HOW To Talk To Contractors: LIVE video

HOW To Talk To Contractors: LIVE video

Good, you have me in Carson here. So I know you’ll I know, you know, Casey, right. She’s part of my team. Cool. So long, very long story short, just to make sure we can all get to our next calls and appointments, we have a house that we’re going to be buying as a rental. And the last property I worked with that I think even you maybe even did the floorings at o ne point, in Tulsa, there was another contractor that did some other work on it and totally fucked us in a really terrible way.

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And so that is its own issue. But now I’m really looking for contractors that can do the complete job and are trustworthy and do good work. And why I’m having this call is we have another guy that we’re looking at, because we want to buy a decent amount of investments, right? And so we want to try to create the relationship that provides value to both sides, not just one property at a time. So I say all that to say we already have one contractor, that’s going to give us a bid. It’s only good business to kind of just find two, two or three people and make sure that we can find the right people that aren’t necessarily the cheapest, by the way, I’m not as concerned with that, but that are just going to do good work. Right? And, you know, so we have a guy that’s gonna go see the property, I think today we’d like to get you in and to give a bid. The reason why I’m having a conversation with Carson is because I want to make sure we both are we’re all on the same understanding of like, what a bid really means to us. And I’ve had plenty of contractors that go quote unquote, bid a job for me, and they come back with a price dollar amount $40,000 And there’s not hing line itemed, like no materials, no labor, nothing, so you don’t actually know what you’re getting. They literally will say interior 20 grand exteriors 20 grand. You’re like, I don’t know how your business baller, like what is that? If we can find time, I’m gonna allow you I’ll keep this `short, I’ll allow you and Carson to kind of light up the timing for you to try to bid the job for us again. You know, we’re getting the home inspected by an inspector, we’re paying for a full blown inspection since we’re keeping it right? So I want some of the stuff like the pipes and electrical and some of the bigger stuff that you know, your remodel budget won’t usually entail. So we’re gonna pay for that to make sure you know, there’s no big ticket items that need to be fixed. And then if you can go walk the property based around a rental model meaning you know, if the cabinets are good enough, I’m happy to keep them and paint them white. If they are destroyed and whatever then I’m also happy to replace them. But I don’t need to pimp out the property right I don’t need to do granite and so right. But new paint you know potentially new carpeting or whatever so anyways, I think you totally get it I’ll leave the rest up to you in Carson did to schedule the right time because of sellers and older individual and scheduling time has been a little bit of a challenge to say the least. And then do you have any questions for me or Carson at all? No so my point of the inspection is to see if it needs to be fixed and then have that discussion with whatever GC we choose whether it’s you or the other gentleman it’s uh hey, you know inspection came back saying you know, whatever the case is right? And they’ll say hey, what does that look like and do you have good you know, subs that can do that because likely is not under your umbrella per se right? Because it’d be usually electrical or plumbing or maybe even a roof but so we would have that discussion with whatever GC we choose between you and the other gentleman and I just always tried to be honest right like I don’t I never tried to over promise under deliver that’s why I’m telling you there’s another gentleman also bidding is because I tried to do good business right I don’t want to Sideswipe you be like oh bro, it’s not your job. You know, it’s like so anyways, I really appreciate that. Yeah. Well cool. Well, cars if you can start to line up with Landon, the timing with the seller and all that for him to walk it. Like we’re all good here. Roger that. Alright guys. Appreciate your time.

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