The AI Cheat Code You Need for Real Estate

The AI Cheat Code You Need for Real Estate


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Justin: What is happening? All right, we are finally live and rolling, we are going to jump right into this, let me get my guy on John Kirk, who was a part of so many of you guys conversations, we’re gonna get him live in hosting this. And so for all of you who are here, welcome to this tutorial training, whatever you want to call this, this is going to be hot and heavy, it’s going to be incredible. And I’ll tell you, as someone who actively built this inside my own real estate business, this is the wave of the future, everyone is talking about AI, everyone’s talking about automation. This is it, we have built it. Now we’re about eight months, it is incredible lead opportunity. And it’s an incredible way to start the conversation without having to have people. So for some of you, if you’re growing your business, and you’re a veteran real estate investor like myself, then this allows you to grow and scale the business without having to have more people. I know it’s kind of scary, as I say that, right? You know, the human race is going against machines now. But then also, if you are just getting started, and you’re trying to figure out how to get more leads, get any leads, get more conversations going. This is it. You don’t need to go spend a ton of money doing Google Pay Per Click, you don’t need to spend a ton of money doing direct mail, you don’t need to be cold calling. Text messaging is no longer a thing at mass scale. This is what you should be doing at little to no marketing budget. But without further ado, I really want to spend the time giving you the tutorial. And there’s no one better than someone who helped me build this for my own business, and really is doing deals with it. Then our guy John Kirk, I’m gonna give it over to you, man, this is the game changer, you and I’ve been excited to present this and train people on why this is so powerful real time today. So I will give you the mic, I will give you the ability to share your screen. You are the man. Let’s let it rip.

John: Thank you. Justin, can you hear me? Okay? (Justin: Yep). Perfect. All right, guys. So I’m just going to start off by talking to you first, and then I’m going to show you exactly what we have going on. So pretty much the way that this works is first by explaining to you what is the lynch pin that created this Rocket lease system, why and how we created it. When I came into this business full time, really to just wholesale, instead of just being a realtor, we had accumulated thousands and thousands of lead detector leads as you’re going to continuously hear me refer to it, which are exclusive to the only real estate website platform called “”. Their real estate websites, lead sites in minutes, you can have a real estate investor website, you can have a realtor website. Now if you already have your own website, we got you covered as well, you can go to “”. And we can literally put our code on your website and immediately you too will start to collect what we refer to as lead detector leads right up until just about seven, eight months ago, the real estate industry has only been dealing with what we call “Form Fill leads”. These are people that fill out a form and say, Hey, Justin, here’s my name, my number, my address and my email, please call me I would like to sell directly to you. Two to 5%, maybe 8%. On a really good converting website, you would see traffic fill out a form. That leaves about 90 to 95% of people that abandon that website that came there intentionally whether they typed in sell my house fast, nationwide home buyers, or they clicked on a pretty Facebook ad, landed on your website, and then abandon your website. So just up until recently, we’ve all been blind to these lead detector leads because they simply did not exist. Before we created it. It was just a form filled leads. So now we have a way to capture really is 30 to 50% capture rate on these Real Estate Leads at a 90 plus percent accuracy. We’re really pacing at 95 to 98% accuracy, right even when like a marketer website, we could put this code on there. But with real estate data, we’re at like a 30 to a 50% capture rate. So that means I send 100 pieces of traffic to my website, only maybe 2 to 5% or 2 or 5 of them fill out a form. I’m going to get you an additional 30 to 50 leads on top of that. These people intentionally came to the website the same way as a form filler did that they just left the website. Now someone argued Jonathan, they’re not interested that’s why they didn’t fill out the form. I beg to differ and we’ve actually proven otherwise, they came to the website the same exact way A, they just didn’t fill out a form just like these habitual form fillers, I call because they’re filling out a form on everybody’s website. So what we realized is that we stumbled upon a goldmine with these lead detector leads, because they are so much more exclusive than these form filler leads, who are filling out their information on everybody’s website, and comparing all the offers and services against each other. What we realized Justin is that these leads, it’s not that they’re not interested, they just didn’t want this phone call come into their phone, because you and I both know, just in the way the internet is today, you fill out a form on there, you give them any bits of information, you’re gonna get blown up via telephone, email, all forms of correspondence that they can get to you within seconds, if not minutes. So what happened is we accumulated all of these lead detector leads. And because you and I have been so conditioned to just focus on the form filled leads, were guilty, we ignored these lead detector leads for about a year in a year and a half, maybe even two years until it got to the point where we had about 3,500 leads, and just sent an ally like, wow, there’s got to be a way to convert all of these leads. So we met with one of our brilliant genius business partners, and we’re like, Dude, there’s got to be a way to convert these leads to throw them into a system where some type of automation and AI goes out to them to elicit the response back. And we all know if we studied neuro linguistic programming, we saw our business partner Chris go up into the right, where he could then picture what that would look like. It was an awkward, uncomfortable pause for about three to five seconds until he was like, I think I can do that. And literally within 48 hours, we had our signal flow mapped out where we had a fully automated, AI powered, inbound seller lead machine that doesn’t exist has never existed before. Because let’s face facts, there’s nothing else like lead detector, there would be no Rocketly without lead detector, because we’d still just be at the mercy of this 2 to 5% form fill. But now we have a way to capture 30 to 50% conversion or all of the traffic that go to this website. Now what happens is with a Minute Pages website, or website that has the lead detector on it, you will then be able to identify and capture anonymous data anonymous traffic that came there for a reason but then left, mainly because they weren’t ready for a phone call, which will give you a new problem, you’ll have a collection of leads. So some people say I need leads, I need leads, guess what we’re going to give you leads, especially if you have a minute pages site or a site that has “Lead Detector” on it, but you’re going to have a new problem. And it’s a good problem to have too many leads right? But with the landlines and mobiles, the emails that we’re going to capture, it becomes too much for a single team or even a group of ISAs to be able to follow up with to effectively convert these leads. It wasn’t until we built Rocketly which I’m going to show you folks where once we identify and capture these leads, they then flow into our Rocketly, where an automatic text, an automatic email powered by AI, high deliverability high response rate, no templates, no spinner words, these are all original messages that go out. If that doesn’t get the response we’ve got ringless voicemail, direct mailer, and Facebook automatically retargeting that will create an omni presence effect around these sellers who are exclusive, not filling out a form on other people’s websites to elicit this inbound response that we’re now mind blown with, where we’re having hundreds of conversations almost every single day with sellers who came to our website, and did not fill out a form. Leads that everybody else will be blind to if you didn’t have this lead detector technology, nor would you be able to convert it if you didn’t have the Rocketly automation powered by the AI. So I just want to preface this before I show it to you that we’ve got identification and capturing of leads by sending traffic to our website, the way that we do that Facebook ads, search engine optimization, pay per click, you name it. And then once they get to that website, whether they fill out the form or not, they will be captured 30 to 50% of them on average at a 90 plus percent accuracy. So now you have a bunch of leads to follow up with no bandwidth to be able to go on the phone, trade your time and hope and pray that you actually get a seller on the phone. And then if you’re lucky enough to do that when and if you get them on the phone, having to validate why it’s worth that sellers time to speak to you in the first place versus the dynamic of having them call you which we all know is so much more powerful. So instead of cold calling them we send those leads into the Rocketly where the texts, email ringless voicemail, direct mailer, Facebook automatic retargeting all goes out systematically to elicit this response inbound from the seller, Justin, which is what we are experiencing today. So before I share my screen, I’m just curious, are there any questions that you have Justin that you think I should address before I show you what I just talked to you about?

Justin? Yeah, I would say I probably have a decent amount of questions. But I think, you know, especially for those that are like me, I think, seeing it is probably a lot easier than just understanding the concept. I understand the concept. I think everyone probably does. But let’s go ahead and show it to them.

Yes, sir. Standby. Alrighty, so let’s just go and take a look at some of our Facebook ads, because with Rocketly Justin, with our one time setup, we will build the Facebook ads for you. Okay, our in house design team is absolutely stellar. We’re going to get people to click, click, click, click, click, and then we’re going to drive them to your website, which is preferably a site that either has Lead Detector on it, or a Minute Pages site that has the lead detector technology built into it. And then they land on your Minute Pages website or your website that has a lead detector technology. Very similar, a lot of sellers will type in keyword terms to solve their home sell problems, and accomplish their home sale goals. And then they will then land on a website to not fill out a form. So Nationwide Homebuyers 90 searches per month, $10 cost per click, people are paying to be here, here’s just one of our here’s one of our a lot of people are paying to be here actually, it looks like we’re ranking organically in the very first spot without having to pay any money to be there. These Minute Pages websites Justin is super fast page load speed time. The problem is is as good as they are converting as beautiful they are aesthetically sellers, statistically 95% of them Justin are going to leave, they are not going to fill out this information. So what Minute Pages does very well is we capture this abandoned traffic. So if you could look at this, at this visual right here, for every 100 pieces of traffic that are coming to your website, most sites without lead detector, they’re only going to get maybe two, three, five leads at best, we will guarantee you 30 leads for every 100 pieces of traffic. Likewise, if you send thousand pieces of traffic to your website, you’re gonna get 300 leads going back to what I told you a good problem to have more leads than no leads, yet it is still a problem, right? So what happens is we take all of these leads, and I’m going to just show it to you. This is one of our this is just like the backend interface of our Minute Pages website. I mean, like these are all lead detector leads. And they just go and go and go and go and go for days. I mean to the point where we’ve got almost 4,000 leads up in here we got two leads today, just running Facebook ads, it’s just $10 per day. But that’s besides the point I’m going to just show you what happens when you skip trace these automatically. You’re going to be left with emails, phones, landlines, mobiles, and 30% of all skip trace phone numbers are landlines. Remember, I say that because I’m going to return back to that. So instead of us manually reaching out to that, or here’s a lead detector dashboard, if I were to put my code on your website, you know, Number Number Number Number email, it’s crazy to think that somebody can actually follow up effectively with all of this data to be able to manually reach out to these emails and numbers. And of course, your property information is coming into there. So instead of you doing that, we’re going to take all of this data, all the names, the numbers, the emails, the property information and all that. And we’re going to flow all of this into the Rocketly, where the automation takes place the text the email powered by the AI, the ringless voicemail if need be, direct mailer if need be, as well as the retargeting. So here we have 36 sellers right now all engaging with us today, most likely, where they’re emailing us back and forth. I mean, these are all as you can see the at sign. These are all folks that are emailing us. So with the 90 plus percent accuracy of our emails, and our ability to target them and send the AI message, here they are engaging with us as clear as day to sell their property. Meanwhile, they were on our website, left the website without filling out any information, which people said, Oh, they’re not interested. But yet here they are interested in selling their property, which we’ve closed several of these transactions, so many case studies that we really can’t even count at this point. And that’s just with email. Now, we still have the text ability right here where we’ve got another, I don’t know, like 40 or 50 sellers right here that we’re engaging with, with our Rocket Bot, which I’ll get into that is qualifying these leads to get a cash offer for us. So as clear as day I mean, that’s almost 80 or 90 sellers that we’re dealing with right now right here, Justin who were all sent to our website with lead detector technology on it, that captured them, sent them an automated text an automated email. And now here they are engaging with us to get their property sold. So let me just be clear, sending traffic to the Minute Pages websites or a site with Lead Detector on it is not the only way to generate this traffic. We can of course, go to the Rocketly and I can upload a targeted list for you right here into your “My Leads” section. Import the contacts, and it’ll start texting, emailing, retargeting, I’m not going to necessarily have you spend money on ringless voicemail, the direct mailer, because we’re mining these lists different quality leads in a sending traffic to a website. When we capture leads off of the website, it’s a much higher intentionality because they either typed in a term to Google to solve their problems, or they clicked an ad, which means they’re a little bit more motivated than a list that you just upload that may or may not respond. So we’re going to hit these people with five pillars of communication, we’re going to hit them with the text, the email, the ringless, voicemail, the direct mailers, which we designed for you, we create for you as well as your Facebook ads and retargeting which we design and we create for you, as well as managing your Facebook campaigns to make sure that they’re hitting for you. So there’s really nothing else like this that we’ve seen, mainly because again, there’s nothing else out there, like lead detector technology, which is the linchpin to really increase your conversions from 2 to 5%, to 30 to 50%, we’re not talking just about a little bit of an increase, we’re talking about a 10x increase. So if you’ve heard us or seen our marketing, how to 10x your leads, we were not lying, this is absolute truth. And I’m proving it right here to you. So here we’ve got our conversations tab, which I showed you, here’s here’s we got our here we got our my Leads tab, which we can go ahead and import contacts have a text email retarget. Here we have our opportunity section, which is where your pipeline will take place. So when a lead first comes in, and then engaged with our marketing, what you see 91 leads are doing right now, they’re gonna go get that they’re gonna get the automation, they’re gonna get converted and qualified by our Rocket Bot. If for some reason they go dark after engaging with us for 48 hours, this system works by itself, the big concern is like Jonathan, I don’t want to run another system. Fortunately, the system runs itself, it’s fully automatic. So once it goes cold after 48 hours of engaging, it automatically slides over into the “Stale Leads” section right here, which is where the ringless voicemail goes out. If you saw all of those phone numbers on that Minute Pages lead or for landlines, so the ringless voicemail will hit the landline, a direct mailer will go to their property which we designed for you based around your marketing or your logo or design or branding. And then the retargeting will start to be elicited for $2.50 a day, you are literally going to be everywhere, until they come back around and start engaging with you again. At the point where we have automation going to the next level that is really where we have our Rocket Bot right here. This Rocket Bot guys will completely qualified your sellers for you. Let me let me repeat myself, this Rocket Bot will fully qualify your sellers for you better than any human ever could via text message or via email or via written correspondence. I myself don’t have the patience to go through a series of questions to check off all of these goals and objectives. I am going to get somebody on the phone immediately after they’re like sure what questions I’m picking up the phone, and you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m probably not going to qualify as good as our Rocket Bot does. Well, fortunately for all of us now, including myself, I got the Rocket Bot that’s going to go through the entire qualification process for me. Yeah, the qualification process. And check off these objectives until we realize that we’ve met them all and they are ready for a cash offer. So the enthusiasm, the passion, the emojis, the exclamation points, just kind of dealing with these sellers at such a high level to compel them to come back. And we extract all this information that they provide to us. We are now able to go click on on our notes section, which is where our Rocket Bot is a better employee than any other human could be. Which is what Justin was talking about. And it’s unfortunate guys, but it’s just the sad truth. You know what I mean? They don’t get sick. You know, they don’t get the press, they’re not in moods, they don’t have their girlfriend doesn’t dump them. AI is on point all day every day. Our Rocket Bot is by far just my best employee. Just don’t even say it even qualifies better than me. And he’s absolutely right. I have no patience. I want to get on the phone. And I want to close right so the Rocket botches makes my job easier where they go through the entire qualification process, and then it says ”John Rocket Bot has met all objectives, they are ready for a cash offer”. So then you will see them notifying you right here in your pipeline section in your opportunities. Whenever they’re ready for an offer, you will see them highlighted right here on pick. Now, of course, we’re not going to ignore the form fills Justin, because these people, they have requested information, they filled out a form on your website, just know speed to lead is absolutely vital when it comes to your form fills, because the chances of them filling out a form on somebody else’s website is very, very high. So you gotta get to these very, very quick, while you really don’t have to do anything with the lead detector leads, but let your automation and your AI take care of it for you. When it comes to our sweet with here with marketing, we’ve got this feature called “Power SMS”. We are one of the only compliant text messaging blasting companies out there that can legally and compliantly send out mass text messages with actually we’re exclusive to the only company that does it powered by AI. There is no templates, there’s no spinner words that your competition is using the same scripts. This is an original script that is doctored up every single time by your AI, you literally just click the “Send” button, you can count to 1, 2, 3, 4,5, you’re ready to send the next one. So you could send one text message every five minutes. If you don’t want to go through that process, we have another email and phone only campaign where you can send one text message out every five minutes automatically. But again, this is the compliant way to do it is to click, click click, and you’re sending out mass text messages powered by AI and original message that gets rewritten every time to ensure that high deliverability. And that high response rate. I’m going to just give you a little teaser here and into the backend under the hood. So you guys can kind of see the inner workings of our engine, and just see what happens within the first 72 hours of us going ahead and reaching out to a seller in comparison to what a human being could do. You could just take one look at this. As soon as my screen populates and be like wow, this is absolutely insane. Never seen anything else like this, because there is nothing else like this, because it’s powered by Lead Detector Technology. And with the automation, the sequences and the AI that we have in it, you can see here it’s very, very unique, where I’m telling my AI, “this is your name ((user.first_name)). Introduce yourself”. Then briefly rewrite the following text using a similar tone to engage a response from a seller of a home you want to purchase. Make sure to rewrite the message. So it’s not the same each time and do not go too far off script return message with proper text paragraph spacing and formatting. This is so you get high deliverability and very high response rates. I’m going to show you guys this in real time right here. This young lady Patricia, she was in France. Her property was in Detroit. I myself am in Baltimore, Maryland. So she was on my Nationwide Homebuyers website. The one that I showed you guys right here. One reason or another. She did not fill out any information. All good guys. We got you covered because the lead detector technology captured her email. And here’s the AI. Hi, this is John is this Patricia? If not my apologies, blame Google. My name is John. I think you own a home at Strasburg street, I was hoping to have a quick chat with you. “Yes, I’m Patricia. I’m the owner of the property and I want to sell it”. Justin we close this one made $20,000 on this one. Then we closed another one right after that. And another one right after that. And literally they started to just fall like dominoes, one after the next to the point where both of our jobs started to hit the floor. We actually did some case studies in our exclusive members only Facebook group, which is where a lot of the value gets shared with Rocketly where you’ll see me in here closing deals, recording conversations. And here’s an example of one of our other ones that actually just came through. Not too long ago that we closed which was in McKeesport, Virginia, or McKeesport, Pennsylvania, another one 30 minutes on the phone got this one close. So these leads are exclusive is what I found out, they’re not talking to multiple people trying to sell their house to them. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be getting these deals this easy. None of our users were this is the lead detector magic that we talk about where as long as you drive traffic to a website, or you’re using a highly targeted AI list through lead machine, which I’ll show you as well. You are going to absolutely destroy your competition. You also have the ability to download the mobile app, you’ve got other resources like REI broadcast where the ringless voicemail will go out. You’ll create an account, we own that as well as well as click Send so you can manage all of the mailers that are going out to folks houses. This is all set up right here internally within our Rocketly as well as the Minute Pages website login, which is also in here as well which you can access. The mobile app is absolute fire on the lead connector app. So you have your business right here on your phone. So if you’re out and about, and you get a Rocket button notification saying, Hey, Justin, so and so is ready for a cash offer, boom, you got your business right here in your hands. Coming back up here to your dashboard, you’ve got some metrics and some analytics, where it’ll show you what’s what, how everything is working. But in a nutshell, this is it, it’s that simple. You literally have your conversations right here, where the inbox is taking place where all the motivated sellers are drawn to, where they get converted automatically. So you could literally just come in here, close the deal, rinse and repeat like drop.

Justin: I know that you’re gonna want to everyone’s gonna want to say, well, how much is it and all that kind of stuff. So rather than make this some sort of hardcore sales pitch, here’s what I told John would be better. Why don’t everyone who is interested in this and having a further conversation of the utility for you, doesn’t matter if you’re inexperienced investor, you’re doing five to 10 deals a month, or you’re just getting started trying to get your first or second or next deal, I would tell you go and schedule a call with John. John, if you can stop sharing your screen for a second, go to and schedule a demo. Right? That way, there will be an application, which is the first thing that we want to know a little bit more about you, John himself will actually be reaching out to you for this demo. You know, there are limited spots, as you can imagine. So the first thing is, if you hit schedule a demo, it’ll actually have you fill out an application. That is more important than doing some some sort of hardcore sales pitches, John really needs to understand where you’re at in your business, what kind of volume we’re doing, or if you are beginning how to properly utilize it properly utilize it. Because you don’t need to have some big marketing budget, you don’t need that kind of stuff. And so it’ll be better to do it that way, than to do some sort of webinar sales pitch right now. And so that’s not the agenda, the agenda is let us find out a little bit more about you go to Schedule a demo is a big red button, it’ll first ask you to fill out an application and then you can schedule a call. And if there’s no time slots available, because people are probably doing this right now, then we’ll make sure to reach out to John or reach out to someone will reach out to you here momentarily. That is probably the best way to do it. So rather than trying to answer everyone’s questions, right now, let’s just go do that fill out the application,, click the red button, John, show him where to find it again, just walk them through it really quick one last time.

John: Yeah, so you guys will just go to right here, you know, click on scheduled demo right here. And then you could just go through this process right here to start.

Justin: And it’s just a simple application that will push you to scheduling a call. So that is the power of what we’ve been able to create. And what I will tell you is right now we are on the beginning curve of automation of AI. This is all new, this is all real time. And if you’re not ahead of the curve, you’re gonna get left behind, right. And so for those that are still going to only rely on everything that used to happen, then everyone that is being progressive and adapting to what the reality is such as me, I’ve done this a very, very long time. I’ve had to adapt, I’ve had to build this out for my own business. It’s really important. It’s really crucial. Again, whether you’re just starting, or you’re someone like myself, that’s been in the game for some time, you need to make sure that you’re ahead of the game, and you’re actually adapting to what’s going on. There is no better time to understand technology, AI automation. We didn’t even get into blog writers on our Minute Pages that basically you can have a new blog put up every day and just the SEO on that blog will have you have leads come to you organically at no dollar amount. We didn’t even talk about that for the sake of this training, because we want to make sure it was condensed and short. But guys, this is you just saw probably, you know, not even all of what this is meant to do. So again, for the sake of tonight, for the sake of the time we’re doing this tutorial, go over the If you’re interested in talking to John further fill out the application and then he’ll or you can schedule a call with them or he’ll reach out and you guys can have that one on one time to further understand how this is gonna benefit your business. So anything else you want to leave them John?

John: Yeah, I mean we just make it so simple to utilize AI and automation. This was just something that intimidated me for years and years while I watched others utilize automation. And it’s done for years. Like that’s the biggest thing is that folks believe that I don’t have the bandwidth to be able to take on another system. This runs itself. If you’re looking for automated leads, motivated seller leads to come to you on command that are exclusive. There is no other place to love. We’ve really got the one stop shop, one system to rule it all for you. And the support team that we have, I believe is probably one of the best in the business when it comes to helping you get integrated, not just giving you a piece of software, hoping and praying the best and wishing you all the best and hope it works out. We’re not going to do that we’re going to ensure that this thing works. Hold your hand through it until you rip the book from us and say Hey, dude, I’ll holler at you when I need your help.

Justin: Love it. Alright guys, why I appreciate it. John, thank you for spending the time I know you got three boys that are probably pulling at you. And for everyone who could be spending time with their kids and their loved ones and family. Thank you for spending time with us here. This is a game changer. This will not be going away. It’s only gonna get bigger and better and deeper in terms of AI and technology. Don’t be afraid of it. Don’t run away from it. Get involved in it right. And so just go to schedule demo, fill out the app. We’ll see you guys later.

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