The 1% Mindset: Success through Focus, Team Building, and Marketing Mastery | Andy Elliott | EP3

The 1% Mindset: Success through Focus, Team Building, and Marketing Mastery | Andy Elliott | EP3

Justin: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to entrepreneur DNA. And I have someone that I believe is a person who is massively going to make a dent in the universe he already is just to be clear. But if you don’t know who my man, Andy Elliott is you damn sure are gonna know who he is after this episode, Andy Elliott, how are you, my friend

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Justin: What’s up everybody? Welcome back to entrepreneur DNA. And I have someone that I believe is a person who is massively going to make a dent in the universe he already is just to be clear. But if you don’t know who my man, Andy Elliott is you damn sure are gonna know who he is after this episode, Andy Elliott, how are you, my friend

Andy: good having the best day in my life. Every day is that day. Yeah, best day in my life, life is good. And also anybody watching this right now your goal is whatever you do, whatever you sell, your goal is to be the top 1% in the industry that you’re in. I know, it’s an entrepreneur podcast, I know, you can call it lots of different things. But I know that people that follow you are probably entrepreneurs, there’s this one name of the game, and so become the top 1% in the industry that you’re in. So today, you’re going to get a lot of value that whatever it is that you do, you’re going to go further and you’re going to want to reach for more. But that’s the goal. A lot of people think entrepreneurship is I do like seven things. And then I you know, having seven streams of income, no, dude, most people and if you’re gonna take notes, because people that really want to grow, they’ll take notes, most people are a master of none, which means they’re not the top 1% of whatever they do. And if you do something that I’m doing, and I, my goal is to be the top 1%. And I’m not distracted by doing seven things, and I’m only doing one thing and I can do it better than anybody else in the world. I’m going to make a ton of money from doing that I will kick your ass, and then also becoming really good at that it’s going to pay me a lot of money now that I have a lot of money. Now I can have seven streams of income because I have money. So if you wanted to find entrepreneurship, it is to create Why don’t you create yourself whatever it is that you’re going to do. Go all in, study it master the craft, master the game like Kobe Bryant, Master basketball, and become the best top one person in your industry, which is what we do. And that’s how we become great. And by the way, everybody sucks until they don’t. So it doesn’t matter where you’re at now matters where you’re going. I know you’ve heard that. But like that’s the truth, because you’re not going to get any better if you don’t change. So the goal is to reinvent and recreate yourself every single day. And that’s how we built a company.

Justin: Whoa. And now that is how you start a podcast, my friends, just dropping straight bombs. So if you don’t know Andy, I would encourage you to follow him on every single platform YouTube, Instagram, Facebook. I’ll just kind of even start out where can everyone find you out of the gate? Because you already made your impact felt brother?

Andy: Yeah, yeah. So number one, if you’re on Instagram go to official Andy Elliott, check us out. Every day we draw up you know, four or five real spire shit, whether we’re doing live seminars or events. Everything that we do, it’s never camera on camera, we do a lot of educational stuff. We’ll teach how to close how to sell, you know how to negotiate. But the biggest thing that we do is we teach people to total recreation. But Facebook, you can definitely find me go to YouTube, just type in Andy Elliott, when you type in Andy Elliott, it’ll say overcoming objections, phone skills, dude, we literally put salespeople in the world that everybody sells something on blast, because we want them to be the best. And like I said, you’re in the era, we are in the era of the worst salesman in the history of time. Customer Experience is at an all time low. People right now literally suck at whatever they do. And I can’t believe it. So it’s never been a better time to be great. So if you’re watching this, the goal isn’t to how do you get inspired, I want to inspire people, but I want you to say man, like tactically during this podcast, like you’re gonna get some information that’s going to be able to help you smash everybody, and to go get your best life. And we don’t want you to be like me or be like him. You know, if you look up to someone, you don’t want to, you know, envy them, you want to emulate them. You know what I mean? And that’s all I did. And I’m gonna tell you when you said that, you know, Grant Cardone on your podcast, Brad Lea, all these guys. Like, dude, all I did, was what they said, did it ever, like all you got to do is just take it, take a spiral notebook, a pen piece of paper, get your priorities in line, become crystal clear on what you want, and you’re going to kill it. So anyways, you can keep going. But you can find us on Instagram. And I’m going to tell you this, and three years, you know, we built $120 million company, we think will be a billion dollar company within five or six years. I know for sure, we’ve spent $0 on advertising, I know for sure that social media will take you very far. If you will not be a fraud, if you will become and create yourself and to be somebody who’s great, which is our goal for you. Right? We need more winners. We need more winners, which is why these podcasts even exist. It’s not so you can get out there and hear yourself talk or I can get out here and hear myself talk so that the people that are listening can say hey man, you know, like, dude, count me in, just give me the blueprint. Okay, you know, like Brad’s got, he’s got the Rhino logo. The rhino stands for thick skin. Okay, Brad says you can’t stick a knife through a rhino skin. It’s so fit. Like you’re going to need to be able to become that way. If you’re wanting if you’re wanting until it because on this journey, especially as we’re talking about entrepreneurship, nobody’s going to believe in you until you get there. And then when you get there, they’re going to want to get you on a podcast or they want to talk to you. And then they’re going to ask how you did it, but along the way, they nobody cares, and nobody will believe in you. And that’s okay. You don’t need them to. So have Rhino skin like Brad Lea always talks about. But you got to become the best. I just want to say like, I’m always gonna go back to that. If you’re, if you’re not after creating mastery in your industry, just don’t go after it. Because you’re ever going to get it. Because guys like us that are obsessed with it, that sleep with their shoes on that literally will not rest with you’re not going to compete with us. It physically can’t happen in our education. We’re educating herself all day every day. There is zero downtime. Anyways, but no, but so officially I love Instagram from my favorite.

Justin: There you go, we’ll go I could take this. A million different directions. But what you already priority even recording you blew my mind when we were talking about you don’t spend any money marketing. Now I’m of the belief. Marketing is your lifeblood of all businesses. Now I know you are likely the best sales trainer there is out there No, like hands down. Right? I would make that argument. And we are newly acquainted right through Brad. But I would still make the argument. I want to hear your opinion. Marketing is senior to sales. And the reason why I say that is because if you can’t get the lead in the door, if there’s no one to talk to on the phone, if there’s no one to sit down with. You don’t have a business. You don’t have a business.

Andy: Yeah, no, I agree. And by the way, I’m going to go into that with you. So you can understand everybody on this call. Every buddy will have a hole in their game. There’s two rules to business. Number one, don’t ever let anybody else know your business better than you. That’s rule number one. Number two, figure out how to kick your own ass every single day. So every day I try to find the holes in my game, so no one else can come kick my ass, I’m going to be kicking my own ass. And if I’m in business in a certain vertical, I’m not going to let you come and kick my ass. I’m going to take you out. Because I have already gone there. I found the crack in my own castle. Now I want to go through some things with you. A lot of people have trouble building a team, building a sales team. I don’t. My culture is insane. My culture do these guys wake up when they wake up at 4am. They’re at the gym, they come straight in which our gym is on our property. They smash it through upstairs or dial on all the phones by 7am. Listen to me. When Brad Lea says you got to interview this guy. It’s because my guys are fire breathing dragons for real. It’s not a hide game. It’s not a show. They’re obsessed. They eat sleep and breathe winning. They’re all underdogs. Every one of them. They didn’t have education or experience. All they wanted was an opportunity. They were hungry. And I coached him and I built him up over the years now. Mind Body Spirit free to everything is skill, belief, dude, you cannot convince them that they can’t have some, they’ll go get whatever they want. Sorry, but they’ll go get whatever they want. Because they believe mentally they can have it which they can this universe is very given. And we all stick together. We believe an individual can be beat, but a team can’t be beat. So we’re all about the team. So as we go and we’re on this journey to build all these sales teams, we’ve built products, we have the baddest ass sales training system and product ever. Guess what we don’t have? We don’t have marketing. Why would you say nd Oh, wait, how did you start? I started by trading for YouTube videos. And by the way, I drew up on Grant Cardones content when I was a kid so I thought man led this guy’s amazing it made me a lot of money. And then I started realizing no disrespect to Cardone, but his shits old, it’s outdated. He’s had new trainers come and try to come in and try to teach some shit. People don’t like him. They like Cardone, but he’s in real estate now. So his sales training shit, it’s old. And if you get you know, you get three feet, shoulder pads and feathered hair, you get his old as content, because it doesn’t make him the kind of money that it makes in exchange for real estate anymore. So he’s doing his real estate journey. So we’re like, Hey, man, we need to be the next Cardones. So the goal is is and I’m just sharing with you, our mentors in life or people that have gone where we want to go. That’s it. So like if you want to know how to get somewhere, go find someone who’s been there and study them. So I started present. That’s it. So I just studied CARDONE as a kid and I saw that he built teams, what I learned is that his cells guys would work for money. My guys worked through blood, sweat and tears. My guys would do this shit for free. So what happens I created a different culture, almost like a cult. Okay, culture. Anyways, long story short, we built a team we built everything. We’ve got the family we were growing like crazy. When it comes the marketing we’ve net and by the way, this is something you probably helped me with one day. We’ve never found someone that could produce us more ROI, which is what marketing is about. You say it’s senior Yes it is, I can get on my phone right now. And I can say guys what’s going on as Andy Ellie, listen me right now if you believe there’s another level and you’re not there, by the way, you’ve seen the way we’ve scaled, you’ve seen the way we grow, go back and watch our social media, just go from YouTube type in 2015, go to 2021. See the difference, see what’s happened come by our facility will care a brick and more building, go check out my guys. Look at every one of our people’s results that are attacking us every day in their life changing, go check that out. If you want to have that next level, shoot me a text message 918210254 Mu, Jack store, covenant click, click, click, click click click click. It doesn’t cost anything. And that was the way that we’ve been doing our marketing. And we’ll generate so we generate 400 leads a day roughly into our company Oh, without spending any money. So when when a guy by the way, like with sweat equity, right? Like Justin, everybody has to write this down sweat equity. Do you want to you want to go social media hard for three years and then generate a whole bunch of leads? Or am I starting the day? And I’m like, I need some people to know who I am today. Dude, listen, when we started, we didn’t really understand exactly marketing. So our goal was, you either have money or you don’t, we were like, Dude, we’re just going to get online. And we started blasting on these phones, with our teams, that was a critical task that we did every single day. And do now those same deals are out there. All those YouTube videos are out there, every one of them has a call to action on them. Now, it’s just like, you know, if you got 1000 videos on YouTube, and every one of them says, text me on it, dude, like the compound effect of a million views a month, like people are texting all the time, new people coming in old people getting burned out, you know, it’s just a mixture of stuff going on new business owners, old business owners, people want to get into sales. And YouTube is how to, how to close how to sell how to influence how to persuade how to you know, like, that’s how we built it was well on YouTube. And I would tell you that we me and my wife, who runs our company, she’s our CEO, we every day talked about like, man, we need to find someone one day that can help us with marketing. But dude, you know how it’s like the right hand you shake at the right time. Like, we haven’t found that person. So anyways, marketing is the most important thing in the world. We were willing to pay the price up front and just do all the sweat equity with coming in now. Yeah. And now we continue to do it that we do need to run ads one day, but honestly, we just haven’t been able to find the right person to do ROI. Our ROI is so high on sweat equity, that like literally I wish that I could give somebody 100 grand, and they could give me back to underground. heartbeat.

Justin: So by the way, you mentioned it in passing, but happy to talk with my team, right and see if they can help you guys. I mean, you know, just to give and if it works great. If it doesn’t, that’s fine. But yeah, what blows my mind is someone that spends a lot of money every month, because that’s the model I chose. I still do the Instagram. I still do all that. Yeah. But the reality is I’ll spend let’s say 100 grand a month, and I need to make 300 grand back. Right. Otherwise, what’s the point? Right? Yeah, so it just blows my mind. Let’s let’s talk a couple of things. You said waking up early. And in this has been a big mission of mine recently. Prior to the last six weeks, I’ve been waking up at 630 in the morning. Nothing crazy. You’d say Justin, you’re being a big policy. That’s crazy. Recently, last six weeks, I just got it through my thick skull that I always felt like I couldn’t achieve enough in a certain day. And I never had any time and I never had time to think and create and I never had time for the gym and I would miss it more often than I’d go to it. And I started waking up at 4:45 in the morning. Yeah, you still might be thinking Justin, you big sissy, right? Or But brother, I will tell you it is been a life changer. Literally, I have friends and I’ll post on my social media not to brag. But to literally they kind of just say like, Hey, if there if you want more in life, if you want to achieve more if you want more time with your kids, your wife, your family, if you want to win more like everyone has the same given hours. And I know that’s cliche is shit, but I will just tell you, if you have your entire squad, waking up like that is absolutely been a game changer for me. I can echo that.

Andy: Yeah, yeah. So like, the good stuff in life is your mindset, right? Everything is perspective that I’m going to tell you, I see a lot of people right now that want to go through entrepreneurship, and they’re like, Hey, man, you know, I’ll focus on my health later. I need to make money right now, too. That’s the stupidest thing you could ever do in your life. You know what, dude, if you if you are in a good state, if you don’t have a good attitude, if you’re not in a great mood, first of all, no one’s gonna follow you. What would I need here is as a leader of somebody that inspires people. And by the way companies manipulate people. If you don’t do this, I’m not going to pay you. And that’s called manipulation. And that’s how most business is a ram our business which money is involved is ran like this, I, my goal is to be a great leader so that you will want to follow me regardless of title, regardless of rank, regardless of seniority. Like, I don’t have to be the owner for you to follow me, like I am going to have you follow me because of my inspiration by my fire, by me doing what it is that I say I’m going to do, I am going to show you another level of winning, I’m going to show you love, I will be there for you and help you. I also set a new standard every day, right? In the company. So I am the example which is what a leader does. And then a leader, a follower, somebody who voluntarily wants to follow someone. So like understand this, if you’re in a company right now, and you’re like, I’m the leader, okay? So like, let’s take your position away for a minute. And let’s say now that you are no longer in charge with the people, then would they follow you? More than likely not if money wasn’t involved, and I’m going to tell you something, if you’re a leader, and you’re watching this, if on your cell phone, people are looking at Instagram all day long that work for you, and they’re looking up to other people looking to be inspired by other people, they should find it from you. And if they can’t find it from you, it’s because you’re not their leader, calm and we’ll go into a meeting when I go into these companies. And I’ll tell ever, all the salespeople say, Hey, guys, do me a favor. Before we’re done today, I want everybody to write down the name of the people that they look up to on a piece of paper, your mentor, write it down, fold it in half, don’t put your name on it, just put it on the table. So when you walk out, I would like to study who you look up to. I’ll say leaders, please stay 30 salespeople walk out of the room 100 salespeople walk out of the room, lots of pieces of paper in the middle of the room. I say all right, leaders, let’s open the papers up. And let’s see if your name is on any of these pieces of paper. And most of the time, maybe one or two their name is and the rest isn’t. So my question is, why not? You know why? Because you’re not their leader. You’re their boss. And I’m going to tell you this. If you I don’t know how much of my content you’ve ever watched, but you’ll hear me talk about an undue recruitable sales team. And what I mean by that is Brad Lea will commonly say he’s like and he’s I’ll tell my guys Iโ€™ll give you 10 million. I’ll give you 10 million to come to work for me. My guys will say Go fuck yourself. Right? They’re not interested. My God said Auckland tattoos on their arms, they the line, they there’s the day and you’re born, the day you die. And the day your life changes forever, we have what’s called an unrecruitable team, unrecruitable, it’s these guys would work here for free. If we went out of business today, we could all stay here for free and work, we would all figure it out. Yeah, we’re all together. We’re a unified front. If somebody comes against the family, we will kill you. We’re a team. And that doesn’t exist anymore. And if you want to know why, like, like companies like Google made it so far, you know, Google was one of the first people I saw 20 years ago that put a gym and their company. You know, they did all of these things, right. And Google doesn’t compete against anyone else I want you understand. Google competes against themselves. If Microsoft came out with a great product today, they wouldn’t care. Okay, Google is can be ahead or behind. But they they’re in their zone. They are it’s them, they take care of their people, their family. Google is in the game of who can last the longest. Okay, and a lot of companies code that we knew 10 years ago aren’t around the day. A lot of influencers that were around in 2018 aren’t around today. You know why? Because they played the game today that didn’t play they competed against other people. Dude listen to me, I’m very competitive. I’m ultra competitive. I know that if you if you don’t win, you lose. And I don’t like that. But at the end of the day, my goal is to stay in it the longest to be the realest to build the best team. And I believe the compound effect of doing things right, is what people need to start doing. And so many people want fast wins, which so do I that they sacrifice great people and investing in people, right? There’s a difference between lightning and fire in your teamโ€™s ass and then lighting a fire under your team’s ass. And I think that when you light a fire under your team is enough, they’re all going to be gone. And they’ll work for someone else who lights a fire in their ass. And that’s what I’m telling you. There’s so many perspective shifts, and a lot of people won’t get this, and they’ll never get what they want in life. And I assure you, even if you do, we’ll finish on this justice if you have this, which is your family, your team, your wife, your kids, you have all this and you chase this which is money and you lose this and you do attain this. You’re one of the rare people that do obtain all of this. And you look back in this goal and you’re gonna hate yourself. The goal is to maintain all of this and go get this and that’s exactly what we’re doing. And by the way, we’re getting it really fast. by doing things the right way. And if we wake up and things don’t go, right, let’s just say and we’re not scaling like we wanted or things aren’t happening. Let me ask you a question Justin, the Ferrari, the house, the cars, the money, all that. You it’s, that’s really not what you want, what you want is the emotion that comes with having all that. That’s exciting. I got all that. Well, the goal is, is the art of winning in today’s age, I believe having that badass mindset is to be able to create that emotion even when you don’t have that it’s not entitlement, but it’s a feeling of gratitude and gratefulness. Dude, it’s, it’s something that most people, even if you do become rich, those people will be miserable, and they won’t like themselves. And they Lastly, you were talking about the gym. I’m gonna tell you this, if you look in the mirror, you don’t lie to your, I’m gonna tell you what’s about you have it all that anyways. Right? So actually, you said you’ve been waking up earlier, you’re going in the gym, we believe in men, we believe in physical mental business. I don’t have a physical training company. But I believe the physical part creates the mental side, right. And then the mental side allows you to be a savage in business. So if you don’t do the physical, you can’t get the mental, you’ll be mentally tough, you’re not going to be strong enough for your team, you’re not going to be tough enough to your team, you’re not gonna be strong enough for your family. And then by the way, instead of breaking records, you can be breaking mentally, and that you can’t kill it in business. You know, I’m saying,

Justin: I hear you do and I resonate with that heavily, right? Because just, I’ve always been an athlete, I’ve always worked out whatever, I mess up my neck, I’m out for nine months. My mindset wasn’t nearly where the capacity is usually would be, as I’m working out, right. I’m a high performer. I’m hanging out with the friends that you have. We’re very mutual friend right?. Yeah, that’s how were built. So when you’re out of that physical part, like I could barely walk around the block for the first two or three weeks, right? It was on a necklace and terrible. Yeah, tremely painful. But now that I can get back into it, I couldn’t agree with anyone more like I don’t care if you are looking in the mirror, and you’re not going to be happy with what you’re seeing that physical aspect is going to lead to the mental aspect. And how are you going to crush it if you mentally can’t go attack today?

Andy: Yeah, so yeah, no, no, I was just gonna say and then I think that’s the deal. Like, if you’re not good to yourself, right? Like, you can’t be good to others, and you can’t kill it. So, you know, like I said, a lot of people miss this. A lot of people like give me the strategies to make money, dude, Listen, man, an individual can be beat, but a team can’t be beat, you’re going to need to build a team of people that are going to want to go do this with you. And if everybody’s in it to just make a lot of money at the end, everybody’s going to stab each other with money, because that’s all they’re in it for. Did companies need to create cultures that have more than more than money. And by the way, if those people come in, and that culture is built, you’ll never have a problem with money. And when you onboard clients, which if you want to make money, you’re going to need people. Okay? When you onboard people onto cultures, like ours, like dude, they never want to leave labor. So like, that’s the goal. Is that right? That’s the retention side. You know what I mean? So everybody on your team, like, unless you’re running a funnel, and everybody buys stuff on the internet, and you need no team, if you do have a team, all those people that do believe in you, they’re not going to be meeting you because there’s only one of you. They’re going to be meeting your team. And if they meet your team, are they on boarded, like they would be with you? And a lot of companies that isn’t just following you, because all they want is money, and there’s no culture.

Justin: So to me, and I literally we can go forever, but I want it I want Andy Elliott, the broke Andy Elliott, right? Whenever that day was when you didn’t have the income, the team, the sales, the revenue, how are you going to impact what are you going to say right now? Where does someone broke? Busted? Disgusted start? How does someone immediately go Andy Elliott It’s my guy for sales. He’s gonna help me do it. And where do I start? Where did those people start? What’s your word of those people?

Andy: Yeah, so Well, let’s uh, let’s just and by the way, so where does everybody come from? Because I think the success story isn’t really that cool. I think it’s Hey, like you said, How did you get out of sleeping in your car? What -p[how did you go from being broke loose and everything to rebounding? How did that happen? So number one, it’s all like it’s all mentality. And I think that the mindset what you think about all day long is who you become. And I’m telling you that when I was two years old, my mom left, right, so like cheese rolls out, like my wife’s the best wife in the world. She’s great to our kids that to my mom left, which means that as I get older, I’m like, oh, women aren’t supposed to leave their kids. So my dad stayed around. So my dad raises us, dude, we’re literally didn’t have a curfew. We’re raised by the street Jerry Springer show. You’re a little bit older. So you have to remember Jerry Springer in your life, straight Ds in school. 18 years old, I get a job. Now listen, it doesn’t matter what vehicle it is. If somebody wants to restart. I want you to write this down. If somebody right now wants to To know how much money they can earn and how well they can do, I want you to just look at two things. Number one, there’s a level 10 Earning opportunity job, there’s level one, level one means like it, you can’t really earn that much. Okay? If you work at little, if you work at Pizza Hut, you’re never going to drive a Ferrari no matter how good you get your unless you own all of them. Okay, so the goal was, that would be level one level 10 would be solar cells, it would be, you know, insurance sales, it would be, you know, automotive sales, I got told that a sales guy can earn 250 grand a year selling and I’m dead broke. So at 18, I might do this as a level 10 Earning opportunity. But I have a level one skill, right now at level 10 skill. So I learned remember I said become the top 1% in your industry. That’s what all this is about. I learned that at 18 years old that if I could create mastery, I started, I stuttered. I didn’t believe in myself. I literally just wanted a way out all that any man or woman, every one of their life is an opportunity. So what I would tell everybody right now, go find yourself a level 10 sales job, a level 10 sales job, a job that literally could pay you well, if you were the top 1%. Like if I’m in if I if I suck today, and I’m broke, but I know I could go sell solar. And I know that it could pay you $2 million a year. If you’re at the top 1% and solar cells are up. All I’m going to do now is I’m number one, I’m going to convince someone to give me a job in solar and how I would do it is you walk up to any sales job. And you tell them hey, number one, I’ve got a great attitude. Number two, I’m ready to be a student of the game number three, I’m coachable. Number four, I’ve got a great attitude. I’m in a great state. And Number Number five, I’ll be laser focused, I’ll let nothing get in my way. I’ll commit all the time that it takes to be the best, and I’ll be loyal and trustworthy, they will freaking hire you on the spot. They do not care. And that’s all they want to do is create killers, okay? Mostly level 10 companies will because they’re looking for people who are hungry and want an opportunity. Okay, now, that’s what I did at 18. I started and by the way, about 18 years old, I was broke had nothing, I’d never had more than five bucks in my hand. My first day I made $1,700, which changed my whole life and I made it on Amazon, it was cool to lay down like it shouldn’t have happened. I got lucky. But at that day when I sold that I go oh my god like envoy to become the best in the world. And by the time I was 20 years old, I was making a half a million a year. So in cars, I broke the record in the United States for most money made as a car salesman. When I was younger. I went the vehicle was selling cars. So what would I tell you to do? Well, let me tell you how I went from being a loser to a winner. Number one I studied rod Dooley says mindset skill set habits, number one, you’ll never out earn your own self worth. I know everybody here readers have said it a million different ways. I decided to just believe in myself. And by the way, and the difference between people that have it and that don’t, are the beliefs. Yeah, so like, right now you need to put a high fence around your life. And you need to take appraisal of anyone and everyone in your life and everything in your life. Okay, so appraisal of everyone and everything in your life and anybody and everybody that don’t believe in you, and it’s not good for you to get rid of them, I would do that right out the gate. I’m number two, I would look in the mirror, and I would own your shit. And I’d say hey, man, you know, like, number one, how do I talk to myself? Do I talk good to myself. And if you don’t, you need to change that right now. Because I’m never gonna be bad to yourself, because I promise you, you’re never going to get anywhere. So I’d be good to yourself. And number two, I’d get in the gym. And by the way, you need to be physically fit, and you need to be in a great mood and you need to be in a great state to sell shit and to get people to do what you want them to do. So I would do that. And then number three, skill set part right, which is the blueprint. Okay, what do you do for a living? Right like you shake hands face to face? Are you on the phone? Right? What is your follow up look like? I would go find someone in your industry that does really good are like we built a sales training company, which is how we’ve grown is that I would tell somebody to plug in the if anybody’s watching this, I just go to YouTube and type in Andy Elliott . And I guarantee as you start watching sales training, you’re going to understand man that God dude, you know what? Like, all I have to do repetitions a mother skill, all you have to do is grab a $1 spiral notebook. Right? So where would somebody start, go to YouTube because it’s free. You can go to YouTube, literally type in sales training Andy Elliott and you can literally just start watching one video at a time how to master a stranger how to make a best friend in two minutes. You don’t mean how to have winning energy, how to time block your day, like literally start running like how to overcome an objection a guy says he needs to think about it. Somebody’s gonna get back with you. You know what, I’m not interested. I don’t have time today. Whatever they say start learning these rebuttals and word tracks. So you don’t sound like the competition who’s amateurs. And then what happens is Dude, you’re going to start moving up the ranks. You’ll start selling more, you’ll start getting more conditions, you’ll start believing in yourself more. And guess what? There’s a there’s a trick to all this Justin. And this is where I see a lot of people give it all back. Have you ever known somebody that’s been in great shape and then now they’re not? Have you ever known somebody that’s been happily married? And then now they’re not married anymore? Have you ever known somebody that had something and then they don’t have it anymore. (Of course), I’m gonna tell you how to keep it all two things. Number one, keep it new. Okay, if you’d yet keep it new, keep it fresh. We love what we do. We go back, we go back to day one every day. My wife me and her been married 16 years we’re madly in love like never before we fall more in love with each other every day, how? It’s because we treat it like it’s the beginning. So it’ll never be an end. (Love that shit). If you don’t, if you don’t stay in love with what you do. You don’t have to do anything. You get to do it. I want you to understand that and most people will fly right past us. Yep. Okay, then by the way, you’re going to get lost in misery, you’re going to get lost in complacency. mediocrity is going to be crawling all over you. You’re gonna get bored. You know, your goal is to find one thing you love in my life that sells and in your life it sells to we call it entrepreneurship but you do sell all day long, you’re alone, somebody or something. You’re always convincing persuading influencing you’re always doing nowadays and she’s selling. So I would say this number one, keep it new. Okay, listen to me, I’m 18 years old, I can’t believe I get to do this. My whole life is changing. This is my way out. I’m still doing that today at 43 years old, and then numb and keep it fresh. Keep dating what you’re doing, right? Like, just stay in love with it. And then number two, this is a big one. Keep that free team chip on your shoulder. I go back to broke II and zero every day. Every day. I have nothing. I work. Like someone’s trying to take it all away from me in the next 24 hours. I honestly work with a very healthy paranoia that I feel like we’re going out. I work with and I felt like controlled anger, controlled anger. I’m constantly like, I’m so fired up. I’m so happy that I have this fire inside of me that it’s almost like an anger. Like I feel like that I’m behind. And by the way, it’s not. It’s the onset of like anxiety, and I’m all freaked out. It’s like no, dude. Like, I know that I’m one day away from losing it all. So I’m going to keep that chip on my shoulder. This network people have a great marriage. They don’t get to keep it. Okay, people like freaking have a lot of money and then they lose it all. You listen to me. Are everybody. Do you want to make money for a couple years? Or do you want to make money for decades? If you want to make money for decades, I would tell you this go back to zero every single day. And no matter how much you make, okay, I live below our means. Yeah, we’ve got houses beach houses Lamborghinis, and we’ve got toys and shit. But dude, if we couldn’t pay cash for anything, we’d never bought it. Yeah, we live and by the way, they’re just 2023 world is about leveraging your dad get all your shit rolling like a baller, dude, I’m gonna tell you this. You don’t have to play anyone else’s game. You don’t have to, you can play your game. And I assure you what we did in our company, is that we got in great shape. We took good care of each other. We studied the game every day. And literally don’t be a fraud. Which means it’ll save you couldn’t be the best in the world. Like Like, don’t go backwards. And by the way, stay away and tell people no who aren’t on the same path with you, Justin I think decision making keep that chip on your shoulder and keep it new. But I added a third decision making you know what you want in life and you’re crystal clear as you’re going towards it. If you’re getting in great shape is one of those things you cheeseburger grilled chicken. That’s easy. Chicken, grilled chicken. We don’t need a cheeseburger because a cheeseburger would be taking away from our decision. Or from the direction we want to go. Grilled chicken will be taking us towards it. All I’m saying is this they banned. Let’s go have a beer. Dude.

We gave up alcohol for a long time. We don’t really care about it. Dude, I drink maybe twice a year barely some wine on my wife. Why?

I don’t need it. Right Dude I do that’s a fun shit. No, dude, you know what’s fun? Fucking winning, winning that deal. It’s been 43 I’m gonna fuckin 8 pack and being ripped out. So let’s go. Yeah, like Justin, you know what’s fun, like literally seeing a kid or a guy or somebody that lost everything or somebody that’s 18 Getting in watching this right now that couldn’t have done this. 20 years ago, they had to read a book 400 pages to find one page that made sense and picked it up and go with it. When these podcasts are created, like dude, like, you really can be anybody. And all you have to do is go and hang around people in proximity who want it. And if they don’t, if you don’t know anybody, or Dude, I don’t know anybody outside you guys that wants it. Then go to social media, find two or three people and study the hell out of them and study them on YouTube. So and by the way, every dollar you earn, throw back into yourself. A lot of it since we’re training company, we always ask people Hey, is your entertainment budget higher than your education budget? If your education budget is fucking dogshit your entertainment budget is high. The clearly having fun in life is more important than winning, which goes back to the opposite guys like Kobe Brian who created mastering yet so I just want to say that I see people right now coming up really fast from all over new people. You know I’m out no, you’re just anxiety, a whole pass, but you’re coming up like this people are coming up like this. Do we need more of that? Yeah, we need more people to come up like this, but let’s say that you don’t and it doesn’t happen like this. Okay cool dude, listen, winners live where quitters quit just like just don’t freakin quit and make sure you understand this. I’ll quote Brad Lea on this, because he always talks about quitting because I’m a big guy, like don’t fucking quit, don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit, don’t quit, you’re eventually going to get it just don’t quit. But he says sometimes due to end people do need to quit what they’re doing and switch all that energy to another path. Because that is not a level 10 Earning opportunity. This is okay, you thanks you Pizza Hut and you’re a freakin an entrepreneur. Dude, you’re not going to make it and drive the Ferrari now the big house and make tons of money because you’re on a level one opportunity. I think everybody should study should train. I think they should give everything they got to where they’re out. But I think they should ask, Hey, that chair that I’m sitting in? If I do become the top 1% in the industry? Can I earn what I want? And if the answer’s no, go find a place you can if the answer is yes. Get to frickin work.

Justin: Let’s go. And now and I’ll end it with this. Andy, you have several platforms that you can educate. And I’ll tell you, the one thing everyone needs to really hear. There’s a lot. I mean, you literally have to rewind this and listen to it again and watch it on YouTube again, because Andy just crushed this. You have to understand the only reason why I’ve been able to have the success I’ve had for 15 years in this space, is because I cut checks to learn from people who’ve been there before me. You’re in the story. This last week, I had a two day intensive I call it to do deals Live me and my team in the room, grinding it out with the people to get the deals done. During that I had to take a call the call was with someone who I need to hire to be a mentor to me. Do you guys understand how much I’m gonna pay this person? You don’t? I’ll tell you. It’s $120,000 for the year 120. And I’m happy to do it, that he didn’t have to sell me on a thing. He said, Hey, this is what I think we do. It’s gonna be 120 grand said great. Where do I send the check? There wasn’t a thought in my mind. Because that person knows what I don’t. Period sounds. Yeah. So Andy is the king of sales. We didn’t even get into sales brother, which I was gonna do. But we didn’t even get there. If you’re looking to get in sales level 10 opportunity. Go back, listen to all the social media platforms he’s on. But make sure if this man resonates with you make sure you’re in his world, period, whatever that price tag is. Alright, go ahead Andy

Andy: Yeah, Justin, hey, and I was gonna tell you this, in anybody watching this, what we have people do we have a text line that we use, okay, literally, it’s right here we have a text line. People can text and I’ll give you a number that you can text. And we will send you over a free training guide. Everybody, our goal is to ruin the value of money for people. So you know, like Alex or Mozi says creating, you know, raging fans, right? The goal is, is that you give people stuff for free. Yep, go make money with something you gave them for free, then they’re like, dude, well, what if I spent 1000? How much can I make off that like there has to be higher programs. So we give out free products constantly to people so they can go make more money. And that’s how we built our whole industry. That’s how we built our whole business. But if anybody’s watching this, there’s a cell phone that we use, it’s 918-210-0254 don’t call it just attacks that 918-210-0254. And literally, it’ll automatically just you know, you can type in Justin Colby podcast, and we’ll literally send you back a free demo, I’ll know what you want. So free training guide, and you log into it, there are seven videos you can watch. It’s the nine, it’s the seven skills that pay off forever, we’ll send it to you, you watch that shit. And it’ll freakin take you to another level and it will cost you nothing, and just do the work. And then if you like it, then you can always reach back out. But my point is, is that Justin, as you’re growing, and you’re doing cool stuff, I mean, we’re growing and you said you spent some money. Do listen to me. That’s the game. Those that don’t understand self investment. You know, most people don’t have a money problem. They have a skill problem. And if you fix the frickin skill, it fixes the money. And so your goal is is that you your education, budget, your entertainment budget, everybody paid attention, man, your education budget should always be higher than your entertainment budget. So if you have a couple 100 bucks, you can invest in yourself a month, find something that you can put that into and it’s for you and we’ll finish on you said finish on like the how you spend some money with an investor is that people need to find security inside themselves. Not in houses, not in cars, not in their job. They need to find it inside of themselves because that’s where belongs. So as this guy is going to train you and teach you things that you don’t know, you’re not finding that security and muddy house cars and your business, you’re finding that inside of you where it belongs. And dude, if you had to restart tomorrow, you could take all of that stuff that you’ve learned, and you can have it back in one year. And not only when you start to learn this stuff, you can become dangerous, where like anything you want, you can have, if I don’t have something that I want today, give me a couple months and check back, I’ll have it if I really want it. And those are the skills that you’re learning to acquire, that some people in this world have. And if you can get access to them, you can also get that too. And now you can have that in your life. And that’s what you’re doing with that God is that you’re building your own security inside of you who you are as an operator internally, and allow umbrella the way that allows you to lead your entire team because everything that guys is going to teach you that you’re going to teach that to your team. And dude, like it’s like, the fact that it’s like 100 fold that’s going to come back that 100 grand will turn in and 10 million

Justin: 100% And that’s why I do it. It’s why you do it. I mean, I think we’ve said enough there if you guys want something you don’t currently have whether it’s Andy whether it’s myself, or anyone, right? You don’t need to find someone who’s done it before. And cut the check right again. $100 100,000 doesn’t matter check yet learn. Andy, I appreciate you brother. I know your family, man. I know you got a rockin business going on right now. I can hear those folks. I can’t wait to step into that office. And just roll Oh yeah. Give you a team. So I appreciate you again. Everyone. Go find Andy Elliott. Make sure you follow Him. That’s all for today’s episode of entrepreneur DNA peace.

Andy: Yeah, grateful for you Bro.

Justin: You too Bro.

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