Meet The tsof family

science of marketing

justin colby

Founder & real estate coach

Justin Colby is the founder of The Science of Flipping Podcast and The Science of Flipping Coaching Program and is an active Real Estate investor having flipped over 1600 homes in multiple markets over his 14+ year career.


As a coach and mentor, Justin has advised 1000s of clients on how to become a real estate investor and is a recognized national public speaker.
Chris Lewis

Chris Lewis

coo & Director of marketing

Chris Lewis started in Real Estate in 2009. He built one of Baltimore’s Premier Real Estate Investing Sales Teams and has closed $100s millions in sales, as well as flipped and wholesaled 500+ properties.

He and Justin partnered to grow the Science Of Flipping to become the #1 training and coaching system for Real Estate Investing.

chara lewis

chara Lewis

director of client success

Chara got her start in Real Estate in 2012 when she joined her husband Chris to build and systemize his Real Estate team. She has designed and managed over 100+ flips and ran a successful staging company which staged over 150+ properties per year. 

She now “runs things for these boys” and is the director of client success for The Science of Flipping training and coaching program.