Separation Season Separating Yourself From the Competition

Separation Season Separating Yourself From the Competition

Yo yo, welcome back to the science of flipping podcast. I am your host, Justin Colby. And on this episode we’re going to talk about separation season baby. I didn’t coined the term, I believe at my let did but we are going to talk about it because this is that season. All right, this episode and all episodes are brought to you by our main sponsor, If you’re a real estate investor, and you need an online presence, you need a website, go to minute For $97 a month, you can have a very professional website specific to your real estate investing business. If you need credibility, influence and authority in your marketplace. You must be online, there’s no doubt about that. So go to to get your website.

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All right separation season. The hell does that mean, Justin? Well, what it means is this shifting market has created a way for you to separate yourself from the rest. Now we all know the market is shifting, interest rates are going sky high. Well, it’s kind of relative depending upon your experience, but they are raising rapidly. I do believe, as I record this episode, next month is November and they will raise again in November. And I believe they will raise again in December, that has changed the real estate market, there are fewer buyers. And unfortunately, homeowners have not caught up to the fact that the market is no longer on fire in their favor. It is turning to a buyers market, which allows you to separate yourself. Now, if you listen to the beginning, and you heard from our main sponsor Minute Pages, you will realize you will absolutely emphatically want to be online, you will need to be found online. And the best part of Minute Pages in my opinion, is the SEO search engine optimization that comes along with the websites. Now I’m mentioning them because you want to make sure you are separating yourself from the rest. Well Guess how many thousands and thousands and thousands and tens of thousands of wholesalers don’t have any online presence? Well, this is one very inexpensive way for you to create that separation, literally Minute Pages websites are up in minutes. That’s why they’re called Minute Pages. So you really want to have one for $97 a month. There are bigger packages, sure. But for the minimum $97 a month, you will be online and you will immediately start to separate yourself from the rest. Now the way I look at separation season in this real estate market is there’s a lot of people not or no longer spending money on marketing, well, I’m not going to stop, I’m not going to slow down, I’m going to keep going. In fact, there’s no longer people making offers on Privy, while I’m not going to stop, I’m not going to slow down, I’m going to keep going in that attitude. That head down approach is quite literally what is going to separate me and you from the rest. There are thousands if not
tens of thousands of investors that aren’t getting deals anymore. They’re not just lucky anymore. They don’t have any skill or talent, they were relying on incredible market. So for those of you out there that are active for making offers on privy or marketing for deals, keep going.

Your Competition quite literally is falling off every single day. I’ve seen it in Pay Per Click advertising. There are more opportunities now in the last 30 days than there were, for the most part the whole rest of the year. And it’s because there’s less people advertising on Pay Per Click advertising, then there has been, which gives me a lot more opportunity. I had a great conversation with one of my students today who is looking to spend a couple of dollars on marketing. I advise them my cold calling company they use that in Mexico because they’re inexpensive. They’re providing roughly about a lead a day for about thousand bucks. And I said this is a best opportunity for $1,000 a month to get a real homeowner looking to sell. It didn’t grant them that the homeowner was going to take their price so that they were highly, highly motivated. But they’re real homeowners looking to sell. So for $1,000 a month, that was the best way to do it. Because I can tell you there’s a lot of people out there that can’t even afford to spend $1,000 a month in marketing. So my student is now going to make that investment in his business in hopes to gain more separation from the competition. For many of you you guys have know a good friend of mine Brent Daniels, he swears by cold calling well, so do I. He’s really built his brand around that. I haven’t but I do swear by cold calling. And the thing is it became very, very competitive over the last five, six years, in part by him, but many others like us that have the same belief he does about cold calling. So I would tell you, if you have some level of marketing availability, you have two points of leverage. You have your money that you can spend on a cold call company like REI leads USA, just go to, and fill out the application. And they’re an incredible company that I use, or you have your time where you could actually be cold calling or even text messaging, using companies like launch control, I would tell you, those two points, if you start to leverage one or both of them, you will start to gain separation. Again, the idea and the concept of separation season is people are slowing down. Many people are just downright stopping. They don’t know what to do, they don’t have any skill set, they don’t have a proven system, they don’t have a strategy to follow what you do. So put your head down, keep doing the work be unrelenting on the effort. And you will start to separate yourself from the rest. As I mentioned, at a very minimum, you need to have an online presence because guess what happens every time you talk to a homeowner or realtor? They Google you. That’s right, because everyone does that. If you don’t know someone or something, what is the first thing you do? You google them or it will that’s what’s happening to you.

So make sure to go to get a website to vary at least start separating yourself from your competition. Now, to be clear, this doesn’t mean you need to be tripling or quadrupling your work effort. Now, that obviously helps. But if you can at least maintain if not do a little more, maybe double your effort. This is where you can gain leaps and bounds of separation, right the way I view this as if you know you’re running a long distance race, and you are able to have time to refuel, but your competition didn’t. That’s the concept is now you know to keep your head down and realize there, everyone else is quitting where you’re going to keep moving forward. And slowly but surely, you will either catch up to them, and you will gain market domination or you will flat out, separate yourself from them and you will dominate the market alone. Don’t give up, keep going separate yourself, keep your head down. Not all things are easy. Just know that you have faith that at the end of all of this, regardless of when the end is you’ll actually chain attain the goals that you’re trying to achieve. The people who fail the people that quit, in large part is because they don’t have the processes and strategy. But it’s also because they give themselves inappropriate timelines and expectations. I’m going to make it by this timeline. I’m going to finish by this timeline. I’m going to hit it by this timeline. And those timelines come and go and they didn’t make it. Don’t do that to yourself. Keep your head down. Push forward for as long as you need to push forward to get to where you’re going. Hopefully this episode finds you well hopefully it’s somewhat motivational, but the market is shifting right now. And this is time for you to separate yourself from the rest. See you guys on the next podcast. Peace.

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