Why Networking is the Key to Success in Real Estate | Ed Mylett, Alex Rodriguez, Kent Clothier

Why Networking is the Key to Success in Real Estate | Ed Mylett, Alex Rodriguez, Kent Clothier

To maximize if I can maximize my life each and every day, then that has been a successful day. And if I do that each and every day, then to me, I’m a success. But you can’t become a success without getting started moving now taking the risk and going for it.

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All right, all right, Listen, guys, I just got back from this scale and escape event that my brother Kent Clothier puts on each and every year. And while I had the blessing and fortune to be able to speak on that stage to 1000s of people, I actually wanted this episode to be about my big takeaways. Because while many people think as a speaker, I just go there to speak and, and maybe get paid or whatnot. And then that’s it and I’m out. Well, that’s just not the case. And I want to talk to you here about why that’s not the case. You see, I’m very adamant that there’s one thing that is the most important part of our business. And that is going to be your network, the people, the community. And for me to go and be honored enough to be invited to go speak at many of these events, and specifically to scale and escape event, I am honored and humbled by that. But I take advantage of the time to be around the best in the business to be around those that can teach me maybe just one thing over the weekend, to be around the community to be able to give in create impact. And the thing that I think is really important for me to echo here is I’m actually at the event to learn as well. Now a lot of times is from the people that are in the greenroom and the other speakers and we’re talking and talking about our businesses and what’s working and what’s not. And what’s our speech going to be about and what are we trying to impress upon the people sitting in the audience. And one of the biggest things that I took away, and it’s something that I’ve talked about for a long time, but it just, it kind of got reaffirmed, whether it be Kent himself, Ed Mylett you know Alex Rodriguez, I mean, everyone essentially was talking about the amount of time we have to do what we’re trying to do, and did not take time for granted. As someone that has coached I’ve coached 1000s of people and to continue to coach, you know, 1000s of people is I really tried to impress upon the time that you’re utilizing, well, this is different. It’s really about the time we have to create what we want in this life, and to create the life that we actually deserve and why are we waiting or slowing down or not doing it now. And while I’ve gone on stage and talked a lot about fear over the last year or so that is absolutely part of it. Fear of failure, fear of being judged. But the other part is just simply this idea of almost straight, fear of success, fear of what actually happens if it works. What happens if I make this money? What do I do with my family? Where would I move? What would happen? How would my life change? Right? What would I drive? Would I be buying a car do I need to quit my job, and all these other things that come up in your mind? Well, that’s where I want the mind set shift to change, I want to help impress upon you guys. This idea that that is the point of it all is to change your current situation.

Success is defined by many people differently, right? The success I have, the way I define success is being able to be able to maximize my life each and every day. And that means business family, husband, father, friend, to maximize if I can maximize my life each and every day, then that has been a successful day. And if I do that each and every day, then to me I’m a success. But you can’t become a success without getting started moving now taking the risk and going for it. And while a lot of us may fear making a mistake, and that is totally common fear of failure. There’s also many people that are actually just fear of becoming a success. What is my family gonna say I didn’t come from money. Are they going to judge me? Are they going to, you know, make fun of me because I’m driving nicer cars or wearing nicer clothes or what Whatever. So I really encourage you to really take a deep breath, get some separation, and really understand that we have one life, and that the others don’t get to judge or dictate how we live our lives. And there’s not much of this life while at times, I say we have a long life, we have a lot of time to build this wealth and to become successful. But on the very same token on the other side, we don’t know what tomorrow brings. And for us to sit here and be caught up in our own confidence that tomorrow is guaranteed, that we can always have another day is just silly, in my opinion. And that was really a really big takeaway, again, from a lot of people, Aaron Wagner, again, Kent clothier and Alex Rodriguez, Ed Mylett, Jenn Gottlieb had impressed upon me this message as well, I mean, it’s just incredible Dan Fleischman. You know, sitting in those rooms and networking with that group of people, it’s really crucial that I take away from that in the same way that maybe if you were sitting in those seats, you take away one or two or three things from the speakers. And it really just impresses upon me that how important your community is, how important are the people that you’re surrounding yourself by, if you’re not going to these events consistently, you need to be. The reason being is there’s always a person or people you will meet at these events, my life was changed by a handful of people that were in the seats, there were not speakers that actually are joining my coaching community. But it’s because of the people that they are that my life was changed. They’re really good people. They’re really great people. They’re people I want to be around that, you know, really made me feel like, man, I’m so glad I’m here to impress upon these individuals, but now they’re going to be a part of my life, and that I actually genuinely enjoy. Right? Building a community is some of the, you know, proudest things I’ve ever done.

So listen, while I’m on a high obviously coming off an incredible event, I want to impress him on two simple things. A, make sure you’re focusing on the number one thing and that’s gonna be your network. Make sure you’re surrounding yourself with like minded people, make sure you are actively participating. And being a part of these crowds go to these events. Network is the number one pillar to success in my actual opinion.

Number two, stop taking life for granted. We don’t know what tomorrow is gonna bring. There isn’t always another day you need to start building your life today. Whatever you want that needs to start today. If that’s real estate, investing and getting going and you want to reach out to me about coaching, please do that reach out to me, let me know you have interest in having a conversation. You can direct message me on Instagram thejustincolby, you can go to my YouTube channel by the way, go subscribe to my YouTube channel youtube.com/justincolby, let me know hit me up on Facebook. Reach out to me if you want me to help you start taking advantage of this real estate market that is so great right now and changing your life for the better. But do not sit here and waste your time you’re not wasting my time you’re wasting your time. Start to take action start to build the life that you deserve. Because it’s really imperative because we only get one of these lives and it sure as hell is not practice.

So anyways guys, hopefully, you found this somewhat motivational. I appreciate you guys, love you guys again, find me somewhere on social media hit me up if I can help you at all. Make sure you’re subscribed to my YouTube channel. Like this video. Give me five stars on iTunes. And I’ll see you guys on the next podcast episode. Peace.


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