Everyone makes sacrifices.

Everyone makes sacrifices.

Everyone makes sacrifices. Whether it’s as extreme as yours sometimes it’s not that extreme right? But it’s the sacrifice of Well okay, now I got to work 10 hours a day versus 8 at my job. Yeah, because it’s your company. You got to work harder. But people just don’t understand the sacrifice. We talked about it right? I’ve been here doing a podcast tour for four days. I make a sacrifice of leaving my child and my wife, right? I’m leaving them for the sacrifice of the greater good of a bigger growth. There’s not a direct line of income from me being right here with you this second, not direct line, but I know where the potential can go by being on this podcast tour. Right? So there are sacrifices people just aren’t willing to make. And it’s easier. Back to the original point. Accept easy. Be okay with it. Be happy and take the easy and I’m not judging you. You’re not gonna judge them. But just be okay with that.

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