👍🏻🏠 How To Get Your First Deal In 2021


Welcome back to this video. I am Justin Colby, and I want to talk to you about breaking into the real estate investing space Moving in to 2021. Now I have done over 1600 real estate investment properties from wholesaling, wholesaling, and rehab. And I want to tell you the number one way to get your very first deal moving into 2021. And yes is wholesaling. But let me tell you exactly how you should do it. See, I’m a firm believer that wholesaling is the best way to break into the industry. Now I say that even though I got started actually rehab flipping first. So I started a little backwards, but that’s why I have the experience to say the very best way to break into the industry is simply by wholesaling. You have no risk at all. You have no money in the game. All you have to do is connect a and C and you will get paid.

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Now, how do you do that? So you can get your very first deal. And by the way, if you’re just watching this, don’t check out yet. If you’re a veteran, this strategy actually will work for you to help scale your business because you can use this money to finance your marketing. So stay tuned. If you like any of those ideas, smash, the like button hit the subscribe button for me, because I want to make sure the YouTube God’s favor this channel so I can keep giving you some good stuff. So how do you get your first deal done in 2021 without a big budget and start to make some money? Well, if the concept is easy and the reality is is wholesaling, but you are co wholesaling. What does that mean? Well, there’s someone out there spending money, marketing, going direct to homeowner and negotiating the deal, putting on all the money, hard work, energy effort, sweat, blood tears, getting that deal.

And all you have to do is ask them if you can sell their wholesale deal to your buyers for a fee, it’s not rocket science. It sounds easy because honestly it is easy. Here are the two main criteria that you need to do to get this deal done. First, you want to make sure you’re having conversations directly with those wholesalers. Where do you find them in Facebook groups? They are all over these Facebook groups. If you were looking at posts that say, Hey, I have a property in this zip code, or I have a great buying hold property or whatever that may be. I would be reaching out to those individuals, send them a direct message, get on the phone with them and say, Hey, listen, I have buyers that have been blowing my phone up, asking me for more deals. They can’t find any deals.

Can I, your property to my buyers and collect a fee in the middle. I don’t want to Mark it up because I don’t like playing that game. Now, this is my opinion. You also can Mark it up. So as a sidebar in my business, I don’t want to Mark it up. I don’t want to be viewed as that company. I want to keep the same price as the original wholesaler. Other companies absolutely Mark it up. I, you could go either way. It is based around your preference, but for me, I want to keep the continuity that if they saw it over here at one price for one email, I want them to see it on my email for this very same price. I want continuity in that messaging. So what I’ll ask that wholesaler is simple. Would I be able to send your deal out and collect a fee?

If I can bring you a buyer? If they say, yes, you say, great. Let me send it out. Let me bring you a buyer first. Then we can drop the paperwork. I don’t give a lot of commitment. I’m also not telling them that I get for, you know, I, I’m not putting an option on it. I’m not telling them that I can. I’m the only person that can do this. They can still send this to their buyer. If they bring a buyer before I do guess what I’m Sol right? If I bring a buyer before them, I call them, Hey, I have a buyer ready to move. Are you able and willing to give me $2,500 in this deal? Maybe two grand, maybe 1500. I wouldn’t do it for any less than 1500 to put this together. Great. Let me get them to sign my contract.

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