Why You Should Wholesale Nationally

Should You Wholesale Nationally Or Just Locally?

What I actually want to talk about is the opportunity of getting a lot of questions right now about why I decided to go national with my wholesaling business. And because you know, I used to be the guy that always tell you, you need to build a business in your own backyard, you’re gonna know it the best, you have the relationship there, etc, etc. Now, while none of that has changed, ish, my belief is you can actually have more opportunity across the nation than just in your own backyard, you’re actually limiting yourself now.

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How does that affect you and your business? Well, first of all, if you’re listening to this awesome would love a five star review. And if you’re not yet over subscribed to my YouTube channel, you need to do that because this is a video as well. Just go to youtube.com forward slash Justin Colby, subscribe to my channel, throw me some comments, throw me some loves, and make sure to turn on notifications. So you know when I drop my videos on YouTube. All right. So what does this all mean? In terms of more opportunity for you? For me? Well, I decided to make this change because I really wanted to go heavily into buying rentals. Now for those that are familiar with the Phoenix real estate market. It’s not exactly the best place to buy rentals right now. Can you still make it work? Absolutely. I do have friends and colleagues that are still buying rentals they’re in, that’s fine. But based around whether maybe I’m spoiled or just knowing what else is out there in, let’s just say middle America, and states like Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Alabama. Those are much better states to be buying rentals. And so for me, it was about the opportunity that I can get as a wholesaler. One thing you need to understand. Wholesaling is the business model, how you acquire the property is just an acquisition. So like creative financing sub two, that’s just a strategy for acquisition, and then how you exit the property is going to dictate how you acquire the property. Follow me. So if I can create more opportunities that I could potentially leverage into buying and holding, while simultaneously wholesaling more properties, then it’s a win win all the way around. If you are considering going national, if you are thinking, Man, my markets too tough, then I would tell you, the answer is going to be to open yourself up to more national markets. Now I’m strategically doing it with cold calling and pay per click advertising through Google. I have a great cold calling company that I use. They’re out of Mexico actually. So they’re bilingual. They’re phenomenal. If you want to, if you want for me to connect you, I guess is the best way to say that. I’m happy to. Again, if you’re listening to this on iTunes, just go to my Instagram, the Justin Colby, subscribe or follow me there and just shoot me a DM hey, I’m interested in talking to your cold calling company. Now they’re a real cold calling company. It’s not a VA, you need to be serious, right? Like they do you know, 2,3,4 or 5,6,7,8-10,000 calls a day. Right? So this is a real company that you’re going to need to have a marketing budget for. But if you’re serious and you’re looking for a cold calling company, they’re phenomenal. I also in house run our PPC that is in house my manager Anthony runs my PPC if you want to know how we’re doing that, well, that’s actually only for my students. We teach them and train them on how we do that.

But if you’re interested in being a student, let me know go over to my channel. to Graham and just say I’m interested in you coaching me, Justin, we’ll take it from there. But those two models can go really wide right, I’m looking at going into December going to 25,000 calls a day. And then obviously PPC, you can go national. And so what that gives me is the opportunity to fulfill what I’m trying to which is wholesaling my way to wealth, meaning I genuinely love wholesaling, it is like an ATM, it can make you a ton of cash. But the biggest mistake in my business or my business career, or I should say in my, my entrepreneurship journey was I didn’t say start buying rentals early enough, right? I just started this year, which is crazy. I know I get it. I’ve done this for 14 years. I just started buying rentals this year. So you don’t have to yell at me I knows is a big mistake. But what that affords me is the ability to wholesale and take that cash and start buying rentals. Now. You don’t need to use your own cash. Another reason why I like wholesaling. I don’t need a lot of cash to wholesale, but I can make a lot. And then I actually bring in a private cash partner, who brings into cash on my rentals. Now he’s a real partner. There’s no debt servicing, I’m not paying him interest, he actually gets a percentage ownership of the LLC. And it’s phenomenal. But again, I’ve gotten a lot of questions on why he decided to go national. And this is the reason first of all, Phoenix is a tough market, I make the argument every day that I think it’s the toughest market in the nation, doesn’t mean there’s no opportunity there. It doesn’t mean I would tell you not to invest there, it just means it’s a tough market and you got to fight every single day. I also tell you, there’s no easy market, right? There’s no market that’s just like a lay down easy, simple deals, everything runs smoothly market that doesn’t exist either. But I can tell you the amount of deals that I’m doing national whether it be in Kansas, Jersey, Oregon, obviously Oklahoma, Alabama, Florida, I’m doing deals in all these states, it gives me the opportunity to analyze them for my own portfolio. Because that’s all ultimately my end game. I don’t need to buy five a month, although my goal is to try to get two to four a month, I just it’s tough to find that many.

You know, this is a long play. So if I can analyze, like we’re getting a deal locked up, or maybe even got locked up yesterday in Gainesville, Florida, I’m analyzing it first to make sure I would want to buy it or not buy it to keep in my portfolio. At that point, I then wholesale it out. That’s the beautiful business model. That’s where you guys all should be, essentially, in my opinion, you know, you’ve been taught wrong if they’re telling you to stick to your own backyard. And the reason why I’m saying that is because I used to be that guy, I used to be the Guru, the Guru or the coach that would tell people starching your own backyard. Well, nowadays I’ve learned right you got to always be adapting, you got to recognize the things that are changing and you got to adapt with them. And one of those things for you wholesalers and investors and flippers and you know, landlords start looking outside your backyard, I promise there is more opportunity out there, then that is what is in your backyard. And so again, if you need any of those resources, just easiest way to connect with me is on social media, the Justin Colby is my instagram handle. Just go over there, the Justin Colby and send me a message. Again, if you’re if you have a marketing budget and want to do cold calling, I’ll give you my resources in the company that I use. If you’re interested in coaching, just let me know. But PPC has been a game changer for us Google PPC. And I’m only going to teach those that are my actual students on how to do that. But ultimately, this has worked out really, really well for me, I know it’ll work out really, really well for you. Hopefully this has helped you again, if you have not yet gone to YouTube and subscribe, go do that. And make sure you turn on notifications, as well as give me a five star review right over there on iTunes. And I’ll see you on the next podcast. Peace

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