Don’t take the shortcut. Do the WORK.

Don’t take the shortcut. Do the WORK.

I fully plagiarized my last final. There wasn’t a single word of my own on this damn paper. It was a 14 page paper. I remember so clearly, because I was done. I was like, I have one more. Who cares? I’m done. Like my GPA is 3.2 or whatever, I’m golden, I’m great. I’m over this. Like, I don’t want to write a 14 page paper. Every damn word was freaking plagiarized. I essentially would go to the library. And I got like, 14 books to start ripping out paragraphs from and I would have some level of connective tissue. Totally that was basically it. So I get an email from the Dean at UCLA. My Heart Just sinks. They’re not saying congratulations for graduating. And essentially like ‘teacher has failed you for plagiarism’. How the hell? Because I didn’t go Google and rip from Google. I went and got books from the library.

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