Don’t Worry About A Timeline.

Don’t Worry About A Timeline.

That’s self imposed. Right? I mean you’re creating the timeline What’s the timeline? That’s always self imposed and it becomes limiting cuz then you start freaking out and like “I need to get here” and then it fucks your mind up. Just get better, keep going. Don’t look up, don’t look at the clock, don’t look at the date. Just fucking keep getting better every day. And you’re going to look up at some point be like “holy shit I have come a long fucking way” right? But it’s because you’re not worrying about the clock or the time or when it’s supposed to be done. You’re just going. There’s a super motivational video I’ve seen it a million times. It’s a movie that they ripped out a segment of a football coach with the kids and they do this bear crawl where one’s on the guy’s back. And he’s like “keep going! keep going! keep going! He thinks he’s only gonna be able to go 20 yards. He goes the whole fucking field.

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