PPC Is The Best Marketing Method For Motivated Sellers

Is PPC Is The Best Marketing Method For Motivated Sellers?


 I have seen so many different iterations of marketing in how to find deals over the last 14 years. I can’t even tell you now, the key to this episode, or the reason why I’m really making this a highlight of this episode is I have found something that I never thought actually would be real. I have been in the space of coaching and educating now since 2014. And I’ve seen a lot of people out there trying to sell systems and tools that they say will work for your marketing and finding more motivated sellers than you’ve ever found.

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And one of those, you know, knew it, I guess systems that has been being sold across many platforms is this idea of pay per click advertising on Google. Yeah, you heard it. I’m talking about PPC on Google. Now. I myself have used PPC for many, many, many years. But specifically, I’ve used it in my market that I’m in which is Phoenix. And so recently, it has been I don’t know sold to the masses that it can actually work nationally. I’m very good friend, Nick Perry. He is actually a previous coaching client of mine, who really made it his mission to make this work. And while he made it work really well, I didn’t think it was replicatable for most. And I am here to tell you today, right this very moment, I am doing deals in 10 plus states, in countless cities within those states. And it is all because of pay per click advertising. For those of you that don’t know what that actually is. It is actually the top three or five links that when you search anything on Google specific to Google and Bing, and you type in sell my home fast. on Google, the top three to five, maybe a little more aren’t typically ads, you will tell that they’re ads because they’ll have a little yellow box on there that says ad. I don’t care what you’re looking for. Whether it’s a new car, whether it’s groceries, whether it’s really cool memorabilia like I have behind me, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, whatever you are searching on Google, typically the top three to five links are actually ads. And so I’ve always used this by hiring a company, the best company I know to promote for individual markets is going to be geo flip. geoprobe is the company I swear by if you are looking to do this in an individual market, right if you’re just doing it in Phoenix or just Milwaukee or just Oklahoma City or just Knoxville, Tennessee, then the company I would refer to you is geo flip. They’re actually going to have you fill out a form if you go over there and just let them know Justin Colby sent you, and they are the company I would refer for you.

But what I didn’t know was replicatable until recently, and I didn’t believe it until I did it was the fact that I can bring this in house, I can literally have my manager run this. And we are actually now doing deals in 10 plus states, and I actually think is going to continue to increase. Because even as of today, we’re getting leads in states, we have not yet done a deal in. And so I bring this to light on this episode, because I will tell you, if you’re considering pay per click advertising, it is doable. Not only is it doable, and does it work, you don’t need to hire a company to do it. As long as you are going, you know wide. I’ve always believed you need to have a management company to do this, even in your own market is just not the case. If you are willing to spend 10 to 30 minutes a day working on your Google ad, you can actually make this work for you. Now here’s the caveat this is you know why I really didn’t believe it could work for everybody. The caveat to this is it can be expensive. pay per click advertising on Google can be more expensive than most other advertising. Now you guys know I’m emit massive, massive, massive advocate of cold calling. I love cold calling in secondary to that I love text messaging. And as a matter of fact, I’ve just received a bunch of questions this last couple of weeks about who I use for cold calling. If you are watching this, in the comment section of YouTube, go ahead and ask me the question, I’m happy to introduce you to the company that I use for cold calling, I’ll send you their link and the whole thing. So if you’re interested in who I use for cold calling, I’ll make the connection. If you’re not watching this on YouTube, you should be first and foremost. But secondly, you can find me on social media, the Justin Colby, send me a direct message asked who I’m using for cold calling. And I’ll send you the link to connect you directly to that company. Because it’s not some big company you’ve heard everywhere, right. And so again, send me a direct message on social media or send me a comment right there on YouTube. Now that being said, cold calling has done very well to go wide, and it has a low lead cost. Okay, low lead cost. So I really love cold calling texting. PPC is the other way. PPC has higher lead costs, lower lead volume, but more motivation. So that’s the key. Right? I’m a firm believer, if you want to have three different marketing strategies in any given time period for your marketing, I don’t care if your door knocking or virtually door knocking cold calling text messaging pay per click advertising direct mail bandit signs, as long as you have more than one, I’m okay with two, I would prefer three as long as you have more than one we’re good. The reason why PPC can be challenging for some is going to be you do need to have some level of a marketing budget to make it work anything less than $3,000 a month or in other words $100 a day, pay per click advertising might be too challenging for you because you need to be able to spend that every single month. In fact, I just recently increased my marketing budget, specifically to pay per click advertising, we are still doing a lot of cold calling. As I said, reach out to me, I’ll let you know we’re using. But I really want you guys all to know that if you have interest in this, it really does work. Right. And I actually have some training that might be able to help you. I’m developing some training that might be able to help you get going on this. But it is such a cool thing. Because the key to PPC versus cold calling cold calling brings me a lot more leads. pay per click advertising brings me less leads with much higher motivation. So if you are just starting out, or maybe you have a job that doesn’t allow you to have a lot of time to do follow up and nurture and you’re not doing this yet full time. Pay Per Click average, pay per click advertising PPC might genuinely be the best fit for you. Less leads higher motivation. Now, again, I’ll circle back to this does it cost more than cold calling? Essentially? Yes, it does. But if you really want to take this serious, this could be the option for you.
I think this is a good segue into talking to people that are more experienced and just say this would be foreshore something you have to do there really isn’t Should I I’m not sure it works. I’m telling you now, as someone who was skeptical 90 days ago myself that I didn’t believe this could work. I thought it was, you know, kind of out there something people were trying to sell the, you know, sell, you can do this kind of like what I believe Facebook ads to be I don’t believe Facebook ads work for motivated sellers. I’m sure someone could prove me wrong. But that’s my opinion. This, on the other hand, absolutely works for motivated sellers, you absolutely can find highly motivated individuals through pay per click advertising, here is why let me break down for you why Facebook, for example, is interest based, okay? The people that go on Facebook, look at things that they’re interested in.


Google is intent based people go into Google for things that they have intention to look for, to find to buy or to sell. That is the major difference. So when you go to Google, or when I go to Google and just think of your own practices, you’re typically looking for an intention, right? I want to buy this or I want to sell this or I want to, you know, what did I just recently, oh, I recently went to Google to try to find rim repair. Yes, rim repair, my wife has a little problem around those Starbucks drive thru sheets, tends to hit the curb around my rim. So I was looking for someone to repair several rims of mine. Were my rooms, rims of mine, jeez. And so that was my intention. So I found companies that did that. And I did notice the top five were ads, those companies were spending money on Google to place themselves at the top of the ranking. Well, that is what you would be doing. So it is intention based, not interest based. That’s why I don’t believe Facebook has as much power nowhere near as Google. So if you are an experienced investor, you do have a marketing budget, call it $100 a day, maybe three grand a month. My advice, depending upon where you’re at in business would be to a I love cold calling b i love pay per click advertising Google, if you don’t have a lot of time, I would tend to lean towards Google, if you’re doing this full time, I would tend to lean towards cold calling, because cold calling is going to bring you in more leads. As I’ve always told you. This is in a an event based business you were trying to find the right person at the right time going through the right event so that you could potentially buy their home. So again, if you’re full time I would lean towards cold calling. If you’re part time I’d lean towards PPC. Either way, you need a marketing budget and I would consider about $100 a day to be the right move. Hopefully you guys liked this. Hopefully that made you think if nothing else. Again, if you’re listening to us on iTunes, give me a five star review. I would love that. If you are not yet over at YouTube. Go over there, subscribe to my channel, turn on notifications. And I look forward to seeing you guys on the next podcast. Peace.

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