AI Motivated Seller Lists for Real Estate Investors

AI Motivated Seller Lists for Real Estate Investors

That’s an incredible value just on its own. You know? Thanks for doing that, man. That’s a big help for everyone out here. So yeah, that’s right. Um, I know that our AI score is going to make an impact in your business. I absolutely know that because we’ve been doing it for so long. We’ve seen the results we have hundreds if not thousands of testimonials. This literally changed people’s lives. And we’re looking to do the same with you.

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I will introduce you in a second Don. But we are here to show you guys the best lists how to you know, everyone, everyone is now talking about, like how to find more deals, right? The the market is constricting, there’s not a lot of deal flow, there’s not even a lot of deals on the MLS, where do we target the right sellers. And a lot of people talk about how these markets have too much competition. So what I want to kind of show you is the list that not many people know about, these are my favorite list, the list that we will use the list that, you know whether we’re using our Rocketly system to start email marketing them, or we’re cold calling them or we’re sending them direct mail, these are the lists that will remove a lot of your competition, and specifically are starting to use AI. And I know that’s a trigger word these days, but it is very, very real. And Don is here to talk a lot about the power of AI, what goes into these lists and how we can utilize AI and some automation to start creating real time conversations with these people. And so I brought my guy Don on, because he is one of the guys who has helped me develop Rei lead machine. And he’s been a big impact on me and so many other investors thousands of investors over his years in this industry, and so you’re in the you’re in the presence of greatness with Don Fowler. So I appreciate you showing up tonight, dude.

Don: Thanks for having me. I’m a big fan. I’ve said this a couple of times. But I was listening to you on podcast like, a couple of years before we even knew each other. So so I’ve been a big fan for a long time, dude.

Justin: Dude it’s an honor. I love this guy. Well, thank you very much. So I never you know, I never forget, you know, when you speak kindly and so thank you, it does mean the world to me. But um, did you know we’re here because you and I work a lot about lists, we work a lot about prioritizing lists, AI the power of finding the actual sellers that actually are going to be needing to sell versus just like some random absentee list in some random city. And so I want you to come in as I know, a lot of my tribe has heard me talk plenty about this and give some perspective on these lists, and AI and the power of AI in today’s real estate market and how it’s moving the needle. And I’m gonna hand you over kind of the reins, dude, I know you wanted to show some stuff. And I want the people to see it. Right? And I see Barrett here. You’re on Facebook. Shannon, what is happening? Isaac, what’s good brother. So again, if you’re on Facebook, show some love Say what’s up to Dawn fallow the God and myself. And we always appreciate you guys showing up and showing out here in the Facebook group. So say what’s up right here in the thread? Don, I’m going to kind of be quiet a little bit. We’ll banter back and forth. But I’m gonna give you the reins and let you show everyone what’s up with AI?

Don: Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts. Guys see how Justin can be quiet? No, I really do appreciate it. I’m gonna, I don’t want to bore people with slides. But I just have a couple of slides just to paint the picture of what we’re doing here. So let’s see. You guys see that? Okay. Yep. All right. So before we get started in this, this is going to be a little nerdy, but I want to preface it, and then I’m going to end it the same way. So what AI has done for us, we’ve been doing AI for almost five years. We’re coming up on five years right now, actually. So AI might be kind of the new buzzword with chat GPT and all of the learning language models out there. We’re doing something totally different. So that’s not what we’re doing. I want to make sure that super clear. What we do is what’s called a genetic algorithm. And basically what we do, and it’s a little analogy, so we’re putting in over a half a trillion data points right now we started out with 186 billion. And as time goes on, and as more we’re buying more and more really consumer rich data. And so all this data is just kind of piling up right now. And the data is what drives the engine. So we have you know, this is just a little bit of a segment of the type of data we have. Our brains can’t put those massive correlations together. But the computer can, okay, so the computer does the heavy heavy lifting for us. So what I like I’ll give you an analogy. And this is just to put your kind of thinking caps on and to understand why this is so different than a normal list. We have per property per homeowner there’s about 20,000 data points that matter. Okay, so Imagine that 20,000 different things in that individuals life, what that individual purchases, how many people live in that household, all of the property attributes, all of those things, it’s about 20,000 meaningful data points. And imagine you’re a cook in the kitchen. And you’re you’re trying to make the very best omelet possible. And you have 20,000 ingredients to choose from. And you can go in and pick out a hundred ingredients and bring them back and make an omelet. And you know, maybe it tastes like crap. And then you go get a different a hundred ingredients and make another omelet. Well, our omelet has been our cooks in the kitchen, I’ve run over a trillion recipes, right, a trillion different recipes that they’ve tried to go and make this perfect omelet. And we’re doing the same thing with offices. So what we do is we look at all of the past data, so we bought data. So all the data that we own, we don’t not only buy it today, today’s snapshot right now. But all of that data since 1980, that we’ve combined all of this information, and with the with the omelet maker will do is they’ll go to that, they’ll go look at a house that maybe sold five years ago, and then resold for a profit inside of 12 or 18 months. Okay, so, so that was a some type of flip, whether it was a fixing flip, or wholesale deal or something. And we saw that that house sold under market value, and then resold at retail value. So there’s a nice spread in there. And so we’ll go, the computer will go back and look from 1980 on and see all those Series of Unfortunate Events in that person’s life that led up to that distressed home sale. Okay, so so there’s that there’s some ingredients, a big string of ingredients that led up to that home sale. And so we’ll do that for that particular house. But then for every other distressed home sale that’s ever happened since 1980. And those ingredients start to have similarities, that you know, you need eggs, you need some mushrooms, you need some cheese, you need some, some, some ham, whatever it is. So you need all those, those ingredients. And those ingredients start to start to look similar. And there’s similar situations whether, you know, an income producer moved out of the house and into a nursing home, maybe their mother in law lived with them. And she was providing a really nice income for that family. And she had to move out. And then we see six months later that house sells at a discount. So things like that is what the computers looking at, and, and formulating over many, many cycles. And so we’ve done this, you know, like I said, a trillion times, but we’ve done it seven times now. So we’ve done this, this remodeling, seven different times it. So, we take the first model that we had, that was really, really good. When we first came up with our model, it was we were at a 3x over the average. So who thinks that’s amazing? I did. And I do. So 3x over the average. So that means that if you skip trace a hundred people, and you call all the 100, typically one person is going to sell their house at a discount. Okay, on average, and ours, it was three people were going to sell the house and we’re like holy moly, like we’ve we’ve got something really amazing. And over time, it’s just gotten better and better. So let me show you how it works. And this is this is where. So, I’m not a marketer, number one, I’m a nerd. So that’s, that’s the first thing. So you’re not gonna get a real college sales pitch here. But what we do is, is this is real data. So the cool thing is when we score properties, and we score every property from 1 to 1000, the higher the number, the higher the propensity that that house is going to sell in the next 90 to 180 days. Okay, so when we score our properties, we can we can sit on that score, wait over time, wait three to six months. And then we say Okay, now let’s see, actually, how did our scores do? Did those houses actually sell did they sit on the market? Did they not go on the market? Are they homeowners still living there and you know all those things we can look at that raw data and and this is what we’ve done. So this is a snapshot. We we scored basically a hundred million homes so let’s keep the numbers really easy this 945,000 But but let’s keep the numbers easy. So I’m sorry, we 944,000 sold, we scored a little over 100 million homes. So if you take rough numbers, it’s 1%. Okay, so one out of 100, just the exact analogy I just gave you. Sold, okay? When we look at our model, this red vertical line right here that represents 1%, it technically represents .94%. But let’s call it 1% for today. When our scores are 900 to 1,000, they’re over 16%. Okay, so what that means is that you have a 16.3 times lift on the on the, on the, the likelihood that that house is gonna sell. So now fast forward five years, and we were at a 3x. Now we’re at a 16x. So what does that mean to you, that means less marketing money, less time. When you’re making cold calls, let’s say you have to make a 16th. Or let me do the math real quick. So if you make 100 calls to do one deal, and you make 100 calls to do 16 deals, that’s a huge, huge, huge benefit. Right? That’s, that just saves everything, money and time. Our two most precious resources.

Justin: Guys this is someone I’ve been doing this business for 16 years now. And actually, as a point of reference, it’s always interesting to me. Who here this is the first time you’ve ever been on one of my trainings you have ever been. You’ve never seen me speak on stage, you’ve never listened. My podcast, this is your first introduction to Justin Colby, I would love for you to make a note in the comment section below. I’m always curious on new people in my world. So if this is the first time we’d love to hear from you say what’s up, say first time or something like that. But I say this, because I’ve done a lot of business, and I’m actively buying anywhere from two to five homes a week, I’m wholesaling another five to 15 a month, I’m really in this business. And what I’ll tell you what he just said, is really powerful. Because while everyone in this space is always worrying or concentrated or frustrated about I need more leads, I need more leads, I need more leads. But they have terrible conversion ratio. Meaning they’re converting one out of every hundred leads. Well, part of that you could just be a terrible salesperson. So there’s that right? You’re really bad at sales negotiating. But the other part is what Don’s referencing, who are you talking to? Are you talking to a viable lead that needs our service? That needs our value? That appreciates speed? That appreciates simplicity? that appreciates, you know, convenience of no true financial appraisal, you know, we don’t have to go through this big inspection. Are you talking to those people that can make a decision today and want to make a decision today. And I have coached thousands and thousands and thousands of people in my almost 10 year career of being a coach and a mentor, that the science of flipping and I’ll tell you, all the time newbies come into my world, they say okay, marketing, marketing, marketing, leads, leads, leads. And you’re right, you’re 100%. Right. But the next layer of that, to get to the next level of what you want to be doing, you need to be thinking about what type of leads Am I talking to? And that’s why this training tonight going into 2024 is so valuable for you is because this is about what type of leads are you talking to? If you’re going to spend time and money, working the leads, whether you yourself are calling door knocking sending direct mail, maybe you have a cold calling company, maybe you’re using Rocketly and the email service, whatever it is, are you talking to the right people? And that’s how you need to be thinking going into 2024. And that’s the value here of what Don is bringing up is if your conversion was one out of whatever reference he gave a hundred and it turns in a one out of every 16. I mean, all of a sudden now you just do the math, how many? How many conversations are how quickly can I get to 16 conversations. And then it’s just a function of like, I need to hit 16 as fast as possible, because I know every 16 I’m getting a deal. So go ahead, Don, I just want people’s mindset to be right.

Don: It’s actually better than that. It’s 16 out of every 100 calls are going to should should be a deal. On average. That’s a national average. But But yeah, this model, like I said just continues to get better. better and better and better. We score this every single month, too. So every month, you get a new score. A new, fresh, fresh, fresh data every single month. So, Justin, I’d like to show a quick demo if that’s okay with you.

Justin: Yeah, dude, I think that’d be really helpful. Would you guys like let me know if you’d love a quick demo? Heath what is happening new to this? Abby, what is up first time I love it. Welcome. Hopefully this is some good stuff for you guys. Barbara, what is happening? Tia newbie whats up? Alright, well, good. Well, there’s always a couple new fresh faces. So I like to shout them out when we can. But go ahead Don.

Don: Is this zoom thing? Can you see my big zoom window?

Justin? I can’t see your zoom window. I can see lead machine.

Don: Yeah, I’ve got it stuck here. Okay, there we go. Got it. All right. So when you’re in lead machine, all you have to do is type an area. So I’m in Broward County.

Justin: So first let’s reference where they where you’re at REI lead I’ll put it in the comments. But Rei, lead is what he is showing you guys right now.

Don: Yeah, and I’ll go to that page too. I’ve got it pulled up right here. But I want to show you that the demo and and all the other stuff that’s in here. So you know, some people, a lot of companies actually will sell you an AI list. And they’re doing AI a lot differently than us. And it’s also much, much more expensive. I will put our AI up against any other AIs, we actually have hedge funds now that had their own modeling. And they’re looking at us to be a customer of ours, we have really, really figured this model out. And it’s something really, really unique that we’re doing. So. So on the AI. So let’s just stay focused on that for a second. We score every single property three different ways. So one is retail. So this is the likelihood that the house is going to sell in the next 90 days, but it’s probably going to be listed by an agent. Okay, so we see a lot of, if you see later in the month, you’ll see a lot of our retail scores are listed. Right. And at the beginning of the month, they weren’t not listed. If they’re listed, we’ve dropped them straight to zero. So listed properties go straight to a zero. Now, but at the beginning of the month, you know, there might be a nine 980 score. And then a couple of weeks later, sure enough, they’re they’re listed.

Justin: Now I’m gonna pause for a second Don, for all my experienced investors. Here’s a little golden nugget. So I want you to really listen up here because it’s more an advanced strategy, that retail score. Those are perfect novations. Okay, now that’s a big word. It’s a key word. How many I am also curious? How many of you out there are actively already doing deals like? I would love to know if anyone on here right now live has done over 10 deals this year? If you have let me know in the comments below. But that retail score while a lot of people care more about the wholesale deal, and how do I get my first deal, that retail score could be a very easy novation. Okay. We’re not here to teach novations I just wanted to pause because as someone like myself that has done so many deals on so many innovations, when I see that I say I need to talk to that seller, because all my competition is gonna go try to make them a cash offer 80% ARV minus rehab minus wholesale fee, I can come right in and offer novation numbers and get the deal. So Tim Mitchell, I’m doing ovations. I’ve done eight this year, Tim, that retail score list, and he’ll keep going, I don’t mean Don to totally stop you. But keep watching because that retail score if you’re already doing these brother, this, this could be huge for you. And this really removes a lot of your competition, because first you’re using a system with AI that not many people have access to right? Very, very, very few definitely nowhere near the percentages of like prop streams, absentee homeowner list that’s everywhere, right? But then also because you have this skill set to do innovation, I’m telling you smoke your competition Tim. So sorry, Don keep going.

Don: No worries. Second score we do is a rental score either currently a rental property or the house is sitting in a neighborhood where all their neighbors are renters are all rentals. So this is a great scoring system if you’re looking for that buy and hold property. And then excuse me, the final one is our wholesale score. And that’s what most people are going to be interested in on this call. And that’s where it’s a distressed home seller, and there’s some issues happening with them. So what I can do is anything north of 500 has a positive correlation meaning that if it’s 500 or greater, there’s a greater likelihood it’s going to sell than not. But what I can do is, since I have the whole county, I can just type in 800, and up, and boom, there’s 9,728 results. Now, maybe that’s too big for me. And so I could go to 900. And up and look at this number is 7,916. So I can just continue to go up up if my Buy Box is wide open. Okay, so if you have a wide open Buy Box, you don’t care what it is you just looking for a smoking deal, then this is what I recommend. And you can go, you know, you can go all the way nine ad, let’s see if we can break it and there’s 254 properties. So, this would be the cream off the top, these are highly, highly motivated. Home owners right now. So what I can do, I’m going to drop this back down to 800. So I have a little bit bigger area, or more properties, then I could work on my Buy Box, maybe I only want three bedrooms and up, okay, and it’s going to automatically bring those results down. So now I’m only looking at three bedrooms, I can look at square footage, lot size, property value, then I can also click this more tab. And this is a wealth, a wealth of information, especially for you experienced investors out there, because I think your eyes went straight to this third one is mortgage rate types brand new. So let me start at the top year built. So if you don’t want anything really old or really new, you can tighten that up, loan to value. And if you’re not sure what this is, you can just hover over there. And we’ll tell you exactly what that is. So the lower the percentage, the higher the equity. Okay, so if you’re looking for a house with a lot of equity, or maybe a house that has no equity, just depending on the strategy that you’re you’re utilizing this mortgage rate types is so, so cool. So we’re actually able to see all of the houses, think about this, all 50 states, you’re able to see everyone’s exact mortgage rate type, you’re able to see their current interest rate that they’re locked into and you can see their loan maturity date. A big strategy that a lot of people are doing, they’re looking at loan maturity dates that are coming due in the next 369 months, because those people are going to have to refinance, especially if they’re absentee owners, there may be running a thin margin, and now they’re going to refinance at a much higher rate, they’re very, very likely to want to sell that house. So, I highly recommend really leveraging that mortgage information that we have now. You can also do last sale price, rental estimate, last sale date, last notice date, so we actually get the notice of defaults in here. So as soon as they get a notice of default, they’re going to show up on our list. Auction date, you can look what’s coming to auction, and then what just happened. So you can see, you know, I want to see in the next three months, or maybe I want to see in the last three months. So you can see those auction properties. You can sort by owner name, any keywords on the property, any features. And then if it’s an in state out of state absentee owner, or if it’s owner occupied or original owner. So a lot of filtering, you can do just right there in that one more tab. Okay. The other thing we have is all of these, we call them smart filters. But like what Justin said, the other company, their be as an absentee owner list, well, that’s just this one little click here. So you if you wanted to do something interesting, you could, you could click the absentee owner, and then you know, apply some of these more filters over here. We also have all the active listing properties. So, watch what I do this when I hit active listing 24 properties, and then I can look at days on market right here. Okay, so I could say I just want to see the properties that have been on the market for 90 plus days. And there’s a so there’s, there’s a way to look at all the active listings on here to cash buyers. If you’re looking to try to sell that property on the back end, here’s your list of cash buyers. Delinquent tax activity, so if they’re behind on their taxes, it’s a great flag for distressed situation. Now remember, all of this stuff is on top of our AI. We’re taking all of this data plus a ton more data that we’re not allowed to expose because of privacy reasons. So we have all of this data is building that AI score but we’re also give you the filters so that if you’re really looking to hone in on something you could do that we have free and clear high equity low equity upside down. Now I do want to make this clear right now and then we’re going come back to this in a minute. But everything from active investor own down is a separately type, it’s on the second plan. So everything that I showed you so far is on the cheapest plan is 39 bucks a month, just to give you a heads up. So very, very inexpensive. So, and that’s not including the AI, but all this other data nationwide, all of these filters is more tab, and then all of these other filters, plus some other things you’re going to see is 39 bucks a month. So it’s insanely inexpensive. And then so some of these other properties are other filters down here actively active investor owned. So if you want to see what your competition is doing, or if you’re want to network with other investors in your area, that’s the way to do it. Board investor, these are landlords who have owned their properties for I believe it’s eight years or more, eight or 10 years. So we just say a long period of time, but I’m pretty sure it’s ten  more I think about it. Flip properties, if you’re looking to see, you know, maybe you’re not sure what area you want to invest in, or what part of town and you want to see where the flippers are really, really active, then you can look at our our flipped properties and see where those properties are being flipped up. Foreclosures, that’s also on the More tab, but we have a filter here for you, long term owner, so they’ve owned it for more than 20 years, potentially inherited. This is basically a probate list. So we can’t call it probates because we’re doing some really interesting things with the data. And we’re basically providing a really curated probate list for you without calling it a probate list. Pre foreclosures, just what it says we’ve got all that built in vacancy, we get a daily feed from the United States Postal Service every morning. And what we’ll do is all the data that you see when I click on a vacant property, this was vacant today. So I know for a fact that this this house right here is vacant right now today. So it’s it’s an accurate up to date, record. And then zombie properties. This is just the combination of vacancy and foreclosures. So those are all the Smart Filters. And then you can also type in maybe I’m just interested in talking to individuals or to other investors, you can click those tabs. And then we have all the different property types, including land and mobile homes. That’s a huge question I get all the time. Hey, do you have mobile homes? Yes, it’s all built in here. So just and I’ll pause right there. Any, any questions or feedback yet?

Justin: So the first thing I want to move into, in I don’t know where you’re gonna go. So I don’t want to take your thunder. But this is about how do you find the list that has less competition that has the highest motivation now, I’m telling you out of the gate, we heavily utilize me and my company heavily utilized heavily the AI lists. And again, it’s as simple as seeing that AI score. And so we do this on a really big level, because my company is national. And so we’re doing it on a big level in Oklahoma and Florida and North Carolina, South Carolina, etc. Alabama is heavy. So that is the obvious number one that you cannot get everywhere. But the other component I wanted to highlight, and I think you’re going there and just look at the first property. Do you see those little bubbles? Well, if you prioritize those little bubbles, and let’s just say you prioritize financial pain. So you go into the lists drop down menu and you go to vacancy, maybe you go to upside down, maybe you go to pre foreclosure and you tag all of those lists. And the properties that come up that have multiple of those features, delinquent tax activity, board investor absentee owner, like you throw, you know, high wholesale record on their, on the AI, we’re talking about a list that is refined that has multiple checkmarks in terms of flags that have motivation. I mean, these are the people that I personally would pick up my cell phone and call, right? Because there’s three or four or five or six. I’ve seen up to seven bubbles on there that will say this person should sell tomorrow, like tomorrow. Right? And it’s because of how you utilize this and how you refine your list there are companies out there that will charge you for lists just like this. They’ll charge you $15,000 For this list of, you know, 2000 people or 20,000 people, but you could do it right here, right? I wanted you guys to realize the key to what we’re going to be training about is the AI, which is, you know, half a trillion data points that this technology is running through to find out why people are selling? What are their criteria? But then also as simple as understanding their absentee, they’re upside down, they’re delinquent on taxes, and he’s vacant, that’s four data points, that puts this person in a lot of financial trouble. And there’s 1500 of them. That 1500 small person list, that can be a direct mail list, right? That’s gonna cost you 700 bucks and 750, something like that. Like, you send mail to those people, you door knock those people, they have actual pain, that if you touch them at the right at the right time, call them, email them, door, knock them, they’re gonna have a conversation, you still got to negotiate and sell them. So I don’t want to take your thunder, you might even go in there. But like, the simplicity of understanding multiple filters of motivation, and targeting these lists going into 2024, like Don just did, like, I want those 239 people, that’s who I want to talk to, I don’t care about the 23,000. I’m wasting my energy time effort. I want to get targeted on who I’m talking to remember what Don said yet, earlier, in this presentation, what I was echoing is talking to the actual right people not just talking to people, right? I don’t want to just talk to people because you own a home, I want to talk to the right people. And that’s what we’re showing you tonight. So go ahead, take it back over.

Don: Yeah, no problem. So just to recap on what I was doing, if you weren’t following, I picked absentee owners, delinquent tax activity, vacancy with an AI score of 600 or more. And it took that list of 680,000 properties down to 239. So there’s a lot of things I can do with this, I can sort on all of these different.

Justin: But then you can sort by AI dude, now go over there, go sort by AI north as you know, 900

Don: Yup that’s what I did. I did 600 And up. And then what I did was I sorted it from highest to lowest.

Justin: Right and I was calling just as a point of reference on I would call I personally if you guys are solopreneurs. And most people here are sounds like maybe Tim, you might have a machine running. But I would guess most people on Facebook watching this most people in the zoom, I would get your solopreneurs I would pick up my damn cell phone, I would skip trace, I’m right here in the software. And I would call them, right. That’s the level of like, these people have motivation, again, doesn’t guarantee anything, because they might be stubborn. You know, my team tells me all the time, I can’t believe it another story, this guy is willing to just let his home go to foreclosure than to sell it to us at that price. I hear all the time, people are stubborn. But when it gets real like the day or two before that foreclosure auction, then they’ll start turning their tune. So anyways, go ahead brother, I just, you know?

Don: No worries. So, one thing I do want to point out and this is a new feature is you can get deal with Word. So this search that we just did it, we can save the search. And we can call this Broward super motivated, right. And when we save it, then we’re going to automatically get an email alert, anytime any new property matches those exact filters I just put in. So the system will keep an eye out for you the whole time. So you create your own filter, your own Buy Box, your own kind of super list, if you will, and then any properties that come up, we’re going to automatically send them to you. But what I’m going to do is take this 239 results. And by the way, when you do get a county, we’re going to give you a quickstart call. So we’re going to walk through this with you one on one, okay. So um, that in your mind leads drawer here, there’s a few things you can do, you can download this data, and you can see all the data that we provide. We give you a huge spreadsheet when you download this out of our platform. So we let you take the data, you get 25,000 exports a month on one plan, I think 40,000 on another and 60,000 on the highest. But 25,000 is plenty of leads. That’s per month. Keep in mind, so there’s plenty of data there. The other thing we can do is export it as a Facebook custom audience. This is also something really, really interesting we do. With the data that we have, we match about 75% of the homes that we have will match up the owner’s personal Facebook profile. So when you do that, you can create a custom audience and say, this is an absentee owner list. So you could say, very tired of being a landlord. On the local homebuyer, you could serve up a very, very, very inexpensive add to them. We had one of our users do it, it was like 17 cents a lead, it was absolutely insane. So this is a really inexpensive way to target these people on this list. And then they’re calling you now. So it’s almost like a direct mail engagement, because they’re there, they’re talking, they want to talk to you, they’re reaching out to you, that changes that conversation drop dramatically. We highly recommend the skip trace plus, so it’s 15 cents a record, but we provide you a bunch of their phone numbers. But the best phone number, the one number that you should call we also give you their email addresses a lot of information about them if they’ve been divorced, or bankruptcy or a few other things I can’t remember off the top of my head. But it’s all these life events that have happened, as well as all their relatives, their relatives, phone numbers, and their relatives, email addresses their IP address of their home, like some really, really intrusive data. And that’s 15 cents a record. And then we also have direct mail. So direct mail is coming back in a really big way right now. So, our direct mail, I think it’s the cheapest and low volumes, we run at 49 cents I don’t want well here I’ll tell you real quick, I think I can do you can do one to five pieces. I think I have to fill this stuff out real quick. See to let me see if I can see what else I need here. That’s it. Okay, so on the absentee owner, we have all the postcards built out. But you could see, I could send one postcard for 49 cents. And we have all of these different types of postcards. And we have letters built in here, letters are 89 cents, so very, very inexpensive. There’s one more thing I want to show you before I move out of here. A couple of things. One is if you’re really interested in a very specific area, you can draw these polygon tools and then just pull the properties out just that that match in that polygon tool that I just drew there. We also have parcel data.

Justin: And by the way, I just want to Keith, I think he just had that question. So Keith, if you can reply with that answered your question, because I think that’s what you’re talking about is like almost geofencing a very specific area and save that search. Can you save that search? If you wanted to? Like he’s talking about? Right? It’ll be a safe search. And you can call it Melrose Park, if you just outlined that whole thing. And that’s what I was gonna answer that and you did it timely done.

Don: Yep. That was that was good of me. Yeah, we have all these really nice imaging that you can see, you know, see the what their loan to value is in the neighborhood. We have a companion mobile app that comes with this. So, as you’re driving around, you could see their score, all of the property information. So let me click in on one of these, and you could see all the data that we give you. So we give you the all the all the normal information, we show you the retail price, the rental price, what it should be, and then the wholesale price, what you should be looking to buy that property for the owner information, how long they’ve owned it for all the property details, I won’t go into these individually, their equity position, the valuation, which we talked about all the construction and materials, they’re open loans, the transaction history, and then the pre foreclosure information if there is any. We show the parcel ID. And then the really cool thing is, since we’re integrated into the MLS, we have a really, really powerful comp engine tool that you can really do a lot of heavy research and come up with a really nice comp for this property. So this is a comp next to it, you can search on it, you can click on it here, it’ll open a new tab, and you can see about this property and you know, go through all that information for each property if you want, you can change all of these filters and the more section they have year built, number of stories, rental estimate and then features if the pool or the house that you’re trying to buy has a pool and maybe you only want to see properties with the pool. So so that’s how that works. And when you select these properties give me a thumbs up, if you get a thumbs down, it just disappears. And I’ll select four of them, and then hit download report. And that report is going to automatically come to me here and one second it come in. There it is. Check this out. Justin, you may not have seen this yet. This is brand new.

Justin: Yeah, I was paying attention.

Don: Yeah, we show all the information on the subject property, then all the averages that we just did by selecting those green thumbs up, and then all the properties that we selected on for the comps. So it shows a really nice report, this is something that you would give to the homeowner and this would justify your, your offer. So that comes completely included as well.

Justin: That’s awesome. And no, you don’t have to be a realtor to access your MLS data.

Don: Nope, nope, it’s all here. So you can fire your realtor if you want. So So Justin, I think I’ll pause right there. Do you want to talk about the different options and plans?

Justin: Yeah, I think that’s probably a good segue. You know, listen, I try to keep everything around 45 minutes. So I think this is, was this a pretty good training for everybody. I mean, this is powerful. I mean, if you want to win in 2024, it’s going to be an incredible year. You need to be targeting the right people. It’s not just about how many people you can talk to its target the right people. We have transitioned heavily into email marketing, email marketing works incredibly well. And I used to be the first person standing on stage talking to thousand investors, saying email marketing doesn’t work. And my team finally was able to change my tune. And now we’re looking at as many email conversations real time through automation and AI as we are with any other direct seller marketing, meaning whether it’s cold calling, or door knocking or bandit signs, we’re doing more via email than ever before. So list like this, that is very specific that is high AI for a wholesaler, or maybe you’re going to do novations like Tim, and then you can start the conversation in a way that no one else is. I mean, guys, this is how you win in 2024.

Don: That’s great. All right. So we have three plans. And honestly, I don’t even want you to look at the elite plan right now. That’s something that you can grow into later. Even if you’re a huge investor right now, you could still grow into this with lead machine. So I think that this is, these first two plans cover 98% of what you need right now. (Justin: agree a 100%) Yep. So so the differences in the plans, there’s really, besides the downloads. I mean, are you gonna really download more than 20,000 records a month? I would say no. So the only difference in the two plans besides the price ones 39 a month and ones 99 a month? Is these extra lead types right here. And I’ll tell you what’s driving the price, just to be very transparent, is the vacancy data. Vacancy data is very expensive. But that’s what’s driving that cost to go way up. So if you don’t need vacancy data, right, now, let’s say you haven’t done a deal yet. And you’re trying to get that first deal. So sorry to do this to you, Justin. But I’d say don’t buy, save your money. They could say don’t buy this one, you know, take do the $39 a month, and you’re not, you’re gonna miss out on vacancy data. But that’s really it. Go ahead, Justin

Justin: No, you’re right. I mean, listen, you know, I’m always about trying to help people save money, but use the tools that can help you make money, right. And so if you haven’t done deal yet, and you just want to start going getting some of these AI filters in some of these other filters that you can say, as long as there’s three or four of them in a row plus AI, I’m going to target that list. So all you really need honestly, it really is all you need. The AI itself is really what this is about. I mean, it is something that you’re just not going to get many places, if any. And so you know being targeted, and Keith is asking, is it software nationwide, the software is nationwide. In terms of AI, what Don’s about to show you, you can get it in the county form or statewide. So in the sense of like, if you wanted this whole state of Florida like me, then you can do that. If you want a county that you’re focusing on, you could do that as well.

Don: Here’s the cool thing about the county is you can switch your county once a month. Okay, so if you’re like we’re, we’re Justin and I are at, we’ve got Miami Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, and Monroe, or counties that we that you know, you invest in, and I like to invest in all four. So what I can do is run a campaign and Broward one month and switch it to Miami the second month, switch to the Palm Beach the third month, so. So I highly recommend, you know, if you’re on a budget does that this county AI, it’s a one time price of 999. It’s not an annual type thing. So you’re gonna pay that literally one time. And that’s, that’s a lifetime type price, the only thing that you have to worry about monthly is this $39 A month. So it’s a heck of an investment in yourself for $1,000, one time to get updated AI scores for as long as you want to pay 39 bucks a month. So we really put our best foot forward here, if you’re interested in the state, the state I believe is two grand, so it’s an extra. That’s another thing too, I mean, Justin, we’ve really priced this the right way. So it’s an extra $1,000 to get the entire state. So if you don’t want to mess around with, you know, going from campaign to campaign to campaign every month, and just want to do the state, that’s an option as well. If you do the county or the state, my team is going to get on the phone with you and basically do what I just did. But with you one on one, and then we’re going to help you kick off your direct mail campaign, your skip trace campaign, or you know, whatever you you want to get accomplished. We’re going to do that for you with you on the phone and make sure that you have an actionable items coming out of that call.

Justin: Yeah, a couple of quick things. Remember what Don said, if you want to do county, you can go from one county to another every month. The thing about that will be you know, the more consistent you are in your marketing, the more efficient you will be. So if you just jump around all the time, the consistency won’t be there. But if you wanted to, you can. Okay. What if you do national marketing? Don, I don’t know if we have a solution for that as a moment in time.

Don: We have a price, the price is $8,000. So that’s for the entire nation. Again, it’s a one time investment, and then you pay the 39 bucks a month.

Yeah, and I would tell anyone here, you need to be a serious investor, if you’re gonna drop the eight grand Scott, that, you know, if you’re like, dude, I’m all in on this AI I’m in like I am, right. So I do this nationally, I’ve done this 16 years, I’m at that level. I just don’t impress upon that for everybody. The link is in the chat guys to get Rei Lead Machine. But I’ll also tell you, you know, being able to focus on hire motivated people is going to be everything. And Don as I’m sitting here, and I’m realizing how many more of the newbies we have here. I’m going to make this a no-brainer offer for many of you. If you move forward with either the county or the state, either one of those options, but you have to get them. I’ll actually add on 30 days into my science flipping community, where we do anywhere from five to 10 different coaching calls each and every week. And I will personally help you navigate your marketing, what to say, how to develop it what’s going on, we will do five than I think we have at max, we have like nine coaching calls a week. So I will also give 30 days as a just a no brainer. Like let me help you go win going into 2024 for no other costs, you know. (Don: That’s incredible). And yes, getting being a member of my community, there is an investment. And I’m just going to give that to you. Just because I believe in this data I use the data is the data I know that works. And as I told everyone, I want everyone to know what the best data is. So you actually can also come in and be a part of the Science Flipping Community and be coached by myself in my general manager in my head of sales and my chief marketing officer and, you know, some leaders in the space that are crushing it right now. I’ll offer that as a bonus for those that take advantage of the county and or the state. If you just decide to do one of the options of the lists, right the 39 or the 99. That’s the only thing you’re new. I love it. And I think you should be doing it right. Unfortunately I’m not going to give you the same bonus out of respect to those that do move forward with the county and the state. And so, again, the link is in the chat. For those of you that know that this is the right thing, and you’re a serious investor, by the way, anyone watching this right now, that’s a serious investors active. This is a must, right? Because people like myself are your competition. And I’m using it. Right. So I’m just going to continue to smoke you, if you’re just going after absentee homeowners. I have friends that run cold callers, and they tell their clients all the time, download an absentee homeowner list and give it to us to call. They literally just say that to all their clients. Well, if you’re one of those clients, and I’m running an AI, listen, I’m calling really targeted AI, homeowners that have like 17, you know, points of meeting to sell right this second and have a 17 or 16x times better chance of getting that person than you do 16 times, right. So just understand what we’re talking about. And that’s why this training is going to be so powerful for you guys. And I’m both so far into that what it has done for me, I’m going to give you 30 days in my community, just to help just to advise so you guys can ask me questions, we can calm properties together, we can underwrite them together, I can help you script the conversation, I can help you to create it, find it, whatever, whatever you guys need for that month. Right? There’s five to nine calls. That’s why I want to offer it dude. So I just wanted to make this just like such a frickin no brainer.

Don: Yeah. That’s an incredible value just on its own. You know? Yeah. Thanks for doing that, man. That’s, that’s, that’s a that’s a big help for everyone out here. So yeah, that’s right. Um, I know that our AI score is going to make an impact in your business. I absolutely know that because we’ve been doing it for so long. We’ve seen the results we have hundreds if not thousands of testimonials. This literally changed people’s lives. And we’re looking to do the same with you. So yeah, I appreciate the time dude.

Justin: Yeah, dude, thank you so much. And just to answer Josie, Josie, you have to have one of the two plans the the $39 a month or the $99 a month you have to have one of those to qualify to get in get the county or get the state, right. So the county and state is a one time charge. The monthly is the 39 or 99 every month so you have to have one of those and then you go and purchase the AI list county or state. I appreciate you coming dude, I want to try to let everyone go again. forward slash pricing Rei lead forward slash pricing ( . You’ve been awesome, dude. Thank you for showing off the power of this. It’s incredible for me and my business. And I know it will be for a lot of the people on here. Appreciate you, bro.

Don: Thank you. Appreciate it. Good night everyone.

Justin: Good night everybody bye.

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