Propstream 101 – How to best use Propstream

Propstream 101 – How to best use Propstream for Real Estate Investing

Today is going to be all about some secrets about prop stream. I know you guys have heard about prop stream. I’m hoping you have prop stream because it is the only actual service technology that I require people to have so they can be successful. So go to  they will give you a list of 10,000 person download for free they will give you a free week for free if you use the promo code,TSOF, you can get a free list and a free week and use promo code TSOF and this training is going to be about the secrets that most people don’t know how to leverage within prop stream. So this is going to be super important. A quite literally is the only product slash service slash whatever you want to call it, that I require people to have because it’s something I use Use probably close to 100 times a day every single day in my business, because we’re doing in comping properties all over the country, doesn’t matter the market, I use it for virtual virtually driving for dollars, it is the best system. So again go there immediately right now as I’m wasting time, put in promo code PSLF to get your free download at worst, you get 10,000 people download for free, at best that changes the game for you and utilize it.

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 So Burton, I’m going to kind of give the mic over to you, my friend for everyone jumping on, give me your name, give me your market, give me your experience, put it in the comments below. I want Burton as an executive over at prop stream to start sharing some of the deep dark secrets that us expert investors know that we’ve been using for a long time. So I asked him to do my dirty work, come on, you can share your screen right brother, I sure can. So let me get my screen over to you guys. So hang on just a second. As you’re wasting time, if you just want to introduce yourself a little bit, but absolutely. So for those that don’t know, my name is Burton, I’ve been with proctoring for nearly a decade now. I’m one of the directors there today, just consider me your tour guide and show you kind of what prop stream specializes in. Um, let’s actually start there. So like what prop stream has been doing for 15 plus years now is essentially solving two fundamentals of the industry. The first thing that you got to solve is lead generation, whether you’re a banker or an agent, you wholesale, you fix and flip, you got to find those motivated sellers. And then you also then have to analyze that property because once a motivated seller calls you back, just like Justin mentioned, you’re going to need to know everything about the property details, the financial details of that homeowner, and you’re going to need to know how to run you’re going to need to run comps on that property, so you can offer them the right price. So we do both of that. generate leads, analyze the property and run comp on it, run comps on it. So that’s what props Jim has done. Again, I’m here today to just show you guys some really cool stuff, we’re kind of clear the fog up a little bit when it comes to prop stream. So thanks for having me. So what I have right now in front of the screen is prop stream. And we’re a nationwide data provider. And so before I go deep diving into it, let me show you another quick outline here. This is exactly what our system can do. So let me just present my screen here for you guys. There we go. So again, lead generation analyzing a property so we can help you build a list, we can help you skip trace. And we can help you market to that list. And that’s all part of our lead generation. And then we can help you again, analyze a property, property details, financial information, run comps on that property using public records or MLS records nationwide. Today, I’m here to kind of enlighten you with building a list, I can bore you to death Trust me, I can have you here for four hours. But I want to really talk about the the meat of our system. And that’s how to build a list. And then I’m going to talk about list Automator an enhancement to how people are building their leads and a feature that’s going to help you save time and money. So let’s get started here. So in order to build a list with prop stream, you just need to pull up a market. You can search a county, a city or zip code. So Justin izar. I saw some comments in there. Do you want to choose a city that someone mentioned? Yeah, absolutely. Um, let’s go in here, Johnny said the website is not working.  then use promo code TSOF. We have we have a newbie in Virginia, which is a state. Um, we have St. Louis.

St. Louis. Okay, let’s look that up. So St. Louis, here we go. Perfect. So pulling up a city and the moment you pull up a city, the first thing we’re gonna give you are all of our records in that market. So right now, I’m like a child in a candy store, I have over 300,000 Records I can source through. Now. I can go through them manually. It’s 50 per page. And as you can see, I’m on page one of 7599. But here’s the best practice. After you pull up your market, I advise you to go into our filter, which is just to the right of the search bar. And from here, there’s really two ways that you can build a list. And I’d like to share with you what those two ways are. So the first way is what I call the traditional method of searching. And the way that that goes is like this. So the traditional method is, and you guys are probably familiar with this, you’re probably doing it as we speak. But you go into a market, in this case, St. Louis, and you’re gonna pick a list, you got to make sure it’s off market, otherwise, you’re gonna have to buy through an agent, right? So most of us are going to want off market, probably going to need equity, unless you’re doing a short sale or something creative. But if you’re wholesaling or fixing and flipping, probably gonna want equity on that. And then your property and owner characteristics, maybe you want a two bedroom property, maybe you want something built before 2000, or after 2000. Maybe you want individually owned, maybe you want LLC owned maybe one out of state, maybe you want local, maybe you want five years or 10 years. So this is the traditional method. And what we’re doing is just mimicking what investors were doing before prop stream, grab a list, make sure it’s off market has equity, and it’s in the right category of properties that can work with. So let’s do that really quick in St. Louis. Once you pull up your market, go into our filter. And we have 19 categories for you to choose from. And let me zoom in just a little bit. So we can see the results here a little too much. So the 19 categories begin with on market, we have bank owned properties with pre foreclosures and liens. We have free and clear tax delinquencies. We have tired landlords and our very new list, which is called pre probate. You’re probably wondering what the heck is pre probate, I’ve heard of probate. But what is pre probate. So this is not probate. This is not showing you records of properties that are in probate what this is just going to show you our properties where someone’s passed away, and their name is still attached to the title. Whether the the property is going through probate or not, we don’t know because we don’t collect that information yet. But right now we are able to show you like this property off Melissa Joe lane, that a homeowner, or someone on title. In this case, the second homeowner, unfortunately is no longer with us. So it’s not showing you a property that’s going through, it’s just showing you someone again who’s passed away, and their name is on title. Now, just like any other list, obviously, every list is sensitive. So tread lightly here. But when you pick a list, that’s the first step of the traditional search. Now I need to make sure it’s off market and I can do that in the MLS status area of our additional filters. So here on the left hand side, you have over 100 plus filters to play with. But the most important one right now this is the second rule I would recommend is just make sure that the property is off market. So MLS status on market, no. And you’re able to do this because we’ve connected our pre probate data with our MLS data. As a matter of fact, every list is connected with every other lists, right. So that’s what makes props from unique is that every data set communicates with one another. So for today, I’d like that pre probate property that’s off market. And that must have the equity that I need. So that can be found in our valuation and equity section right over here. And when one can put a minimum equity or a maximum, so if you’re looking for negative equity, you can put perhaps zero in Max, and we’ll show you all the ones that have negative equity if there are any with negative equity. And you can see we have a few here. If you need positive equity, you can put maybe a 30% minimum, if you’re looking to wholesale these properties. So feel free to put a maximum a minimum or put zero for max to see negative equity. And finally, after you’re done with your equity, the property owner preferences that you’d like so that concludes the four rules that you need to apply to do the traditional type of search, right so pre probate, off market a 30% of equity as for my property and owner characteristics, property characteristics are located here. By selecting that you can choose residential commercial. So for today let’s do residential and as for property type, there’s a lot of different residential properties. So I’d like to choose maybe a single family or a duplex or mobile home perhaps if you want that.

Beds bathroom so if you just need let’s say a two to four bedroom feel free maybe you want something built before 2000. So actually, if you’re a fixin flipper, right probably look into it. Find something that has aged a little bit numbers of stories whether it’s in an HOA or even stay away from the HOA. So I know fix and flippers. Some of us don’t like the HOA, right? So we can now build a list and stay away from Hoa environments. And that’s our property characteristics. The last stop is your owner preferences or characteristics. So here at the top, do you want the owner occupying the property or not occupying the property? That’s an absentee owner, by the way? Do you want them answering their mail, again, someone’s passed away in this example. But there could still be someone still answering the mail, maybe a daughter or a son, maybe a spouse, or perhaps you’re looking for the ones that are no longer answering their mail. And you might need to do more research with this one. But this is something that you can do. So for this one, let’s do the owner occupied ones that are still answering their mail, maybe there’s a spouse still living there that we can talk to about selling that property. And then ownership info. Now before that, we can apply pre foreclosure records to our search, we can apply lien bankruptcy records to our search, even mortgage information, consider this someone’s passed away. And what if there’s still an open mortgage on that property, maybe that open mortgage might be a little too much for the surviving spouse or children to take care of. So again, we have a lot of data. As long as you’re following these rules, you’re not going to go anywhere wrong, it’s just a matter of what are your preferences, and you get to create your own story along the way. Now, for owner preferences, I’d like perhaps a house that’s been owned for maybe five years or more, and the owner likes to speak to is an individual. And now, instead of 300,000 Records, I get to 120 Records. And the last thing I can do is check off the properties that I want individually, or all of them through unique properties. And so by selecting that, I’ll be able to select all the unique properties, and then hit Add to lists. So by hitting add to list, this will deduct from your 10,000 Records. And so with Justin’s link, guys, it’s a seven day trial, you’ll get 50 leads during the trial. And then once you subscribe 10,000 Records every month, so take full advantage of it. And again, as long as you’re building the leads the list correctly, you shouldn’t be exceeding 10,000. Unless you just save the whole area, I wouldn’t recommend that at all. But in this case, we can now call it our St. Louis, pre probate with the mortgage.

And that’s again, a unique part about prop stream is in the past. Imagine walking to the county and saying hey, I’d like to find all the deceased homeowners that are off market that have equity that also have a mortgage still on their property, and then wait for them to get back to you. That’s not going to happen. The only reason it happened that’s happening today is because of 15 years of collecting data, we’ve connected the data that didn’t connect before. So now I don’t need to speak to a realtor not that you shouldn’t speak to one, I mean, you should definitely partner up with them. But I don’t necessarily need to bug one anymore to see what’s on or off market. Right as for mortgage information that’s hard to get personally. And so you have a company like prop stream to get that data for you to know which property owners are probably facing the burden of an open mortgage after someone’s passed away. So this right here is just an example of a traditional search. And it didn’t have to be pre probate, it could have been a whole different category. So now that you know how to do the traditional search, let me show you another way to build a list. And that’s called the four golden rules. So something that I figured out along the way, and I kind of came up with this because I kept hearing people say, I’m not getting a list fast enough, or my market is oversaturated with a lot of investors and that could happen, right? Maybe the county shut down and you’re not getting those pre foreclosure records as as you were before every week, right? Maybe it’s every three weeks now, right? Or, again, maybe you’re like in Phoenix, Arizona, where there’s so many investors that you have to now kind of get a little creative. And that’s where the four golden rules comes into play. So here’s how it goes. Pretty much we’re stealing rules number two, three and four from the traditional search and prioritizing that that’s the first thing we’re going to do. So with the four golden rules, we’re going to make sure it’s off market. We’re going to make sure it has that equity you need and then the property and owner characteristics that you want. So today, I’m going to go into St. Louis again. And instead of picking a list right off the bat, what I’m going to do is I’m going to go ahead and do those first rules, I’m going to make sure it’s off market. So let’s just start with off market. First, let’s start with properties that have maybe 35% and equity today. And then let’s add the property and owner preferences that I like. So go back to residential, single family, maybe it’s today, two to four, built before 19, or 1942 1970, perhaps.

And then your owner preferences. So I’d like non owner occupied properties, right, or maybe occupied properties that are occupied with the homeowner. So if you want to knock on a door, they’re going to be there. And then your owner information. So today, I’d like to look for property owners that have owned the property for 20 years. And they’re an individual. So nothing here screams motivation yet. Right? All we’re looking for right now is we’ve built essentially a category of properties. Right now there’s 5700 of that, right? What these 5700 represent are off market with the right amount of equity and property type that we need and the type of owners we’d like to talk to. Right, nothing screaming motivation yet. That’s where the fourth rule comes into play. The fourth rule is the homeowners situation. And you see, this is much different than the traditional search. Because back in the day, investors had to choose a list, there’s no going around that you couldn’t go around not getting an equity list, you couldn’t go around not getting a vacant list, you had to get a list, and then work off that list. That’s why it’s called the traditional search today, because data is connected in all sorts of different ways with prop stream. I don’t need to create a list anymore, or choose a list, I can just add a bunch of different filters, put a bunch of different buttons to create my own motivation. Like for example, instead of choosing a list, these are already off market with equity and own for 20 years. How about we find the ones with maybe two mortgages in two mortgage payments after 20 years of ownership? What are you doing? Right, let’s talk. Maybe you’re at the brink of missing a payment and going into pre foreclosure? I don’t know. But let me talk to you and see what’s going on. Again, they’re not as motivated as someone in a pre foreclosure scenario. But that’s why pre foreclosures are so competitive is because everybody’s going after the pre foreclosure lists. And if you only have 5000, pre foreclosures versus 20,000 investors, well, yeah, that’s why there’s competition. But this right here, is what people are missing out on because everyone’s waiting for lists. And so when you’re not choosing lists, it’s so it’s so foreign. It’s so new, right? Like it’s it almost makes you antsy, because you’re like, Okay, but what list are you going to go after? I’m not going after lists anymore? I’m going after a situation and that situation is individuals with two mortgage payments, right? Or maybe instead of two, how about three mortgage payments, right? Make it even worse? Like, why do you have three mortgage payments, right, you miss one of those, you may end up going into default, or you might have to file for bankruptcy. So here are 29 individuals that are off market, they have the right amount of equity you need, right, they’re owned by a person for 20 years, single family. But the situation is three mortgages, we either can wait for them to show up on a pre foreclosure one let one day and then compete with everybody. Or we can start building relationships now call and just say Hi, I’m interested in buying and just seeing if you would be interested in selling. And maybe they tell you about their mortgage situation, maybe they don’t but check in with them every so often. So this right here can only be done because of all the data sets coming together. So this is the four golden rules. Here’s just one example. 29 properties we can call this the St. Louis, three mortgage lists, right?

Once you understand that sky becomes the limit, I really does I I’ve seen people use property characteristics. So instead of, you know three mortgages, I’ve seen people do a three bedroom, one bathroom scenario, you know, Time after time agents get someone that knocks at their office and says, Hey, I need to upgrade my house. Okay, why don’t we just find them ahead of time? Why don’t we look for the three bedrooms, one bathroom properties, right? that had been owned for 20 years, you’ve been sharing one bathroom for 20 years. Yeah, maybe it’s time to upgrade. Or maybe you don’t want the house anymore. So let me buy your three bedroom, one bathroom property, so that when we fix and flip it, we can put a two bathroom in there, right or a second bathroom in there, pretty much increase our ROI. So rather than finding a pre foreclosure that just so happens to be a three bedroom, one bathroom property, and then being able to put a second bathroom later on. Why don’t we just go find the three bedroom one bathroom properties right now? Why wait for them to be on a list? Here’s what happens when you wait for them to show up on a lien lists, the 1035 properties? Yeah, they go down to how many 36 of them. So out of those 1035 properties, only 36 of them didn’t make a payment. Does that mean the other 1000 properties don’t want to talk to you? That’s for you to find out. So this is called the four golden rules, okay. Very powerful way of approaching generating leads, I highly encourage you to encompass both, I mean, you’re probably doing traditional search. So start applying the four golden rules. Once you get familiar with that, you can smash them together. Here’s an example right here for you. So I’m going to look instead of for a three bedroom, one bathroom property. How about this one right here, I’m going to look for a senior owner, right? 25 years of ownership reverse mortgage, just to give you guys an idea of what this filter means. But the senior owners living in the house, they’re occupying it. But here’s the partial motivation factor right here. numbers of stories, two story building that you’re in. That’s walking up and walking down on a day to day basis. I’m 35 with the backpack, trust me, I’m not buying a second storey building. But there are some people that are in one and then over time, they physically can’t get up to the second storey anymore, right. So right now I’m finding not just senior owners, but senior owners that are in a two storey building, here are my 30 307 results, check those off. And we can call those the St. Louis to a senior owners or s o to story and hit safe. That’s building a list with props rain. So we wanted to highlight that. I know as you know, inventory is dumb. So I’m hearing people saying, oh, inventory is scarce. And that’s why people are paying overpriced. Well, if you’re just building a list, yeah, it could be scared, but trust me there, there’s problems every single day a, some of them just don’t fall on a list that you can just pick from some of them, you’re going to have to just like I did create a situation that may show up on your list eventually. But hopefully you can get to them before that happens.

Now I like to show you something that we created. It took two years of development, but it’s called list Automator. So here’s the thing, we just built three lists, right? What’s the next step, we’re gonna probably skip trace that list, and then market to that list over a course of three to four or five months, right? So I showed you a few moments ago, you know what that lead generation looks like. So we just built that list three of them. Now we can get phone numbers and emails. And then we can send postcards, voicemails, and emails, I mean, this part right here, the marketing, anywhere from a month to six months has got to do more than one set of marketing, right? So that part right here, no one really talks about this, but this part is expensive. That thing right there could break the bank, if you’re not marketing correctly to the right leads, you’re gonna get in trouble, right. And so not only do you have to kind of balance the marketing part, right, not send up elements to properties that no longer to meet need to be marketed to. But you’re in constant of building new records, because the moment you stop building a list and start focusing on marketing, new records are coming in, right? So you have to like have pretty much two heads and forearms, right? You have to constantly build leads, and then constantly market to the leads that you’re building, and then you can’t sleep in between. That’s why we created list Automator. So list Automator enhances part one. Here’s what it does. It takes your search and your filters and puts it into complete automation. Essentially, we put it in an area within your my property. So my properties is where we store your marketing lists. It’s right over here. Here’s our three lists. But if you have list Automator there’s a new area of called automated lists. And I want you to think of this as the VIP section right? You go to a club, you get the general admission great, figure it out, right? But if you get the V Tip section, bottle service, they’re going to treat you like royalty, they’re going to take care of you. That’s what list Automator is going to do, it’s going to allow me to grab a list that I built like my pre probate with the mortgage, and hit this blue button here at the top. Now this button only appears if you have list Automator. So if you don’t see it right down, you probably don’t have it. But when you do have list Automator, and you click on this button, there are two things we’d like to add, we’d like to do for you. The first thing is, when new properties show up with this same criteria, St. Louis pre probate mortgage, what do you want us to do with them, we can either add them to this list that you just built, or maybe add it to another list for you, or notify you and separate these new records for you. So this right here is amazing because I never have to search my filters. Again, you see this long filter that we built earlier, once I automate my lists, that’s what this first part is, hey, when you properties and match that filter, just add it to this list or another list or put it in a separate box. For me, I prefer this route. A lot of people like to add it to their list automatically. I’m a guy that likes to separate things, and then move things around myself. So this is my preferred option. And I would say this is actually our more popular option across the board and get a load of this, not only can we separate these two records, or add them to the same list for you, we can even send you an email notification when that’s happening either immediately, daily or weekly. So think about this, I can take these three lists with three different filters and automate every single one of them. And then I can just sit back, or go to sleep. And tomorrow, if any new records fit those three criterias, I’m going to know by an email just like that, and those records will be separated or add or automatically added to that list for me, right? So I never have to search again. That saves me time. Again, the constant having to build that list because new records are coming in. We got that for you. Right. But the marketing part, okay, so great. You’re telling me about the new records.

But how does that save me with the marketing part, the bottom half, when properties change from your criteria, so we have 220 properties that we just save right now with a specific price criteria that we want, right off market equity, pre probate with a mortgage. But what happens when it sells what happens when it goes on market? What happens if they’ve removed the person’s name off the title that passed away? Well, it’s no longer in your filter, right? Well, that’s what this option does for you. When properties change from your criteria. So if any properties you saved, no longer meet your criteria, because again, they sold or they’re on market or whatever the reason is that it no longer fits your criteria, we can either remove it from the list automatically, or move it to another list for you. So we can maybe do a follow up in the next 30 days or something, or separate the records that don’t meet your criteria, or highlight them I should say, and then you can delete them or leave them in your lists. This is list Automator. So for the first time ever, I don’t have to constantly log in every single week and build a list. Because now I can build a list once the St. Louis pre probate lists, hit the automate List button. And when new records come in, get not only them separated, but get an immediate notification. And if tomorrow I log in and three of these properties go on market, then I’m gonna be able to see them in a separate area and do whatever I want to do with them myself. And I can also get an email notification. And when you hit the Save button, your marketing lists, the velvet rope opens up. And we’re gonna let them right through into the automated list area. So come right on in. You’re now VIP. So your St. Louis lists is now in the VIP section. And again, what is this section doing? Every day, we’re just refreshing your lists against your filters. So if new records have come in the next day with your filters, you’re going to know if properties in your list no longer meet your filters. You’re going to know it kind of goes like this right? Once you automate your list you’re probably going to log off and go on vacation or go eat lunch or whatever it may be right a week, two weeks have gone by. Then you’re going to be like Alright, well you got to do marketing again. Got to find the new records again. Well, if you have list Automator when you log in, you no longer have to build that list. ever again, what you do is go straight into your my properties, and click on your VIP list. Again, you must have list Automator for this starts at $27. And we do give you a two week trial period. But once you log in, let’s say a week later, you just go into my properties. And you click on any of your automated lists. And this is what would happen. If I click on my Vegas list of 114 properties. It tells me how many new properties meet my criteria today. So yeah, you had 114 when you last logged off, but today, there’s 36, new records that meet your criteria. And so I can check off these new records and add them to this list or another list. So not only is it automatically telling you the 36 properties that meet this specific criteria, saving me my time right here. But it’s also going to tell me about the 92 in my list that no longer meet my criteria, either because it’s sold, or I’m sorry, on market, or just sold, or maybe it’s vacant, and you don’t want that. And so every list that’s being automated, you’re going to see either the add or remove or things automatically being adjusted for you. Right. So that’s list Automator. And here’s the cherry on top.
We added one extra feature to list Automator. That just, I mean, if list Automator already blew your mind, get a load of this, when you’re in the my properties area, and you have list Automator you get this button here called import lists. And it allows you to import an outside list into prop stream. So if you wanted to, you can bring in a fizbo list from a different website or a list of people that didn’t pay their bond perhaps or had their bond paid, or people that just don’t like pets, you can import them into prop stream using this feature, and get all of our data on top of that list. Right. So if you let’s say you pull the list from somewhere else, and you didn’t know if those properties were on market, you don’t even know if those properties have equity, we have that data, take that list and bring it in and we’re going to give you that information. So this right here guys is pretty much the end of today’s demonstration, I just really want to highlight how to generate leads with prop stream, it’s become one of the hottest topics right now, I keep hearing people say we’re running out of leads, or there’s not enough inventory. There are tons of inventory because there are tons of homeowners out there that are facing situations that you guys can solve. So if you kind of just take a step back a little bit and not just you know, aim for a list, I mean you should be doing that. Not telling you not to do that. But kind of broaden your horizon a little bit right after you go after the list. You know what filters can I use, you know, with other other filters to create maybe a situation that could appear on a bankruptcy list, right? etc etc. So, Justin, thank you so much man for giving me your platform and showing people how to build a traditional list pre probate with the mortgage. And the other stuff. The three mortgages the two story senior owner list that three bedroom one bathroom lists, and the Automator feature man, those the Automator is a game changer especially for those that are you know, constantly pulling list actively heavily marketing, that will be a game changer uploading your own list in there and it automatically filtering out the filters you want to add to your current list. I mean for someone like myself, that is a game changer because I do so much marketing, right? I’ll pull 100,000 people a month to market to and so we have a couple questions. If you do have questions I’d like you to ask them. So I invite you to ask them, just put them in the comment, what your questions might be. And remember to type your name first, because sometimes it doesn’t show up your name. But this is the time for Burton to help you guys. If you guys don’t have prop stream, you see the value in it already. Make sure you get it and make sure you get at least a 10,000 person download for free go to TSF data com you’ll get a free week plus a 10,000 person list for absolutely free. So Linda says can you cross reference leads to insurance now on to this.

Absolutely, um, that’s called list stacking. So here’s how you do it, you’re first going to obviously have the properties on a marketing list. So let me show you what it would look like in our end. So when you have the prop stream pulled up and you have your properties on your screen here. So in order to find properties that are in more than one list, here’s how I do it. I click on all save properties here at the very top and then I Scroll to the very far right. So you can use your mouse or there’s a scroll bar down here at the bottom, scroll to the very right, Linda, and look for this column right here. So let me zoom in a little bit, so you can see what I’m showing you. The column is called marketing lists, right? It’s pretty self explanatory here. But now people don’t even catch it. So here’s what you do. If you see a number one, what that is showing you is that this property is only in one list. So what I do is if I want to see a property that’s in two lists, or three lists, either to get rid of the duplicates, or to find maybe extremely motivated homeowners, I mean, if you have more than one list, something might be up, right. So here’s what I do, I go to all say properties, and it’s in normal default order, but I click on it twice, right. So if you click on it once, its lowest number to the highest number, but what I do is I click on it twice. So it’s highest number two, lowest number. Now, Linda, you can do this with any lists, I just like doing it with all my safe properties, right? Like, I’m going to do it from one list to the next might as well just do it across the board. So might take a minute, in my case, there’s 20,000 Records here. But in a few moments, it’s going to start giving me the numbers, it’s going to say four or three or two. Here you go. Oh, so here are properties that are in two lists. And here’s an example we just built three St. Louis lists, right, three different categories. And there’s a number two to a St. Louis, say I don’t search St. Louis. So I’m pretty sure this is probably what we just search. So duplicates don’t count against you this property, although it’s in two lists, it only counted against me once. But it isn’t two lists. And so in order to identify it, I use the marketing list column. And then we even tell you what two lists that they’re in. Now, here’s another trick, let’s say, you feel like, I want to separate all the properties into lists, then go to this blank box here, and just punch the number two, or the number three, or the number four. And whatever number you punch, that’s what we’re going to isolate only, now that you have them, you can check them all off, and then hit actions and either delete them because you don’t want these or maybe create a new marketing list called the extremely motivated sellers, right, or the two lists, homeowners, but whatever you’d like to call it. And Linda, I hope that answered your question how to identify duplicates. It’s in the mind properties. And it’s the marketing list column header right over here. So I hope that answers your question. Great question, by the way. Yeah. And Alicia says sorry, came late. How do we use list Automator? to your advantage to better manually manual better to do manual it automatic? Well, she she’s saying how do I use it to her advantage. And I mean, Alicia, I would probably just say like, go back and quickly watch the last 10 minutes because it’s very obvious. Your issue as you’re a student of mine, I know what your issue is, which is organization, it does what you’ve been asking about, which is, as new leads come in, it will either populate your existing list or you could actually manually put it in a new file folder. I would encourage you to go manually put it in a new folder. So you know the list.

Absolutely. And that’s right here. What Justin’s referring to all these lists and automating, you know, Hey, you got you’re already working on 717 properties right now. So these nine new records, I can click on them, highlight them and create a new marketing with maybe call it the same thing Oklahoma failed listings, maybe call it Oklahoma failed listings. Part Two, right? So great way again, of organizing your your leads, but ultimately saving time so that you don’t have to constantly go into the search and remember your filters. And then not only remember your filters, but differentiate what was there already versus what’s without wasn’t there already, right? This right here the list Automator does that for you so that those new nine properties can be separated, then skip traced and then market to separately because again, these are new records. Maybe you’ve already done three or four postcards, the first list. So these guys need to be treated differently as it’s a new cycle with these nine properties. Yep, yep, yep, yep. Folders are awesome. Yeah. A lot of people don’t know we have that folders are right here the plus sign actually these three symbols Not people know we have them. The magnifying glass lets you search by a marketing list name a search date. So essentially when you actually put it in the system and the next button allows you to organize it by name date created or the last time you modify the list, but my personal favorite is the plus side as again, you might have team members or you might be in multiple markets. Here you can create a blank marketing lists. This is important because for example, if I wanted to create an Oklahoma new records lists, you can create a blank list and the reason I think that’s really cool is that blank list can be used for list Automator you see I have a blank list here I can click on my failed listings Part Two and say hey automate this list and put all the new records in my Oklahoma new records blank list I just created right so you can funnel list Automator to put it into a new list for you again, really cool feature but also in the plus sign folders a lot people don’t even know we have this but you can create an Oklahoma folder or whatever folder and start separating your leads into different folders. I’ve seen people with 1000s of lists and I’m seeing them scroll down for days I say hey Haven’t you used the folder before and when I show them that they’re just wow I didn’t even know you can do that because once you do that you can click on a list actions add it to a folder either create a new folder right then in there or add it to one that you already have. And again start having different zip code folders different city folders however you want to break down your list so thank you for bringing that up please sure not again not too many people know about that so I’m happy you caught on to that really quick she’s a very bright lady she’s one of my top students just collecting checks left and right it’s been fantastic you can tell she’s she’s very keen on detail and that’s going to use our Yeah, she is too far. She’s also asking when you delete properties, why did they not take the contact out so that’s being developed but think of it as like a carbon copy, they’re technically two different systems. So every time you save a property, a parent file goes to my properties and then a carbon copy goes into the contacts area right so this whole area is in a different part of our server This is in a different part and so they don’t communicate right now we’re in the middle of a huge development phase right now where that’s going to completely change I can’t give up the goose eggs right now but it won’t be that way so right now the way it works as you call it on is if I delete a my properties, property or lists the contact information is still here and the reason that is the case is again you might have skipped trace that address essentially paid for it so we don’t want to delete it right it’s gonna stay in there with that contact information or you might have manually edited that contact information because you spoke to a neighbor or relative and so we don’t want you to punish yourself by deleting a marketing list and then deleting the contacts it is slightly sloppy but it’s gonna get better very soon so look out for that awesome alright anyone else have last second question we’ll take one more if you got it

Alright guys, if you don’t have prop stream this is the only thing I’ve for sure and adamant about you need prop stream End of story to get to where you want to go to use promo code TSOF to get the discount for a week 10,000 free downloads Burton you’ve been amazing bro I love bringing you on from time to time showing people the tricks so thank you dude. Absolutely thanks for having me We’ll be back I mean we could talk about the mobile app if you guys need me to so just like just to know what you guys like me to share, and I’ll be back for that topic. So yeah, alright guys code TSOF. And if enough people have it, I will bring Burton back. Appreciate you, dude, they’ll be there.

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