Be Dynamic. Be Inspired.

Be Dynamic. Be Inspired.

Guys, I’m on a massive mission to help people understand. You can wholesale, you can wholetail, you can rehab flips, you can buy long term rentals, short term rentals. You can buy for seller finance notes, and never need none of your own money but you do need the strategy and techniques. Now I’m here to make sure that you understand you can be dynamic. You don’t have to wholesale everything. Now, yes. If having a little of your own capital, can you put that into marketing create more opportunities? 100%. In fact, I will tell everyone that this is really an opportunity game. This is really you and me and everyone else, trying to find those opportunities to maximize. The best way to maximize those opportunities is by simply understanding how you’re gonna exit those opportunities. That’s why you can’t just be a wholesaler because everything becomes a cash offer at a certain formula that may or may not work for the seller.

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