook ads as well. So it’s automatically going to put them into a custom Facebook audience that we set up. We do the creatives, we do the ads and all that. And so if your lead hits, however, it comes to your system where if it does not respond, they will get text, email, voicemail, voice broadcast. Now what voice broadcast is, is if you have a cell phone, you can do a ringless voicemail, if you have a landline, you cannot. Our system uses voice broadcast that also sends messages and voicemails to landlines. So they’re getting hit by all those different points, postcards and the Facebook ads. And when and if someone responds to any of that, let’s say they respond to one of the outbound messages. The second that they respond to an outbound message, the system, the “Rocket Bot” will engage with them and have a full conversation. If they do not respond to the messages, but then they get our voicemail, or they get a postcard. Well, they’re calling back on the number that they that they got the call from. Or they’re calling us on the number that’s on the postcard. And when they do that, since we already have their contact information in here, it is actually recognizing and attributing it back to that person. And it’s going to tell you, Hey, you have a new callback. But not only that, I can look and see where it came from. So I know that this is a form fill. So someone filled out a form on our site, we’ve reached out to them at some point, and they’ve called us back. So you can always track and see where these leads have come from. My point of explaining that is, well doesn’t matter what type of marketing they get from us, we can always track it back to know the route they came, how they got there, and what pieces of information they’ve got from us that lead them back to call you back or to fill out a form on your website or whatever you know, that might be. Now, the cool, really cool part is how the actual Bot interacts. And I want to show you that. But just real quick a couple of things that I want to I do want to point on that we just started got implemented today is a couple cool features in here. So if I go to “My Leads”, and I go to one of these contacts. So you’ll have the whole conversation right in here, you can see all the conversation. And you’ve got the ability to see all the notes and everything once they start, you know over here. But what I want to show you what’s really cool is when you get on into here, you actually are able to a couple things, I can click on “View Map”, it’ll pull up a Google map image of that property right there. This actually, Hey, Justin, this is my old house. See, you can see my truck right there. So it’ll pull up the image of the map. You can also click on Zillow, it’ll pull up that property on Zillow, it’ll give you so you can see the value for quick reference. So you have that right there at your fingertips. And you can even when you get to the point of wanting to send an offer, all you have to do is click the “Send Offer” button, it pre fills all the information from this and you just have to put in the purchase details hit “Submit” and it will send a message to that person with all the offer details that you’re offering them for them to either accept or deny or you know, start negotiating.

Now the Bot is really where this thing starts to shine. Because I can tell you from our experience, we ran so many leads through here and testing that it can get almost overwhelming Which is why the Bot is such an important key to all of this. As you can see, we’ve got 27,000 test leads running through here. And I say test leads, but these are actual, like real leads, these are coming from our website from lists and so forth. But what’s going to happen is I want to show you a full conversation and what that looks like:

Vernia: Hey, Chris. Yeah,

Vernia:  it’s Vernia. Is that that offers that a LOI? Do you have, you show us what it looks like?

Chris: I can’t right now. But I can Yeah, just I just put that button live. I haven’t finished the back end of it. But it’ll basically, you know, I can on Friday, I think tomorrow’s call I think they’ll be able to show you.

Vernia: Is their branding options on it.

Chris: Yes.

Vernia: Okay. So we can put our logo on like a letterhead.

Yeah, it’ll go over via email. But yeah, I’ll go through the details with you on that tomorrow.

Vernia: Thanks. Yep.

So going back to the Bot. So right here, we’ve got our pipeline. So I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but nothing becomes an opportunity and gets added to your opportunity pipeline, until they’ve responded. So all the contacts are going to just sit in “My Leads”, until they respond and until they respond in a positive manner. So on the back end, the system listens to the responses and it determines, is this a positive reply? Or is it a negative reply? And or does it not know, if it’s a negative reply, if someone responds back and says, “screw off”, or whatever it is, it’s going to pull them out of all the automation, it’s going to stop sending any and all messages to them. And it’s going to put them on D and D, which is Do Not Disturb and it will never message them again. And that contact, you won’t even see the conversation, you won’t even necessarily see the screw off. Because the system has basically pulled that out of there for you. So really, the idea is, you’re only using this to engage with positively engaged leads. So when someone responds positively, and they start having a conversation, they’re gonna drop right here into this engaged leads bucket. And these are all our current positive, you know, engaged leads. These are people that are either in communication with us or have been in communication with us recently. Once that turns into a full complete conversation with the Bot, what’s going to happen is you’re going to it’s going to push over to this pipeline stage called ready for offer. And so all of these people right here have had a full conversation with the Bots and stated that they are ready for us to send them an offer. And I’m going to show you what that conversation looks like. But you’re also going to get some notifications as well. So as all this stuff is going on, you know, you don’t have to necessarily check and see what status everything is the system will update you along the way whether someone responds back in a positive way, or they you know, or they’re ready for an offer. It will send you an email lead ready for offer Jacob cook Rocket Bot has met all objectives and confirmed Jacob is ready for an offer on this property check notes for summary of the conversation. So if I were to go back in here, and look up, Jacob, I don’t think this one ended up going through. I think we ended up canceling this one. Yeah, right here, maybe not. So if I pop in here, and I scroll up to my to “My messages”, you can actually see this whole entire conversation right here that had with the Bot. So right here, “Hey, Jacob, this is Chris and I just received your property submission. And I have a few questions for us to provide you with the best offer, you know, has the opt in language in here automatically reply stop. So this person came to our website and they filled out a form to get an offer. And it was sent them this message and he says “Hey, Chris, feel free to give me a call”. And the Bot takes over. Hey Jacob, I appreciate the offer. Before I hop on a call, can you share a bit about they’re considering parting ways to the property it’ll help me understand your situation better. So now it’s gonna start going through its objectives. And it’s going to qualify the lead and the different goals that it is set to accomplish are right here. Depending upon if the lead comes in with or without a name or address. It will confirm the name or the address. This one already has that so it didn’t do that. But it’s going to start working on interest, motivation timeline, property condition property updates, they’ll find out if the property has been or is listed, current mortgage. So what’s the balance the square feet, as well as the ownership or you know, if you’re talking to right person, so it’s going to go through all of those fields in the conversation before it gets to making an offer to the point where they make an offer. And it’s gonna have a very conversational human like conversation with with your leads to the point where they won’t even know it’s a Bot talking. So here we go. This is the conversation right here. And I don’t necessarily want to go through every single thing in here. But as you can see, it’s going through it’s asking for the square footage. It’s asking about the beds and baths, so it says nice 1500 square feet, it’s a good size, just to get a clearer picture. How many bedrooms is a property have? Two bed two bath. Okay, are there two full baths in the property? Just to clarify? It says yeah, there’s two full baths. Then it starts asking about the garage, said one car attached garage, and now we know it’s a one car attached garage, then it starts asking, has it ever been listed before? It says no, it has not been listed? If it was listed, it’ll ask additional questions, you know, why didn’t it sell? What was the listing price stuff like that? And then it’s gonna go into ”Motivation”. You know, if you were looking to part ways with your property, would you be looking to do so in the near future, maybe a bit further down the line, but I can get the right price. And I can be out on 30 days. Okay, that’s flexible. So assuming the property fits the criteria, what type of price were you thinking of? I’m looking for the 280’s. And I understand that may not work for your cash buyer, but let me know. So I was just going through here is actually putting those answers into here as well, for desired price. 280, right there has a property been listed? No timeline for selling 30 to 90 days. And then it’s going through even further. And he’s asking, what’s the mortgage balance 283 remaining. So now we know that got a $283,000 balance, which is why he wants 280 grand. So it’s going to continue to basically go through here now that we’ve gotten all the information, it says, Okay, thank you for sharing. In order to finalize your offer, I’ll need to do a little more research and discuss with my partner to ensure we can give you the best offer possible. Would you prefer to hop on a quick call or go over the terms? Or would you rather be sent over the email the offer via email, he said, feel free to email me and we can discuss this. The second that he confirmed he’s ready for an offer. It created the opportunity right here. Jacob cook 1127 Ready for offer.  And then he just confirmed right here, you know, where do you exactly do you want to send the offer to give us the correct email just in case the email we have is not the right one, it’s going to always confirm that. Now, at this point, it’s going to send the email to our team to notify us that this person is ready for an offer. And then you can see right here, our acquisitions manager was able to go through all that and then pop in here and start taking over the conversation. Now all she has to do is go through here in the “Qualification”, check all this stuff off, and then go right over here to notes. And it’ll give you an even more detailed explanation of all the different objectives it completed. And the explanation of it. So it’ll say right here, for instance, bedroom, count two bed, two bath, Jacob’s response was very close to completing the conversation objective he provided and then it moved on to the next one. So you’ll always be able to go through and find the conversation kind of recap right here, as well as the actual qualification factors of that conversation right into here. So basically, what you are looking at is you have traffic running, you’re uploading a list, whatever you’re doing to generate those leads. You don’t have to do anything else, until that person basically raises their hand and says, Yeah, I want an offer. If someone starts a conversation with the Bot, and they stop responding, the Bot is going to follow up with them three times it’s going to follow up the next day it’ll you know, currently say hey, it looks like my last message slipped through the cracks, blah, blah, then it’s going to wait another day it’s going to do same thing, then it’s going to wait two more days it’ll send one final outreach before it be considered a stale lead at that point, it’s going to put the lead over into “Stale Leads” right here. And then you’ll have all your stale leads right here and you will know any lead that is in this stale criteria right there. They have had a conversation that at one point was started and not finished. So that is where you would go for your manual follow up. The system does literally everything else. I can go into some more details. But I think that covers the bases right now. So I’m sure there might be some questions that people have. So if there are questions more than happy to answer those, or if Justin, you have some input on where you want me to go right now, just let me know.

Daniel: How does the Bot work with email? Is it as good as texting? Or how does that work?

This is one of the only systems that I know of that is able to have a complete conversation completely via email. So right here. This is an entire Bot conversation via email. So whether it’s a text, whether it’s phone or email, it is able to have a complete conversation, just like I showed, I showed you via email or text communication. You can even set it up. So if it’s on your Facebook Messenger, you can have it beyond there as as like a widget on your website. But it’ll have a communication to way via any communication method, basically.

Daniel : How does it keep the email from going into spam? I find so many of my emails either.

Yeah, so that is always a factor. I will tell you this, that, you know, the better. If you are uploading, well, let me start off, let me start here. As soon as you upload or bring a contact into into our system, it’s going to actually verify the email before sending it out. So if I go to “My Leads”, and I click on Mary, whatever, see the email right there says verified. If it was not verified, it would not send an email. So first and foremost, it’s only going to send an email to a recipient that we know as a valid email. So it’s checking the email first, and then it’s sending. The other thing is, it is dripping out all these messages. So as opposed to let’s just say you upload a list of thousand people, instead of sending a thousand emails at once, which is likely going to negatively impact the deliverability. It is dripping them out in sequence. So it’s gonna send five messages at a time every 15 minutes. So that is also helping you with your email delivery. Additionally, we are setting up everything per all the you know, there’s there’s a lot of new email compliance stuff that’s going on right now we’re up to date on all of that. So we’re setting up for you from the from the beginning, your dedicated domain, we are setting up all the SPF, the demark DKM, records everything, all your DNS settings that need to be there to make sure that the recipient, the system that’s receiving your email with Yahoo, or Outlook or Gmail knows that this is a this is a real email, it’s got all the settings all the DNS system settings correct, so that it is going to have the best probability of landing in the inbox. Additionally, because we’re using chat GPT to send the outbound messages, it’s not going to send a thousand of the exact same messages either. It’s going to send little tweaks and variations of those messages. So like this one right here says “Hi, there. My name is Sarah, I hope this message finds you well, I came across your contact information while searching for the owner of a property in Delaware, I believe you might be the owner of a home located at 33 Watson lane, or perhaps you own another property in the area. Could you kindly confirm if my assumption is correct?” It’s not going to say the same thing every time it’s going to use complete different language so that no two message is identical. And nothing will be picked up as you know, a mass messaging going out like it would if you were to send a thousand of the same emails from like Constant Contact or something like that. So there’s a lot of stuff that we have in place to help get around the, you know, potential deliverability issues.

Daniel: Is the Bot ready on the ones that we already have it was that new, like is it on online?

No. So the Bot is something that is going to be available for us to add to existing users. For new users, it will already be in the system ready to go when you when you purchase. So there are I think Nick is the first person we’ve installed it on so far. And then we’re we’ve got a kind of a backlog for next week or so. And then starting towards the later this month within the next couple of weeks. We’re going to see reaching out to existing Rocketly members, and to see if they want the Bot installed and Pete will be handling that. But anyone new coming in right now because it’s already built in. It’ll get loaded on with it.


Pablo: Alright, so it’s the Bot and then the other part where you were looking at your leads when it has the Zillow Link and the maps. All that’s new also, right?

Chris: That is new. Yeah. But if you’re an existing user, like I’m switching over here who were talking to who is this? Pablo? Sorry, Pablo. So if I go to your account, Pablo, you should already have those updates. In there.

It just happened like sometime in the last couple hours.

Today, yeah. It’ll start it’ll get Yeah, for if it hasn’t been updated on your account yet, which it doesn’t look like all of it has, it’ll be it’ll be pushed out today. I think I just pushed it to Nick’s account earlier, because I was testing on it. But everyone’s account will get updated. And I was actually going to the call tomorrow. For Rocketly, we’re gonna go through all this stuff.

Pablo: All right, awesome. Thank you.

Daniel: Pricing for the bockris is 397 a month meaning.

Chris: So the new new pricing, the new pricing for this is $397. Now, if you were to go, let’s just say, go try and add your own Bot, get your own Bot, not only are you going to pay for it monthly, you’re also going to pay for usage costs and setting up a lot of stuff. We are doing an all inclusive plan. So the $397 is going to include the Bot itself, plus all the usage for open AI, Chat GPT. So you’re not having to go and pay an extra fee for all the usage. It’s all bundled in with with the price.

Daniel: Well it’s not an additional but it goes to $397 a month. (Chris: Correct). Do you have Rocketly yet? Okay. So you would have no matter what, whenever you do get Rocketly? We’re not going to bring on new Rocketly users that won’t have a Bot.

Chris: Yeah, there’s no version of Rocket li moving forward that won’t have the full Bot. That’s correct.

Daniel: So if there’s the $3,000 setup fee , $397 a month. Because we have to raise the month, we’re trying to help people on the front end. Because I understand things are changing real time. So I’m trying to choose.

Daniel: I see how the Bot will help a lot. Because, you know, I have a lot of them. And I am definitely not techy at all and it’s been hard for me to get there. But it helps because you know, sometimes they get an email like, “Hey, would you like to, you know, whatever, sell your house? or get on the phone. And they say “yes”. And then you know, I don’t catch it soon enough. And then we send another email, “Hey, do you want to sell your house? And they say “yes, call me” and then I send another email, “Hey, do you want to sell your house?” So it’s definitely not. I mean, that’s my fault. I know. But if it is going after they answer something, somebody something else is saying back, you know, something that’s smart is better. That’s one of the reasons I haven’t gone like, you know, nationwide and I’m just In San Antonio and Houston because I don’t want to have a thousand leads and not know what to do with them. So that.

Chris: Yeah, this solves a lot of that. I can tell you that. You know, Justin and I have been running this for our personal business for last two months, testing all this before we put it live, right. And I’m sure Justin can vouch for this too, but is made a world of difference with our team because they’re just going in and every day and they’re just taking over conversations the Bot has already had. And the one thing that the Bot will do that a human won’t is it doesn’t bring emotion into it. Where a seller might be having a conversation they might be scared to you know, just continue to press on things. The Bot won’t, you know the Bot will just continue its objectives until it gets down the road. And it does that 10 times better than a human will. And I’ve seen that happen time and time again. You know, even down to you know the Bot we built this thing it’s smart to so if you if they ask the Bot “Who is this?”  How would you get my number? For instance, like this is me testing Nicks last night. So you can actually see some of these this information but if I ask it, how did you even get my contact information? I found it through a quick Google search of county public records. It’s all public info, but I understand it can be a bit surprising, just trying to help out where I can. So about the mortgage, do you know the balance?

The reason it was the reason it was on the mortgage, because if I go back up here it says, you know, it’s a tough spot. By the way, it’s asking if there’s a mortgage. So I said, Why do you need to know that? He says, it’s just part of our process. I said, I don’t know this seems like a scam. He says, I totally get where you’re coming from. So it’s handling the objection and then it’s just moving right back to the question. So, you know, and then I said, Are you even a real person? Or is this one of those Bots, I assure you, I’m as real as it gets, just here to try and see if we can help. You have your mortgage details handy. It’s gonna get the objective done in a way that a person won’t. If it if they asked you what your company name is, it knows the company name we’re putting that, it has got the address in there. So I said, Hey, what company you’re with? I’m with eight, five property ventures. What’s your address? What property? Are you talking about? It? It knows what’s in, in Rocketly. So if someone says, Hey, what’s your website? It says, Sure, you can find us at, and it gives them the link to the website. So there’s very few situations where this thing will underperform or perform at a level less than a human being this is always going to perform better than pretty much any set or any acquisitions person well. Oh, the other thing to Nick right here, there’s this cool button, “Bot on Bot off”. So the Bot takes the whole conversation on. And if you ever want to take it over and you’re talking to someone, you just click that button, turn Bot off, and now the Bots off, it’s not gonna respond to that person anymore, and you respond to them instead. So that button was added there. Nick, I think you had mentioned something last night about that.

Karina: Yeah, that’s one of my question Chris this is Karina. So what happened if you see that you feel other leads is super hot? And you wanted to take control of the conversation? And you started replying manually? What was the deal with that? Yep.

All you got to do is just turn the Bot off right there. And then it’ll stop responding. And it won’t, it won’t. You can respond from there on instead.

Karina: And then if I want to go back to the drip, like.

Chris: If you want the Bot to start responding and takeover, you can? No, it’s not, for some reasons not turned on. But yeah, you can turn the Bot right back on. Okay. Yep.

Karina: Thank you.

Dainiel: And then, as far as like the Bot responding, is there like a time delay that’s set up? Or is it kind of logical?

Yeah. So it roughly it takes anywhere between it’s about a minute, it takes anywhere between 30 seconds to a minute, or to respond via email, we have a little longer delay in there, I think it’s two minutes, just so it doesn’t seem too quick for email. And then it’s also set for hours. So it’s not going to talk to someone earlier than like, I think like 6am Pacific, it’s not going to talk to someone later than like 8pm or something like that. So the great thing about the Bot is, you know, if people like to talk later hours earlier hours, you can set those hours so that, you know, if people are responding to you at later at night, the Bot is to have those conversations and you can just wake up in the morning and have that there for you. So you can set that as well.

Karina: Pretty cool. Yeah.

Hey, Chris, do you want to like touch on touch on how it goes through conditioning and square footage? Like I missed that?

Chris: Yeah, we touched on that. Yeah.

Daniel: Another question for you though. Is it giving you like a score, like an engagement score or something like that, so you know, hey, this is a hot lead, they’re responding me, you know, instantly, so that you can take over that situation. You know.

Chris: It’ll be right here in “Engage Leads”. So at any point, if you want to take over any current conversation, you can just hop into the “Engage Leads”, and turn the Bot off and take it over until they’re ready for an offer. It’ll be here and the “Engage Leads” right here and that’s how you’ll know that someone’s having conversation. Awesome. Yeah.

Karina: Can you explain how you go from the lead to the offer to the LOI or to the to the offer.

Chris: Yeah, so what it is really, it’s just the lead comes in the Bot takes over, you are having, you know, you go in, you go into the contact. And when you are ready to send them over instead of you manually going through your email, typing out the email, and whatnot, you just have to send that, click that “Send Offer” button and whatever your because you, you left the conversation off telling them, you’re going to email them the offer. That’s how it sets. That’s how it ends, it says, got it, thanks for sharing that before I finalize the offer only to be a bit more research, would you like me to send it over blah, blah. So once you’ve done your research, and you go to Zillow, and you run your comps, and you’re ready to make an offer, you can just call them make the offer, you can send an email, or you can just click “Send Offer” button, put your terms in here. And the system will send the email over outline all the terms. And you can just reach out to them and say, hey, hey, I just sent the term breakdown to your email, let me know once you receive it. So that’s really all it’s doing. It’s just sending an LOI over via email that breaks down the terms. So they can say, Yeah, I accept that, hey, can we change this, then you can negotiate is this really a starting off point, once you’re ready to give them a number. It makes it a little more official putting it in more of an LOI format than it does just sending over and saying, hey, I can do 200k for it. If they get a full breakdown of the LOI, with all the details, you know, coming from you, it just makes it look a little bit more legit.

Daniel: How are you driving the leads to your webpage

Chris: So there’s a couple there’s a couple of different ways. So we are, there’s a couple different ways, we’re running some ads. So we’re running some low budget ads, you know, I  say low budget, that can mean different things to different people. But we’re spending  $10 to $20 a day, and we’re running some traffic and the traffic is we’re only going to get the leads that they submit normally. But since we have Minute Pages, it’s picking up all those other leads as well. So the traffic coming from the ads, you’re getting 10 times more leads from than you would normally to begin with. So that’s one way you can run paid traffic. The other way is more of an organic method, which we use Minute Pages. And what we do is we have these AI written blogs. So if I go into my Minute Pages account, I go to my blogs, you’ll actually be able to see here we have this tool. And what it does is I go in I scheduled a new blog post, I see I want to create using the AI blog writer, I tell it to write a blog and let’s just say I’m, you know how to sell fire damaged houses in Nevada. And I say okay, I want to schedule that out today. So I create and schedule the blog, I can do one of those, I can do 100 Of those, I can schedule them out for the whole month, I can send them put them all up today. What that is doing is it is actually behind the scenes it is going to show you so it is creating this whole 2,000 word blog 2,000 plus word blog through using AI within a matter of minutes. And what this is doing. Sorry, I’m trying to go back here and find a couple other ones should I celebrate my. So what it’s doing is it’s creating this blog is doing an overview. It’s creating a table of contents within the blog, which all these things you know, seem cool. But what that is on the back end, Google knows these these inner links are there, they know that the formatting is correct. It has all the proper SEO, H1, H2, H3 headings, it even searches YouTube for a relevant video and embeds a YouTube video in there, which significantly helps your rankings. Google loves YouTube videos and bed. So it puts a YouTube video in there and then it writes his whole blog post. Now, what this is doing is it is publishing relevant copy content to your website consistently. That is going to help bring organic traffic to your website because people are searching for these things. Someone who’s looking to sell their home or buy a home. They might be, you know, curious about should I sell or rent my inherited home, right? So they’ll come to this blog page. They’ll see oh, they’re talking about the benefits but also they buy houses. So when they get to your site, then what are they going to do? They’re going to submit their property to you, or they’re going to leave. But if they land on your site, and they leave lead detectors picking up those visitors, whether they submit or not, and it’s gonna pop it in here. And then it’s gonna send them a message and say, Hey, I was reaching out about 123 Main Street, all because they read your blog post. The third way that we’re doing it is we are building a list. And we are going to, let’s say, our, this is a REI lead machine, we’re logging in, we are using the AI tools in lead machine. And we are saying, Okay, I want to find a list of houses in Baltimore, Maryland, that are over 1000 square feet, and have a wholesale AI score of 600 or more. Now, this is on a scale of zero to thousand. So 600 is just over the median. And then it’s going to say okay, of all the leads all the houses in Baltimore, there are 6,574 that are have AI score of 600. I can take that and I can go up if I want to create a smaller list, the higher the score, the more likely they are to sell. Now what this is doing is taking billions of different data points for all these properties. And it’s looking at all the historical sales. And its knows if someone sold a house or many people have sold a house or thinking of selling a house, and they have this much debt, they’re doing this, they’re buying that, their credit card usage is over a certain amount they took on a sec, whatever it is. The AI is so much smarter than any of us are, that is in real time looking at billions of data points to determine which of these are more likely to sell than another property. And what is doing is looking at it over the next 90 days. So it’s saying over the next 90 days what “which of these properties have the match the factors that will make them more likely to sell?” So by using this list, as opposed to just going and creating a list, let’s just say have high equity, or upside down properties, or whatever it is long term owner, which you can still do and they are on there. What this is doing is it’s allowing you to go one step further and say I want to put all my ideal criteria in here. But I want to know which properties the AI thinks are more likely to sell. So instead of getting a list of 10,000 properties, and having to go skip trace those and upload it, you may might take that 10,000 property list and boil it down to 2,500. And the 2,500 are much more likely to engage with you based upon those factors. Now you take that list, you upload it into Rocketly, and everything that I just showed you that Rocketly does, it’ll do to that uploaded list, it’ll send them the messages, they’ll send the Facebook ads, it’ll do the postcards, it’ll engage with them, and we’ll have the conversation with you. So those are the three ways that we are running traffic and you can run PPC traffic, it works the same way.

Daniel: I have a question. It’s about Rocketly, but more about, you know, the business that that also in business there. What are you guys right now doing? Like, do you do the lists, plus the ads plus everything? Or like how many leads do you get from each place? Which one’s better to do? Do you just do all of them at once?

Yeah, so primarily, our leads are coming from low budget Facebook ads, we spend about $20 a day on Facebook ads nationwide, we’re getting leads for $20 or $30. And then lead detector is picking up the rest so we are getting a few often leads, you know one to two opt in leads every couple days. And then we’re also between the couple of websites we have up. We’re getting anywhere from you know 30 to 40 or 50 lead detector leads every single day going through there as well. And occasionally we’ll we’ll do a list but our primary is really just a low budget ads. Okay.

Daniel: Hey, Chris, can you explain the iPhone as Angie she asked about how you’re doing leads but you didn’t talk about how when you build Rocket the border you build all the Facebook ads and deployed a quarter.

Chris: Yeah, that’s right. So one of the one of the things that we do for for you is so I mentioned that it has retargeting in there so we do all of that. So any leads that come through You can get retargeted. But if you also want us to create the actual Facebook ad leads campaigns, we do that as well. So we will actually create custom Facebook ads for you set them up in your account and get those ads up and running for you with the area, the budget that you want. And then we’ll go in here, and I’m gonna just show you a couple examples of some of the creatives I’m just gonna use next, because I don’t think you’ll care. And we’ll go through we create the Facebook ads. So we go through all and we create all the appropriate size ads for all the different you know, that are that are required for Facebook, and we create different versions of them as well. So like this is an example of Nick’s your offers waiting, we’ll give you three offers in 24 hours. And these are, these are all just we have these ready to go. And we update the branding and the colors for you. So every time that we do a new one, you’re not just taking a template and slapping a logo on it. We are actually going in and creating from scratch. Who else has their ads data? Not as? Yeah. Yeah, so they’re going in and they’re creating, you know, from from scratch. So these are all the same. So every time we do Facebook ads, or if someone new comes in our designer is, is building these, these from scratch, they’re not just you know, templates with a new logo on them. So based upon your color, and all that stuff, you’ll get 100% completely customize, you know, Facebook ads, as well as the postcards. So like His colors are orange, and you can get your input on as well. But our designer does a really good job and our results are there to show for it.

Daniel: Hey Chris could you address the issue with the blog writer, like some of the modules were not accessible. When you

Chris: Yeah, that’s that’s being that’s being worked on by the dev team. It should be If not, it’s not fixed already. They’re aware of that. What he’s talking about is in minute pages, you can go in I can you can edit stuff. So if like let’s say you see something in here that you don’t like or you want to change, or you want to update, technically, you can go in and you can edit pretty much anything within here.

Daniel: Yeah, Nick said it was fixed already. So we’re good.

Chris: Yeah, I’m just checking, but it should be fixed. But pretty much everything on here is completely customizable and editable. So blogs get posted. And let’s just say it puts a YouTube video on there and you want your own YouTube video on there. You can go in and you can swap it out and change it put your own YouTube video, you can change the text. So yeah, it’s up and running again. So like right here, but I wanted to go in here and type whatever and update it I can go in and update that just by clicking on it and editing it. So to answer your question. It’s fixed.

Daniel: And then the Autobot. Like when you guys rolling that out. Is it like ready to go?

Chris: Yeah, so if your current Rocketly  member, we’re going to be rolling that out, it takes more time to go back and install on someone’s account than it does to just launch a new one. So Pete and the team are gonna get working on that this month. So I think I put a post up in the group. And you can also we’ll be reaching out but anyone that wants the Bot installed will start rolling those out for you guys this month. We’ll just have to make couple adjustments on the plan and get you rolling.

Daniel: Anything else? I appreciate. All right, (Chris: You guys good). All right. So any other thoughts? Questions needs? Good.

How long does it take to from a user perspective?

Yeah, so the the couple of things that could hold anything up are Facebook from time to time people have issues and the a2p which is the whole compliance regulation around the phone number. However, most of that is easily resolved at two weeks at most right now is about what we’re looking at from time to from start to ready to use it. There can be you know, if your Facebook’s not ready, we can hold off on setting that up until it is but two weeks till the platform itself is ready to actually be used. It could be a little quicker.

Daniel: Cool thanks dude appreciate it.

Chris: Yup, Bye guys!

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