Optimize Every Opportunity.

Optimize Every Opportunity.

So when I did 96 fix and flips in one year, the main thing that my challenge was cash crunch. You get a cash crunch, you’re buying, you’re rehabbing. Contractors fucking go over budget, contractors get delayed, blah, blah, blah contractors suck. But now you have a cash crunch. So I fixed that by wholesaling my company the deal, making about 10 grand on the deal. It just comes off the back end revenue. I didn’t make more money. I didn’t steal from anything. I was gonna make 40. Now I’m making 30 because I made 10 on the front end. So now I have my upfront fee that’s paying all my bills and allowing me to do shit. Does that make sense?Absolutely. The only reason I tell you not to go into flipping is just timing right? This second. It’s just not the time. But you can because you have access to capital. Give yourself 90 days. Let’s wash this economy out. Let’s see what happens with the interest rate. Then go into flipping if things start to stabilize. But until you do, don’t think as a wholesaler, like remove even a word. Right? You are a marketer. you’re optimizing every opportunity.

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