How To Build A Rental Portfolio Through Wholesaling

How To Build A Rental Portfolio Through Wholesaling

I’m actively buying rentals through my wholesaling business. And because of that, I’ve been able to start to buy rentals a lot faster and better quality rentals that people are having a hard time trying to find. So here’s what the idea that I wanted to pose to you guys.

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 Typically my coaching on how I’m doing this, how I run this business lasts anywhere from three months to six months. So here it is, because of the passion I have behind what I do and knowing I can get people to not just get their first check, but to consistently get checks every single week. And then to start to build wealth like I’m doing. I’m going to offer my coaching for an entire year, at the very same price. Not only am I going to offer my coaching for an entire year, which again, is usually three months or six months, I’m actually also going to throw in my quarterly wealth accelerators, which is a mastermind I’m also going to throw in Friday power days that you can come spend a power day with me once every quarter, for the whole Friday. All of these things are thrown into this same price that I would typically ask of someone who’s investing in a three month or a six month coaching program. I’m actively buying rentals, I’m actively building wealth, and I’m wholesaling nationally. And that’s a model that most people want to do. And most people can’t find the deals well I am finding the deals. So here’s my Black Friday everybody, I hope you have an incredible Friday. If you’re interested in this, it is real coaching with me this is not a product it’s not just training videos. This is coaching with me each and every week multiple times a week plus my power Fridays that you can come to Miami or Phoenix with plus the wealth accelerators that happen every single quarter all of that for the same price that would normally be for three or six month coaching. If you want this if you’re interested in this, I mean really interested don’t waste my time because all you have to do is send me a direct message send me a direct message let me know you’re interested in coaching and I personally will jump on the phone with you personally to see if I’m the right fit for you and you’re the right fit for me. I don’t do this for everyone. I won’t accept everyone I promise you. But if you’re ready to take your game to the next level if you’re ready to build wealth through wholesaling, then I know I can help you in fatica Lee I know and I’m giving an entire year never done this before. I don’t have a product to sell you this is coaching this is my time. So hopefully you’ve seen the value in this hopefully I get a bunch of direct messages and if not, that’s okay too, because I only want to be talking to the right people that really believe this that understand wholesaling can open up all the doors you’ve ever want financially in in building wealth.

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