This Is Why Real Estate is Hard

This Is Why Real Estate is Hard

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All right, this episode is going to be about the hard stuff. See, I realized this could be one of the most important messages that you need to hear this year, next year in every year after. The reality is there is always going to be the hard stuff, life is hard. There are always challenges. Marriage is hard. Being an entrepreneur is hard. Being broke is hard. Being an employee at a job that you hate is hard. Living in a small one bedroom is hard, you name it. It’s all hard. And why I believe this message needs to be really heard by all of you right now is because the real estate market and the economy is in a point of fluctuation. Now, a lot of people will say we are in a recession, a lot of people will say there’s high inflation and all these things. And some of this may be true, some may not. But there are challenges that come along with all of this, including for someone like myself, meaning as a real estate investor, finding the right deal that I feel secure with is a lot harder now than it was six months ago, a year ago. But the point I want to make here on this episode very specifically, is you get to make the choice of what hard you choose. It’s all hard, none of it is easy. None of it comes without sacrifice lunch, none of it comes without mistakes, and challenges, and quote unquote, failures, none of it. And the point I want to make to all of you who have been following me for years. First of all, thank you. Thank you for being a follower. Thank you for listening to this podcast.

If you haven’t yet, go over to my YouTube channel, just go to Justin, make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel, because you will see a transition from who I was when I first started this to who I am today, trust me, out of all the success that you may see me today, listen to me on my podcast success on YouTube, social media, etc. There has been plenty of hard days, weeks and months, there have been plenty of challenges. The key that you have to realize, as you listen to this, that the same key that I have to realize, and I make a decision every single day is what hard do I want to live for. I have to find the commitment level to stand up to get back up during each day, week and month. That is challenging, and so do you. But it is always, always always your choice is the I’ve chosen the entrepreneurial route. Now that may not be for everyone, quite frankly, isn’t for everyone. But if you’re choosing the entrepreneurial route, that means you are trying to create your own destiny. If you are an employee and would rather be an employee and not put all the pressure on your shoulders, then that’s totally fine too. But that is your choice. And I encourage you to just accept your choice. But if you’re like me, and thousands and tens, and thousands, and maybe millions of other entrepreneurs, we want to create our own lives and not let it be created for us which my opinion is what a job does. Now it comes with challenges. As I’ve just said, there are big mistakes that I’ve made, there are financial losses that I’ve had, there are lawsuits that I’ve gone through. I mean, this life is not for everyone. But it’s the one that I am blessed to have created. And the reason I say that is simply I am creating a life for me and my family, way better than I ever could have as an employee. And that is my choice, but I am fully committed to it. So when the real estate market and the economy is in a point of flux like it is right now we can all agree that I’m making a decision and doubling down on my commitment to win in a very big way. You see, I call it CIA commitment, intention and action. And as long as my commitment level is there to create this incredible life. I need to make sure I have the proper intention. And I need to take massive, massive action. So one of the biggest coolest things I can tell you that has come from this whole market shift is I have been able to create fund a real estate investment fund with several other well known names in the space. And it’s because we want to help others realize that inflation isn’t always bad as long as you know what to do with your money. And the biggest hedge of inflation is real estate.

So by the way, if you’re listening to this, and you’re like, Justin, I’d love to talk to you about being a part of that fund. I’d love to talk to you about that as well. Right? So whether you find me on social media, the Justin Colby on Instagram, you watch this on YouTube, make a comment below, maybe you’re finding me on Facebook, or maybe you just want to send an email in to info at the science of flipping that is fine, would love to have a conversation with any of you. Most most likely you have a retirement account, sitting there absolutely doing nothing, you have a savings account that you’ve been saving away. And the money’s not making money, quite literally inflation is killing the value of your dollar. If you have any of those or you’re just you realize you want to be in the real estate, investing space passively and not full time because you do have the job, then listen, I want to talk to you. Because this fund is absolutely incredible. It is a debt and equity fund. So again, you can email me at info@thescienceofflipping, you can send me a direct message, theJustinColby on Instagram. And by the way, there’s a lot of fakes out there on Instagram right now. So just be sure that it is actually me, you can make comment here on YouTube. But again, so we created this fund, which by the way, this is the first time I’ve done this. So there are challenges in starting a fund, right, there’s things that I am going through that I have never gone through before. But that is my decision. Because I am committed to my entrepreneurial journey. I am committed to real estate, I am committed to gaining as much money as I possibly can. So I can gain as much wealth as I possibly can.

But it starts with my commitment, right. And I encourage you to realize, again, life is hard. Marriage is hard. Entrepreneurship is hard. Being a parent is hard. Having a job is hard being broke is hard. I can tell you, there is no easy way through this life. You need to make a decision. And I love that fact that you’re listening to me. So I would encourage you to reach out to me on one way or another, maybe you’re ready to just take this business seriously. And you want to get some coaching, awesome, reach out to me, maybe you’re really interested in passively investing in this fund, and sitting back and having checks paid you each and every quarter and every year and allow that to grow in if it’s in a self directed IRA or an IRA or 401K, it’s all tax free, maybe that’s your choice, but make the choice be committed because mistakes are gonna happen, quote unquote, failures are gonna happen even though my definition of failure is if you actually quit. So mistakes, failures, challenges, hurdles, that’s all gonna happen. Stick to it, get committed, have intention, and take massive action. The reason why I really believe this is probably the message that you and I and everyone needs to hear right now is because there’s too many people just throwing their hands in the air saying, I don’t know what to do. So I’m just gonna keep living, right? They just live day to day. That’s not That’s not it. You have your life to create. And it’s your decision to do that. So get out of your own way. Maybe you’re tired of your job and you want to get into space full time. Come talk to me, I’m here for you. Maybe you you’re like I love my job. I make a bajillion dollars. I have no problem with my job, but I love real estate, I want a piece of the real estate, invest in my fund. And if you’re one of those people that just complain, then I’m not for you period. Go ahead and move on to the next podcast. You know watch a different YouTube channel I don’t care because if you just sit and complain and play woe is me and play victim and it all happens to me instead of for me, then I’m not your guy anyways. So I hope this finds you well. I hope you are creating an amazing day. I hope you’re creating amazing week. I hope you’re creating amazing month year in life because it is yours to create. I’ll see you guys on the next podcast episode. Peace.

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