Financial Freedom Through Real Estate w/Kris Krohn

I am Justin Colby, your host, and today we are going to talk about financial freedom and how you can achieve it. Now, most everyone knows I am in real estate and I’ve been focusing on real estate for 13 years. So the first key that you’ll have to know going into this video is financial freedom comes through real estate. Yes, you might be playing the stock market, you might be doing crypto, and you may be dabbling within real estate. But if you have any level of desire to have financial freedom in your life for the rest of your life and set your family up, right, you need to be doing it through real estate. And that’s what this video is about. Now, I have a huge announcement that I want to wait till the end of this video to announce for you guys. This is something that will be engaging for you guys so that you can start to partake in building wealth and building financial freedom. The announcement is epic. It has been a long time in the making. So wait till the end and I’ll make sure I get you this announcement.

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Now let’s talk financial freedom and how you can achieve it through real estate. I don’t even care if you have a nine to five job you do not need to be a full time wholesaler, rehabber or whatever, you simply need to understand real estate and economics. And quite honestly, leverage the right people. Now, I’ve personally will wholesale and rehab flip over 100 deals a year every year and have been for 13 years, I’m well over 1600 deals in my career. Now that is great. And that does bring me a lot of cash. But what it doesn’t do is bring me financial freedom. You see that business model is a cash, it’s like an ATM, it spits out cash. But if that model goes away, I’m not financially free. I need to take that cash and start putting it into places that that cash can start to multiply. And what better place to put it in then real estate. Now I know what you are saying or thinking, Justin? No, duh, I know that how to build wealth is buying real estate. Well, let me give you a little different perspective on this so that I can help you actually get in the game right now, regardless of how much cash you have in the bank. And regardless of how much time you have to put into buying real estate. Now if that’s of interest to you smash the like button, and hit the subscribe button as obviously the YouTube guys really love when people engage with the video. Now, here’s the one secret I don’t believe has been talked about enough. And that is people actually put money in a self directed retirement or retirement account and not borrow against the money. Now I myself have a self directed IRA. And I know many of you watching this video may have different versions of a retirement account. And I’m not going to sit here and teach you exactly how to work with your retirement account. But I would tell you, I would convert whatever retirement account you have into a self directed so that you could take advantage of what I’m about to teach you right now. Most people especially if you’ve been working full time, or maybe you’ve had jobs over the last decade or so you might have some level of retirement account. And what you don’t know potentially is that you can borrow against it, you can take a loan from your retirement account. And this is how you can start building your wealth. Now, there’s a lot of people that are doing just fine in the stock market and I’m okay with that I have some money in the stock market. And yes, I have some money in cryptocurrency. But my whole world revolves around real estate. And I want to help you get into this game, not just with wholesaling not just with rehab flipping, I would happily gladly do that. And all my videos typically are regarding that if you do want to do a strategy session with me, just go to the science of and click the button and I’m happy to get on a call with you again the science flipping calm, happy to get on a call with you about wholesaling and rehab flipping love it. But this is about how you can build wealth. If you have money in the stock market earning you a single digit return. If you have money in your retirement account, earning you maybe 1% at best if you have money in a savings account or a CD. This is money that should be used to buy real estate.

Now the big announcement that I was going to wait to the end I just can’t help myself right now is that A buddy of mine, Kris Krohn, he’s an absolute animal. He’s been doing real estate for 16 years and bought over a billion dollars worth of rentals in his career. And I, Kris and I have partnered on how to help you get into the wealth building game. That is the big announcement. And if you want to learn more about Chris, and what this is all about, make sure you dive in the comments The link will be right there right in the comments, so that you can learn more about Chris, myself, obviously, in how we can all work together to get you more rental properties. But that being said, it is important to know that you do have money and resources somewhere it is important to know that even if you don’t you have friends and family that do so here’s the key on how to leverage other people. You leverage someone like myself or someone like Chris or other experts in the arena to find good deals, leverage their resources to get you a good property. Now most people leverage realtors, they work with a realtor to find them a property on the MLS and that’s how they go about it. Well, the challenge we have right now is there’s no homes on the MLS. So people who are looking to buy more rentals, people interested in buying rentals, quite honestly need to start leveraging other people such as myself, such as Kris Krohn again, Kris has bought over a billion dollars of rentals in his 16 year career. And him and I are putting together this partnership links below. Now, if you start to look at your ability to leverage your capital Now, again, like I mentioned, if you’re getting a single digit return in the stock market, or maybe you’re getting a 1% return in your retirement account, or maybe you’re in a CD, this is money, I believe to build wealth you should be putting into residential real estate by leveraging others who know how to do it, who know how to buy, right, who know how to manage the property and know how to really make it a turnkey scenario for you so that you don’t really have to think about it. The challenge I hear all the time from my students, I don’t know where to find the deal. Even if I didn’t know where to find the deal. How do I know it’s a good deal? That is the number one challenge that is why Chris and I put this together for you guys so that you can really understand financial freedom so that you one you want can get out of the rat race. Do you see financial freedom is all about you not having to work to get paid. Okay. Now, I love the idea of the stock market doing well in cryptocurrency and like I said, you know, having a great retirement 401k that is all lovely. But when you stop working, is it going to start paying you? Probably not right? Because the reality is you want that stuff to keep working for itself. So you can have a big payday, not a consistent payday.

Now rentals and wealth and financial freedom is how you actually get there, you actually have something that is not just building your wealth, oh, by the way, I can do a whole other subject on how just by accumulating rentals, and by renting them and gaining more equity banks start to give you money. So you can just do it more and more and more. Right. And this is really how it starts to scale. So I think it’s really important for people to have financial literacy. I love our guy Dave Ramsey, I don’t agree with 100% of things. He says I do have a other video that you should check out about his snow ball pay down system and is it really right for you, I would encourage you to go check out that video. But I will tell you to get financial freedom you have to be able to walk away and still be making money every single month. You need mailbox money. Now like I said, I love wholesaling. I love flipping, I still do it. We still do hundreds a year, it makes a lot of money. But then what do you do with the money that you make is the key. And that’s what I really want to impress upon you. You need to be starting to invest in buy in holds now. Is every market perfect for this as a moment in time? It just depends on how you’re finding your properties, right? I just reviewed a property from a student that quite literally wanted to buy it at 410 it rented for 20 $500 it didn’t need any work. It’s not the worst rental in the entire world. But are there better markets that have better rental cap rates, right, your capitalization rate on what you make back each and every month? And I would argue Yes, you likely are going to be wanting to be in Middle America states.

Those are the better states in my opinion on where to do that. But in short, the way for financial freedom is going to be through real estate leverage, not just the money that maybe you don’t think you have the money that you know isn’t necessarily in your checking account. But I promise you it’s in a CD it’s in a retirement account might be in the stock market. There’s money out there that you could be using and then leverage people leverage myself leverage Chris and obviously get to know Chris a little bit better The link is below. And this is what will help you create financial freedom rentals. There’s incredible strategies. There’s a burden Method strategy but ultimately Chris and I are partnering to be able to help you achieve what you want to achieve. Hit the link below. We’ll see you there. Obviously I have my podcast going out every single day make sure you are listening to my podcast that is all things real estate wholesaling, rehabbing you name it tool systems strategies for my fellow real estate investors. Beyond that, smash the like button if you like this video and hit the subscribe button. I’ll talk to you guys later. Peace.

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