The BEST Side Hustle For Real Estate Investors Feat. Jerry Bohn

The BEST Side Hustle For Real Estate Investors Feat. Jerry Bohn

Focus on real estate, it’d be able to monetize something that can help you afford all the other costs of the other business, prop stream, batch skip, skip tracing, those are costs, this is a way to subsidize those costs.

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Justin: What is up everybody what is up Welcome to our training tonight. I’m very, very, very, very excited. I’m gonna give you guys a minute or so. So more people can kind of come in, as you can see, that is starting to flood. I think I really, you know, the message about helping you guys pay for all these services, the prop streams, the CRMs, the skip tracing the this, the that I think that’s resonating with a lot of folks. And so I’ve been getting hit up all the time about recordings, and is this going to be a recording and one of your other trainings, this isn’t, this is live real time. And if this is you guys are just jumping on you can see I have a special guest. Now, let me frame it this way. For all of you in this business, including myself, this includes yours truly, I probably I mean, I probably have roughly three to $5,000 worth of subscriptions, the prop streams, the batch leads, the you name it, the CRM, I literally, you know, found out that way I found out the hard way because of COVID, because I realized how many of these subscriptions, I actually had one COVID hit. I can tell you this, if you’re just getting started, if you have not yet build a business that can afford that type of operational costs. This is why I’m doing this training. This is exactly why I’m doing this training, is because we as entrepreneurs need to have multiple streams of income. Right? You guys all agree with that? Perfect! Well, I was introduced to this gentleman, just a couple of weeks back. And what Jerry and I had been able to talk about is how we can start to help my listeners, my followers, the real estate professionals in this industry, be able to gain momentum? How do they be able to find the money to, you know, have prop stream, have batch leads, have CRMs, have privy, have all this that cost money every month, and still be able to do deals? So I just him and I gon run around in conversations in zoom calls. And I was like, we just got to get you on a training. So I ethically bribed him to be here. And I wanted him to present this incredible, incredible, incredible side hustle that I just didn’t like, oh my God, I don’t see why anyone and everyone in the United States doesn’t do this. Right? Even if you don’t need money. Who doesn’t like extra money? Uh, well, just nobody. Right? So this is my introduction to Jerry Bohn. Literally met him just several weeks back. And we’ve talked probably several times since then zooms, etc. Because here’s what I know to be true. I have nine income streams, nine. And most don’t even have to this would be considered an income stream. Do you have to go to work? No. Do you have a boss? No, do you have any of that other stuff? But it is a side hustle. Because the limited amount of time you put into it, you’re going to get money back, right? And you’re going to make an income and it’s going to be able to help you afford to grow. So listen, at the end of the day, I understand the burden of our industry, real estate investing. And all the services and tools there are listen, skip tracing is not cheap. You don’t just get skip tracing for free, right? And so what I tell you is find ways to monetize earn extra income. Or, you know, again, like I said, side hustles like this, so you can afford these things because a lot of them are necessary, right? And so, Listen, guys, I’m going to keep this short. I want this to be succinct. I want this to be roughly 30 minute training. I’m going to hand the mic over to Jerry Bohn. If you’re in real estate. I don’t care if you’re already making a lot of money. This quite literally just makes sense to any human on the planet. And it’s not much work at all. It does take some work, but not much. So I tell you stay in there for 30 minutes. He’s going to be very direct, very sustained on what he’s going to be able to train. It’s going to be very to the point Write, again nothing to sell. This is for you guys to start to learn how to make money on the side, side hustles because it makes all the difference in the world. So Jerry, I appreciate you, I thank you so much for carving out some time tonight. I’m going to hand it over to you. So I can stop talking in Europe, my friend.

Jerry: Okay, well, hey, first of all, Justin, I appreciate your you’re allowing me to be on here and your time. And all of you that are attending tonight, your time is very valuable. That’s one of the assets that you have. What I’m going to explain tonight, I think is fantastic. Because we figured out a way that you can do your own business, okay, you can launch a business, and there’s no money to start this business. There’s no money while you’re in this business, there’s no money to ask to upsell or upgrade you. So it’s completely free, it’s going to take you five to seven hours to help us set everything up and 30 minutes or less or a month. So this is not designed to be invasive into your personal life.

Justin: Let me be clear, just to be clear, one thing I know people are thinking, Oh, is this another one of those MLM things? I promise you it’s not I’m to be clear, it is? Absolutely not. So.

Jerry: No. I’m glad you brought that up. And also, at this point, I typically get, oh, this sounds too good to be true. Okay. What I’m going to explain is, once I explain that you’re, you’re you’re going to be providing a service and you’re being compensated for that service, it actually makes a lot of sense. And for a lot of you or most of you, this is going to be a great opportunity. As just, I’ve been doing this business for the last 18 years, I have a business partner, his name’s Eric, Justin and I he’s looked at my program, we also have common friends that I do this business with. So this has been thoroughly looked at, we’ve had the top attorneys into our industry to look at our business to make sure that we continue to provide the services at the top tier businesses fail a lot of times at the beginning, because there’s lack of cash flow, okay, it’s hard sometimes to launch a business and do, As Justin mentioned, that have all the tools that you need. Also, I found in business, you need some positive momentum, and this is a great opportunity to present that. So I’m gonna get right into it, I’m going to try it, I’m going to make a quick agenda for everybody so that you kind of know what we cover. Okay. Number one, there are qualifications to this business, you have to see if you’re qualified. Number two, why is this program even around? What’s the background of it? And why is it around? Number three? What would you do in the business? A lot of people want to talk about, hey, how do the taxes of this work? And am I protected? Which are all valid questions that you should ask, we’re going to cover that. There are two downsides to the business. I’m going to discuss those right up front. And then lastly, we call it the three B’s. What are your commitments to this program, and then those of you that want to enroll, I’ll explain what you can do to get enrolled and start start this process? Okay, so those are the things we’re going to we’re going to talk about, I do talk a little bit fast, because I want to get through all the information, but I’ll try to do it in a cadence where, where everybody can hear exactly what I can, what I’m saying.

Jerry: Number one you do in this program, you will need a 620 credit score with experian specifically, okay, if you’re not sure, go to They have a website, on their website, it cost dollar, you can get your credit report. By the way, if you happen to be a little shy of that Experian has a free program called the Experian Boost. And I’ve had a lot of students boost their credit immediately from 5 to 30 points. So if you’re not quite there, check it out and see what they can do.

Jerry: Number two, you cannot have any bankruptcies in the last five years. So if you had your bankruptcy and was discharged seven years ago, you could participate in the program or any current tax liens. That doesn’t mean if you’re making payments on your taxes, that’s totally fine.

Jerry: Number three, you must have your previous two years tax drafts. Now let me explain that mean some some of you might be in a retirement mode where you don’t file taxes, you can still fill out the draft of the tax. It doesn’t have to actually be on record with the IRS but we just have we need those documents.

Jerry: Number four, you have to be between the ages of 21 and 69. So there is a age limit on that as well. Okay.

Jerry: The last thing is that you are not currently like a restaurant owner or a retail store owner where you have a credit card machine, okay? Meaning like a physical machine that you put your credit cards in, because that would be a conflict with us and we don’t want to hurt any core business that you might be doing

Jerry: Okay, so those are the qualifications. Pretty simple. Most of you probably reply. If you’re not sure about one of those things, please reach out to me, I’m going to be getting my cell phone, text me, I’d rather you check with me a lot of times I have solutions. So before you just give up, or just say I’m out, check with me a lot of times I have solutions for those items. Okay? So that’s the qualifications. Now, why is this program around? Well, so my business partner and I, we started in the merchant processing industry, merchant route word is business or business owner, processing stability process credit cards. We have, we represent now over 150, online trial advertising companies. Now that’s a mouthful. So let me pack that out a little bit. When most of you have seen an ad something like try my Keto weight loss, if you haven’t lost 20 pounds, just return it and pay shipping and handling or try my teeth whitening kit. These are offers that are made only online. And it’s done typically through a trial offer. These companies we represent are large advertising companies, and they only do business online, on our website and they’re typically in a trial type of offer. Now they have good products and good services. But they have a problem. And this is where you will come in. Okay. The problem is, is because of the transaction type, and I’ll explain that just a second, they are limited or capped in their merchant processing. And what I mean by cap just like you’d put a cap on a bottle top to keep the contents from going over, they’re limited to their business. Now, that doesn’t mean Visa and MasterCard don’t want to work with them, they’ll come to these companies and say last year in 2021, you did $50 million of credit card processing. In 2022, we’re gonna allow you to do $52 million. So they still want to work with them, but they limit them. So what we do is find people like yourselves that are on this panel, and that are listening, that want to be a reseller of these products, okay? And you help that business grow and expand past the cap. And for that you are compensated $750 monthly. Okay? So I want you to understand something, when I tell you how you’re going to earn 750, it’s $9,000 over the next year for seven days, five to seven year, hours to set up in 30 minutes or less, you’re not doing something for nothing, you’re actually helping these businesses grow. And for that you’re being compensated. Well what’s that, that quote? Justin? If you help enough people reach their goals, then you you make money? It’s go something like that, right?

Justin: Totally. Yeah, absolutely.

Jerry: So you’re actually helping these businesses grow and expand and for that you’re being compensated. Now when I mentioned transaction type, I want to take that one step very quickly. These are what I mentioned online, advertising companies only. So a traditional transaction to Visa MasterCard, someone would walk into target, grab a pair of sunglasses, stick their credit card in the machine, take the sunglasses home with a receipt, all sales final. Our companies you might see an ad on Facebook about how to lose weight with the Keto weight loss. So you would they would drive you to a website, you would type in your credit card information. So it’s considered not present, the card is not with them, okay. And then the product would be shipped to your house, and you would have maybe a 15 to 30 day trial period of time of which to use that product. So I’m sure everybody can see there’s a difference in those two transactions, therefore, that’s why they limit those transactions. So really quickly, think of yourself. There’s the corporate offices of McDonald’s. If no new franchises were built, with the corporate offices ever expand? The answer’s no. Okay. But would McDonald’s go out of business? Of course not. They’re a huge company. So you are a little mini me to these advertisers. But the great thing is, you’re going to be contracting with them to do all of the day to day logistics. So you’re not running around, you’re not writing blogs, shipping packages, calling customers, doing any of the day to day operations. Much like if you had a management company and a property at a property, okay? You didn’t want to fix the locks or, you know, go go fix the toilets and collect the rent, so you hire a management company, you still own the business, but you’re not doing the day to day operations. Okay. So that’s the reason for this program.

Jerry: Now, at this point, a lot of you’re like, Okay, that sounds great. What do I have to do? And I’m going to go through the logistics. Now I want to separate something out. A lot of the things I’m going to discuss the advertiser will be doing and some of this will be what you’re doing, but I I’m going to actually walk you through what you would do from here, here out of the program. Okay? Um, and remember, the 750 that you’re getting each month Once this is set up, use that to help expand that business, okay? Your business, you know, that you’re working on right now use that money to get the tools to get the resources, you need to take yourself to the next level, because our program is a fixed amount of money, you’re not going to make more than 750, you’re not going to make less. So you’re not going to be a millionaire by Ferrari with our program. I want to be clear about that. But what if it can help you get the tools that you need to do one or two more real estate deals? Could that help you get to your goals? And the answer is absolutely, yes. Okay. So what do you do? So when we’re done tonight, I’m going to, those of you that know you want to do this, I’m going to give you an email address, you’re going to request what we call the welcome email. There are six documents that you return in order to enroll in the program. Okay? Those of you that aren’t sure, I’m going to give you my number, you’re going to text me, I’ll answer any individual questions. Maybe there’s something that I didn’t tell you that was clear, or you need to review more than happy to spend time. But let’s say you decide you want to do it, you get the welcome email, there are six documents that you will be returning, okay, they are a copy of your photocopy of your driver’s license, front and back. The second item is a current utility bill or a lease that shows you have a residence that matches the driver’s license, okay. Number three, your previous two years tax returns at this point 2020, 2021. And we only need the 1040 portion of the tax returns. Okay. Number four, there’s the three months most recent bank statements, okay, for bank statements, number five is going to be the credit score, just a screenshot of that to show that you have 620 or above. And then number six is a DocuSign document, we’re actually going to send you a DocuSign document that goes over how our program works, what are all the rules we like we believe in laying everything out. So you can look at it and initial it and sign off that you’re good with it. And we’re all on the same page.

Jerrry: So now a lot of people ask me this. So Jerry, that’s a lot of personal information. Why am I giving so much financial information? Part of this program, you’ll be in your people will understand this, Justin, quite well. Part of this program, you’re going to be applying for a merchant account for your business and your website, through a federally insured bank at a bank. So I can’t just walk into a bank typically and say, “hey, I want to buy this piece of property, it’s a million dollars, write me a check”. They’re gonna ask for what is my credit score? What is my tax returns? What’s you know? They’re going to ask for financial information. So just so you know, we ask for financial information, not because we’re nosy, but because it’s required by the banks to qualify for the program. While I’m on that topic, we have never had an ID theft or data breach, because we communicate back and forth with merchant banks, we have to be PCI compliant and we have insurance just so you know, data breach and, and insurance, if something were to happen, everybody’s covered. So we take that very seriously, because we do have to communicate back and forth with banks. So your information is secure. I want to cover that.

Jerry: Alright, so let’s say you decided you turned all that in, we would then one week later typically match you with one of our 150 advertisers, they would send an email, Hey, welcome aboard, you would also be assigned to our admin team member. Now we call these people the liaisons because they work with the specific advertiser you’re assigned to, and they’re also your client manager. We don’t just send you out there and say good luck. Okay. So at this point, you’ve turned in the six documents, and we’ve matched you up. At that point, the advertiser pays to have it a sole member LLC created for you in your state. So if you were in the state of California, your LLC would be created in California, if you were in Texas, it’d be Texas, we use a company called my LLC. And as a reminder that’s paid for, they also renew it yearly. It’s covered by the advertiser, etc. Okay? so at that point, the LLC would be formed, then you would receive your LLC documents with an email of instructions. Now, this is where the hardest part of your whole thing that you do comes in, okay, at that point, you’re going to, you’re going to go and open a UPS box mailbox that will serve as the mailing address for your new business. Because we don’t want stuff coming to your house. We want it to come to the UPS box, and it will be forwarded because UPS has a mail forwarding option to the advertisers customer service so they can handle any servicing items. as we get going along, you’re gonna see this, we’ve been doing this a long time, it’s very well thought out, okay, and we try to make this as non invasive to your daily life as possible. The second hardest part is you’re going to go to a bank, and set up a business bank account for your new LLC. Now, before you run off and do those two things, you’re gonna get an electronic check for approximately $300 to fund you to open the UPS box in the business account, so you don’t come out of pocket $1. Number two, you’re going to jump on the call with one of our managers who has a banking background. His name is Louis, and he has a business banking background, he’ll just walk you through the questions. So there’s a smooth process. Now as you walk out of the bank, you do one of those, he’ll click things, because that was the hardest part of the whole program. Okay? Because everything else from there, you can do from your office, from your home, as long as you can print and scan and email documents. That’s the only physical thing you have to go out there and do. Now I do want to mention this really quickly. We only work with a certain amount of business banks, Chase, Wells Fargo, citizens and regions. If you don’t happen to have a banking in your area, please text me, I might have some other options for you. But those are the primary ones that we use, okay? After that happens, you’ll be sent the contract. So we’re going to talk about the contracts in just a second, then what’s going to happen is they’re the advertisers. Once you sign the contracts, the advertiser then is going to build your website. Whatever we match you up with, if we match you up with let’s say, Justin joined our program, and we matched him up with a teeth whitening kit advertising company, guess what his website would be? Teeth whitening kit, okay. So they build the website and they maintain the website, okay. And then we’re going to talk about from there, you would apply for the merchant accounts, there’ll be sent to you typically to be a DocuSign, you fill out your DocuSign application, they’ll approve you, the merchant companies attach the merchant account to the website so people can go on there and place the orders. Okay. And then we’re gonna go over like what a typical action goes from there. But before we do that, I want to talk really quickly about the contract. I’m trying to rush through that I feel this is very vital for you to understand. In this, in the welcome email we send you, you are protected in this business, okay, you are going to get a contract. It’s called the reseller advertiser contract, and you’ll get a sample of it in the welcome email so you can review it. In Section six. It talks about your contract and I just want to take just a minute and I know this is time consuming, but this is vitally important company to find his advertising company I’m reading from the contract that you will get “Company shall the advertising company shall assume, pay, identify, hold harmless and reimburse reseller and resellers, employees, agents, affiliates, contractors, successors, and assignees from any and all liabilities, damages, claims, suits, settlements, judgments, investigations, cost and expenses, directly or indirectly occurred by the reseller to this agreement”. So, so that I just want you to know, for 750, you don’t want to take liability. This eliminates all liability from your plate as the reseller. Not only is this signed by the advertising company, more importantly, it’s signed by the owner of the advertising company as a business and a personal guarantee.

Jerry: So everybody understands, when you sign a personal guarantee, these guys can’t just walk away. They have to have a certain financial, my business partners, a CPA, all the advertisers send us business and personal financials. So I want you to know and I told, I committed to Justin, your people, the Justin’s people are taken care of and protected. That was the number one question he asked for me. Hey, it’s great. They’re going to earn 750. But I want to make sure they’re protected. So I wanted to cover that. So sorry about that. I went a little long, but I wanted to cover that.

Jerry: Now. People are pretty interested at this point. Jerry, how does this actually work? I’m not i It sounds interesting, but walk me through it. So what would happen is the advertiser remember you have your website, the advertiser is going to drive traffic to your website. People would go on your website, the advertiser provides a third party customer service phone number, no one’s calling my cell phone or your cell phone or Justin cell phone. They’re calling into the advertisers can Customer Service. Okay, the third party, if there’s any questions, everybody gets that. Let’s say they said to order the product, they would type in their credit card information, it would process through your business merchant account, and deposit into your business checking account. Let’s say once again, I’m using this example Justin signed up with us. And he opened his business account at Chase Bank. So the money would process from the sales would process through Justin’s LLC’s merchant account and deposit into Justin’s LLC, justice LLC business account. Okay, so everybody understands, let’s say there was $10,000 of money deposited for orders that month, what would happen? Oh, let me, let me make one thing very clear. As soon as that orders place, these websites are connected with what we call a drop shipping or fulfillment company, they would be notified that an order has been placed, and it would be shipped out directly to the customer. So Justin wouldn’t have to have 10,000 teeth whitening kits in his garage running around, sending them out. Remember, I said this is a non invasive to your personal life, that would make it counterproductive. Okay, so everybody gets that? Um, so let’s say there was $10,000 worth of orders placed for the month, what would happen is the next month, the merchant fees and banking fees would automatically be deducted out of the business account. On the 15th to the 20th, you would get an electronic check for your $750. Okay? What can you do with that $750? Anything you want? We’re recommending, hey, let’s let’s reinvest that into the tools. So that I can take my other business and not make 750 I want to make $75,000 a month, okay? Whatever you whatever your goals are, but you use that momentum to start building that business, okay, so you take that 750 and invest it into something that’s gonna to grow for you, okay. Then at the end of the month, the additional money is paid out to the advertiser to pay for the product, product fulfillment, customer service, and advertising and the management. Okay, so everybody sees the money comes in, you’re paid your portion, you get your distribution, the other money goes out to the business expenses. Now, this leads me to a lot of people ask questions, they’re very fascinated about taxes, I do want to cover this really quickly. And then we’ll start to wrap this up. The money that goes through your business, that’s paid out in merchant fees, banking fees, customer service, advertising, product and product fulfillment, are all considered by the IRS as legal business tax deductions, you do not pay taxes on business feeds. However, the money that you receive 750 would be considered income, you would owe taxes on that. So let me explain. At the beginning of each new calendar year, here’s what’s cool, the advertisers are actually going to have an accounting firm create a profit and loss business statement for you. It’s going to show all the money that comes in, and all the business expenses. And let’s say you did that business for a full year, 12 months time 750, you would show a $9,000 profit for your business. So you would take that, and you would attach it to your schedule C’s, just like you would at 1099. So it’s actually pretty simple. You have revenue, you have expenses, and then you have what your benefit is of the 750s. So it’s actually pretty simple. So that’s, that’s how the taxes work. Now, there are two downsides to this business that I want to cover. Number one, we have to set up an LLC, the bank account has to be set up websites have to be a build up. So this isn’t something that’s going to happen next month, next week, it does typically take from when your LLC is formed about three to four months before you’re up and receiving a distribution. I just want to be direct with everybody. So we’ve set proper expectations. Okay, so it takes a little bit for this to get going. But once it gets going, it’s monthly and it’s residual. Okay. Number two to the other downside is when you apply for the merchant accounts, you’re doing it through a bank, and there will be a hard inquiry. Okay, on your credit. Typically, you’re gonna get about a total of maybe a 10 point hit to your credit. Is a hard inquiry permanent on your credit? The answer’s no. So after a while, it will go away. So if you had a 710 credit score, it might drop to 700. So those are the only downsides to this business is those two items, so I want you to factor that in.

Jerry: Now. Once again, there’s no cost to join our program. Zero, no hidden fees, no upsells we don’t sell your lists, none of that stuff. Okay. But we do ask three things in return. I call them the three B’s. Number one, we want you to be committed to the long term process of this. Remember, the advertisers are paying to set up an LLC, they’re paying to fund a bank account, they’re building a website, they’re driving traffic, they’re spending thousands of dollars and investing into the system with you. So don’t just bail, we don’t want to work with flaky people, they make their money, obviously, on the business fees, there’s profit margins built in for that for them, okay? Which there’s profit margins built in, whatever the bank fees are, etc, etc. And that’s how the bank makes their money. So stick to it.

Jerry: Number two, be flexible. Some of these companies, there’s 150 of them might require to LLCs to do this, or might require this document, we’re not trying to pick on you, if there’s something we need just be open that things do change. Okay.

Jerry: And then number three, the most important is be responsive. The only thing we really asked you to, if if sometimes when I get to this point, people feel a little overwhelmed, like, Oh, that was a lot of information. But let me review something really quickly. I’ve asked you to turn in your initial documents, six documents, go set up a UPS box and a bank account, signed contracts and signed DocuSign merchant applications. Then the 30 minutes a month, or what we would consider one time proact or reactive things meaning if we called you and said, Hey, we need a bank code? Can you send that? Can you text that over to us? Hey, can you fax us a copy of the bank statements? Can you email this document, we need to renew your LLC? So these, that’s why I could say, say take 30 minutes or less. These would just be things if we reached out to you that you would help us with and the only thing we ask treat us like a valued vendor and be responsive when we do reach out to you. And we do that typically through text and email. Because once again, we’re not trying to be invasive. Okay. So that is that’s the program in a nutshell. I want to go over a couple of different things. Things that we’ve covered, we talked about the taxes, we talked about your protection, a couple different things. There’s only one per household, I do typically get that question. Other questions? I didn’t get a lot because I think I’ve covered most of it. You can you can text me so now’s the point. If you decide you, hey, this is something that I want to do. I want you to write down this email address. Now it’s a little bit longer but it’s new resellers spelled Okay, so new resellers with an “S” @reseller singular consultants with an “s” dot com ( Now, most importantly, though, if you if you didn’t get that I went too fast. I want everybody to write down my phone number. This is my business phone number. I have it with me all the time.

Justin: Jerry give me the email again.

Jerry: Okay, it’s new “n e w s e l l e r s” @reseller “r e s e l l e r” consultants “c o n s u l t a n t ( )”

Justin: What’s your phone number?

Jerry: And the phone number is 561-644-3743. Okay, if you have any questions you want to know, if you qualify or you didn’t hear something, please reach out to me. You know, if if there was something specific that you wanted me to address, I don’t mind taking time to educate people about our program. I’m more than happy to do that. Now if you do decide this is something you know you want to do. And you want to get started. You’re going to email please, when you email, give us your full name. Tell them you came from Justin. Okay. And we need your phone number. We’ll have your email address. So if you can tell, tell them hey, this is Jerry Bohn and here’s my phone number and I attended Justin’s webinar. They will get the information out to you of those six items. Now thats very important. One thing we ask is like if you want to do this, we do have positions available throughout this week. And next week. We have advertisers that want new resellers. So this isn’t like hey, if you don’t sign up now, I don’t work like that. But I do want to tell you there are times when average we have advertisers they Need resellers and there’s times that we don’t have advertiser and you’re put on a waitlist. So we have availability. And I’ve been talking to Justin about that, hey, we happen to have some openings. Let’s let’s have a calm conversation with your individuals and give them the opportunity first to do this. So if it’s something you want to do, I would suggest, do your research find out. And that’s that’s pretty much what I wanted to cover. Did you have any questions? Oh, go ahead.

Justin: They have a decent amount of questions. I just want to make sure the email:

Jerry: No, it’s actually “newresellers”.

Justin: I knew it. I knew it was new newresellers.

Jerry: You have it all right, but there are the “re” newresellers ( ).

Justin: So there’s several questions here. And just for the sake of time, here’s what I would ask you guys to do. Reach out to Jerry, specifically, they’re talking about different, you know, entity setups, and if a client quits, and what I know about these trainings is if you start to dig in, because you’re so knowledgeable, you will go for another hour answering questions. (Jerry: Yes) What I would like to do for everybody because it’s 8:30 Eastern Time and 5:30. Pacific Time. Reach out to Jerry: and his phone number 561-644-3743. Reach out to him directly. Go ahead.

Jerry: So I just want to say if you have questions, I’d prefer you to text me to that number. And then if it’s a longer question, I can always arrange I’m really good about getting back to people a conversation on the phone. But if you text me Hey, Jerry, I like I just noticed one of the questions was, I’m from Canada, can we do this? Unfortunately, you have to be a US citizen. We work in all states except for Hawaii. So but I can text you that back? If it was an in depth question, I’d be more than happy to jump on the phone. If you know you want to do it. You don’t have to text me you can still text me It’s okay. You can email to the and request the “Welcome Email”. That’ll be the signal for you to try to return. We do typically try to get people to get sent those back in three business days. But there’s a weekend coming up. So I know that you know, that might be Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Okay.

Justin: Perfect. Let’s go everybody this is Listen, I’ll say it again. Very rarely do I come across very rarely, like, do I come across something that like is, I don’t wanna say it’s free money. But it’s like a perfect little side hustle. Are you going to be able to pay your mortgage at $750 a month? No. But I’m not telling you this is going to be a business going to make you 750 grand a year. I’m saying focus on real estate, it’d be able to monetize something that can help you afford all the other costs of the other business, prop stream, batch, skip, skip tracing, those are costs. This is a way to subsidize those costs. I do this in multiple different angles. in my own life, I have nine streams of income, I don’t care income doesn’t mean I have nine multimillion dollar streams of income. This can be a stream of income for you. As long as you have halfway decent credit. You have the bank statements he’s going to ask for and the tax returns, you will be able to get this done. And it just it can help afford you to actually win and make multiple seven figures every year, being a real estate investor because you’re listening to me you’re taking my advice. I’m coaching you guys, right? This can just facilitate that. Take me up on it. Don’t take me up on it. I don’t care. Jerry doesn’t care. He wants the right people.

Jerry: Well one thing I wanna add. I had one one quick thing, Justin, because I get I get excited about stuff like this, like like you said this, you’re not retiring from this, you’re not buying a Ferrari. But what if you could take this money and pull and parlay that into getting some coaching from you. Because maybe maybe this person is, you know, one of your students just needs that extra little bit of help. Because I’ll tell you, this, folks, this people that get coaching and get help and mentoring, I have paid and I’ve invested in myself, you never lose when you invest in yourself, you never lose. So if you could take that and parlay it into a little bit more information, a little bit knowledge. Now all of a sudden you’re taking this momentum of this 750 and you’re able to start doing deals that you didn’t understand or didn’t have the capacity to do. What does that what does that equate and once you have the information here, it never goes away. So I just think that’s a great opportunity to take this initial funding and the small amount up, but you can, you can roll that into knowledge and information. That’s powerful. So thank you for that…

Justin: Here’s something I’ll even layer on this brother in, I thank you for your time. And we’ll let everyone go. If you guys do this and get accepted, I’ll coach you for a year, you can make payments to me. And I’ll coach you for a year now, you’ll still have to make the payments, but that’s what the money is used for. I’ll throw that out there. I’ve never made anything, any offer like that before. I’ve never take payments like that before. But that’s how it just is a game changer for you guys. Right? So just take it seriously. And if you take it seriously, I will do and if Jerry gets you approved, and you’re starting to make those type of checks, then I’m happy to coach you for a year with those payments. It’s not going to be for free. I don’t I don’t give my expertise away for free but that will help facilitate it and I don’t do that ever. I don’t do that type of payment plan. But if you take it seriously and you’re serious about your business, I’ll be serious right there with you. So Jerry, I appreciate it. I want everyone to be able to go have a good night you too. By the way, brother. And take this seriously. Phone numbers are in the in the chat box. Emails are in the chat box. Reach out to Jerry he’s the real deal. It’s really amazing. So (Jerry: thanks), appreciate you, dude. All right, good night. See ya.

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