Real estate market isn’t slowing down.

Real estate market isn’t slowing down.

I believe COVID really set a new precedence for the world. And I believe people are gonna wanna live where they’re gonna wanna live and they’re gonna be able to work, whether it’s Facebook or Amazon. They’re like begging their employees to come in the office at this point. Yeah, because people are like, well, I don’t have to anymore. The world has changed legitimately changed to the point where I moved my hahappy ass to Miami and didn’t feel bad about it or feels like my company would go under because the entire world my entire team is virtual. We’re sitting in your office right now, it’s beautiful and you have a great team. But the reality is, anyone could be in real estate in any market. We just talked about privy a little while ago. I have students working privy in states they’ve never even been in. I think it’s gonna continue. I think Phoenix is gonna be a great market, I think Vegas is gonna be a great market Miami. These markets that can be sprawling and have the appeal that like a Scottsdale and Phoenix does, right. I just don’t think it slows down as much as people are.

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