How To Negotiate With Different Personalities

So, the key to any of this, and I’ll give you these slides and you know, I’m sure most of you have heard me coach on this. It’s just like, the better you are knowing this, the slower you can slow down.

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Unless you’re going against read, then you got to go. Here’s the offer, take it or leave it.
So the red personality is very much driven personality. They’re resolute, they’re decisive. They’re prompt, persuasive, competitive, determined, strong willed, they’re loud, there will be in your face. What do you want right now? Give me the offer. Hurry up. That’s right. That’s who they are. They don’t want any BS. who they are as a person is they don’t want the small talk. They do not care about you give me the offer. I will say yes or no right now Hurry up. And just respect it. Okay, here. There’s your offer ticket. No, yeah, maybe I don’t know. Right, like, but this is why I’m saying being a chameleon has been my strongest suit. You could put me into any market, any place, any party, any whatever, I will get along with the people. Because I understand that I need to be who I need to be in certain times. Makes sense. So the red person is really just get out of my way. get straight to the point. I want you guys to figure out who I am. By the way. I’m going to go through the first four you don’t get to cheat. I’m neither do you know you get to go through the first core. So yellow, fun, enthusiastic, inspiring, open, convincing, charming, optimistic, creative and easygoing, outgoing, flexible, spontaneous, communicative. So hard word to say for me for some reason, communicative These are the people are like, Hey, dude, we’re gonna do some fun. Let’s go talk to these people over here. Hey, there’s good people. It’s good to talk to them to Hey, I think I have an idea. Let’s go start a business together. Hey, why don’t we partner on this business? We’re going to get like, this is who that person is. Right? Easy going fun. inclusive. Hey, let’s partner together. They’re not about like, let’s do it together. make everyone feel good. Make it a win for everybody. That’s a yellow, green is amiable. Can’t we all get along there? Like I call them tree huggers? Right? Like, they want the best for everybody. They’re like the salt of the earth. Right? The people that you like, you’re the green, right? You’re like the epitome of a green. And so like friendly, calm, reliable, considerate, predictable, discreet, pleasant, stable, thoughtful, good listener. Like you just you just think of like someone who’s just like awesome, right? Like you just want to be around them all the time. They just are genuinely have a great energy. They’re easygoing they don’t have a red personality they don’t have a yellow who’s like balancing and high energy like they’re just like said again Mother Teresa. And I actually by the way through these slides there are a show you who you can relate them to in terms of people you might write Gandhi not Muhammad Ali. And then you have a blue super analytical right let’s get to the facts. So people like the easiest thing for me in my head because I’m a visual like I think of my accountant that’s a blue numbers statistics facts right? They can they care about accuracy above all else? detail oriented orderly systematic cautious, logical, quality oriented thorough correct. methodical reflective assuring again, in my world those are the two easiest two I can visualize read New York stockbroker blue accountant the other two I know but like if you guys are visual learners like me, I think of yellow I think of like bright high energy right like bouncing all over the place always fun always easy like talkative and then I think green like Earth like tree right like salt of the earth. That’s how I do it visually. But this is real like the like the more you understand this, the more you’re going to win in the sales of selling homeowners. So reds get to the point occupation attorney, pilot CEO stockbroker politician. Right. It’s their way or the highway a lot of times there is no like this is what we’re doing my way or the highway. If you don’t like it get out. There always right. Doesn’t matter if they’re wrong. They’re right. Make a decision live with it. Even if it’s mistake, they move on quick. Right? They tend to be like quarterbacks they throw interception. They forget immediately get rescued going live with it. Do that. Not compassionate, not terribly loving. their voice is strong and bold. And I want the point right now give me the offer right now. You said you’re gonna give me an offer hurry. Like they’re abrasive at the end of the day. I’m sure you guys know people like this. They dress for success. A lot of times they stand out like they’ll come in here and they’ll be in a suit and you’re just like bros two days of You don’t need a suit. But they will because as to like, it gives them that confidence, right? strength strong willed, independent, ambitious, goal oriented, intense focus, weakness. impatient, egotistical, short tempered, dominating, pushy, strict. This is what they dislike. They hate losing control, they need to stay in control.
indecision and chitchat, like don’t talk, they don’t want to small talk with you get to the point Hurry up. And as a boss, this can be very impactful because a lot of times bosses or CEOs tend to be like this, like make a decision, stick with it. Hurry up, don’t be indecisive. Go, right. So a lot of times, leaders try to be a read when they’re not read. And it’s their failure. Like reds or reds naturally. You can’t try to be a red if you’re not a red. It doesn’t work. But what happens is when you’re put in a role of a boss in entrepreneurship, not just real estate investing, people try to be reds because they think that’s what it is to be the boss. That’s just interactive, inaccurate. yellows, which is almost a green yellow here, I don’t know. occupations would be sales, entertainment, public speakers. Remember high energy loved to talk love to be loved, tend to be big thinkers. We’re going to conquer the world national wholesaling. We’re going to do 200 deals a month. It’s gonna be awesome. Yes, let’s go this partner is gonna rule the world. Yellow. Right? Like you’re like, oh, clo. How many month 200 deals a month. No kidding. Okay. You’re yellow. They are risk takers. They will take risks. enthusiastic on starting. Not great on the follow through.
Do I know anyone like that?
loves to tell stories. Big storyteller talks with their hands. voices are loud and fast dresses, stylish, colorful, flamboyant. strengths, outgoing, inspiring, stimulating, enthusiastic, positive, high energy, weaknesses, unorganized, and disciplined, exaggerated and they talk too much egotistic and counteractive. dislikes not having fun. If it’s boring. They don’t want it. They hate facts and figures. You want them to spreadsheet they are out far out. And they hate being bored. Green amiable. Can’t we all just get along teachers, nurses, counselors. they donate the time to others not motivated. Hate conflict will not negotiate theirs. I’ll show you some more but like, they will just say yes. We’ll talk behind someone’s back instead of confronting them because they do not like conflict. They typically are soft spoken in gentle dresses, typically casual the comfortable strengths dependable patient team player supportive, respectful, reliable, weaknesses, stubborn, uncertain, compliant, awkward, not goal oriented. And they dislike conflict push people willingness now let me state this these are some generalities of the type right so if you’re trying to figure out who you are or whatnot, like you’re not gonna have all these qualities per se, but the book goes through this in depth by the way right? And it’s pretty darn accurate now Do you not have every last quality or No, it’s not that but for the most part blue analytical accountant engineers skeptical at everything prove it to me Show me the facts always needs more information you need to be specific with them no theory only proven data backed facts. Soft and polite dresses formal and conservative. Organized planers, planners, accurate persistent thoughtful, methodical, diligent, weakness, critical, narrow minded, indecisive, more moralizing, hard to please and lonely. Just like to push people hates no facts being late and lazy people. What color my
and red. You’re correct. There’s you I mean, you usually have a dominant color and your secondary color. So I’m a strong yellow and light red. 100% correct. The blue actually used to be yellow. I used to be considered my blue the fun, outgoing, right? So I know that there’s other books that swip swap the colors, but if you just saw I’m just sticking to this one and there’s no bad or right or wrong, right? Like these are just the personalities. So the more you know that, like if I’m dealing with a yellow dude, we’re gonna have a good time. It’s gonna be easy conversation. We’ll talk about fun stuff. We’ll throw in some sports. We’ll throw in family but business Yeah, I still want to sell Yeah, great. Okay, anyway. What about this? This is a cool painting Where do you get like, easy going? Green? Okay, so it’s just gonna be slow, methodical, very stat oriented. comps, I’m gonna present comps, here’s what things are selling for. Right? reds, here’s your offer, I know you probably want to take it or leave it, what do you want? Cuz I’m going to match you, I know what you want, you want to make a decision. So here’s your offer, I’m not going to beat around the bush. So you just need to know how to get there. So here’s a little bit more synopsis. Right? So this is meant when I train this to my students, I’d like go through how to do this with sellers. Right. But like, if you have a blue, you know, they’re gonna have a slow reaction. You want to maximize your effort to organize minimal interest in relationships, historical historical timeframe, they will keep going back. Yeah, but two months ago, yeah, but a year ago, yeah. Like they will continue to bring up facts from the past. cautious. tendency to avoid involvement, right. Green, stable calm, reactionary. dominant, red dominant, quick reaction, maximal effort and control, minimal interest and caution. Caution in relationships, current timeframe, direct action, yellow, inspiring, rapid reaction. I’m a buyer, like, as a good salesperson, you’re always a buyer. I buy shit all $85,000 in coaching last year, I’m already close to 50 grand this year in this right? So as a salesperson, you tend to be a buyer. So yellows tend to be good buyers, pros and cons. So let’s focus on the cons if you’re dealing with a homeowner. So if you’re up against a blue, they’re going to be very critical, indecisive, you’re not going to get a one call close. You’re not going to get a one meeting close. You’re going to be narrow minded. They’re going to be fastidious, and moralizing. They will judge you as a slimeball sales investor, if you like do a typical anchor, which I don’t do anchors that way. But like, if you’ve ever heard, you want to anchor them real low. And then that way you can negotiate and then you’ll meet around the number you really want. Like in sales as a taught. That’s a taught strategy. If you’re with the blue and you go, like, oh, I’ll buy your home for 100 grand, knowing you could pay 200 the blue, like judge you owe your slamball I’m not doing business with you. Now, I think most people would, but you get what I’m saying? greens, they’re stubborn. I want what I want, and I’m going to get what I want and I’ll wait to get what I want. I’m no rush. uncertain, compliant, dependable, awkward. So they’re going to say yes to everything because they don’t want you they don’t want conflict. But it doesn’t mean they’re going to execute it. Now that sounds great. Yeah, give me the offer. Yeah, give me give me give me because they don’t want to negotiate. They don’t want to be hardcore conflict. Right? doesn’t mean they’re gonna execute the offer. So just gonna say yes to you all the time. But executing it’s going to be different. Read can be pushy, strict, tough dominate hard. Read the most obvious to me. When you’re going against read, you should know it like out of the gate. They’re literally going to say the things that you’re like, Oh my god, okay, easy. Let me work on getting an offer. Right, like, I’ll get there. And then a negative for yellows, manipulative, hot tempered, undisciplined, counteractive and egotistic. I would say I don’t have all those qualities. But those are the negatives. By the way, when I say what are the negatives, that is the perceived negative people are gonna perceive me as egotistical I’ve heard it the majority of my adult life You’re so cocky Justin. I don’t mean to be but how I come off as who I am. I’ve heard it the majority of my life but again just to clarify that’s not what they are. That’s not is how people perceive what reds are. Right. It’s what people perceive what yellows are right. salespeople are typically yellows, which means they typically are in a sales role as you sell the roles. What do people think of salespeople?
slimy manipulative right. happens so I don’t know how hot tempered really. I mean, I’m just such even keel easygoing. So I don’t know many yellows that are like fiery hot tempered like that. Alright, so how do you sell to different personalities? What do we know about the reds, their fiery personalities and make quick decisions? They hate wasting time they want to answer now. They just want to execute the can’t stand stupid. If you’d like I don’t really know. They are not about it to go away. I can’t deal with you. Their love languages. Remember the five Love Languages, one of the best books ever written. They are directed to the point no jibber jabber they don’t want to waste time allow them to feel like they when they have to make the process clear they must be involved. They have to feel needed. They’re very needy. They need to feel significant. They must be in control. yellows, they love the spotlight people people people find fun fun, love telling stories love to talk not organized. scatterbrained big personalities. definitely have some of these qualities. Love Languages want to talk it out. We have a problem. Let’s talk it out. Must be about them and their journey. Me me me me must be exciting. hate doing boring shit. You will handle all the logistics. You will I want. That’s unlikely. wants it done sooner than later. wants to know you care about why they are selling. What do we know about green people calm laid back. Want to make sure everyone is happy. Not a big socializer thoughtful, kind, considerate. Hate conflict confrontation risk adverse like consistency. love to be in their comfort zone to change. Love Languages Win Win scenario everyone’s got to win or we don’t do it. This will be this won’t be a big process. wants everything easy, seamless. Nothing will be rushed. No quick decisions patient. Once decision is made nothing will change does the right thing always. Even if they lose they will do the right thing. blues heavily rely on the flax know it alls. think too much before they act will not rush a decision can be awkward around people quiet must have a specific plan questioning stubborn. Their love languages fact driven, slow processor won’t feel comfortable with uncertainty will only move forward once reviewed all the data won’t make a quick decision will ask all the questions data driven needs to know the entire process before. So ultimately, if you are able to the two that probably have the hardest time will be blues and reds, a blue going against the red is a tough go both ways. Right? Red decision right now blue methodical factor of it needs to make sure it’s the right decision looks at all the historical data, right? Like both ways whoever’s trying to sell the other person that’s a tough go. The easiest person to sell who’s the easiest person to sell all day long yellows, you’ll be able to sell yellows all day long. Doesn’t matter who you are. If you’re a blue, you can tell yellow. Because you’ll give me a lot of confidence. This guy knows what the hell he’s talking about. Look at all this data. I don’t even know what the data means. I’m in this is amazing. Marketing. Right. So greens kind of are the again, they’re easygoing, but they don’t make rash decisions either. So again, the hardest personality for someone to deal with is red. And I know you called yourself red not saying hard to deal with but that is in the sales component. Most the other colors have a hard time dealing with your red because besides a yellow, the greens and the blues they don’t want to make a decision the Reds they don’t like well not to sell to beings like yeah, like so red wants a decision take my offer Don’t take my offer, I don’t care make a decision. So great. But a blue might take their offer if they were a little more patient. Like it might be the right number. But because a red personality typically By the way, we’re not all this like to be careful and to be certain like you’re not every defined characteristic I’m not every defined like these are generalities based around the book. So you don’t have every one of these characteristics. I don’t have every one of the yellow characteristics so I just want to be certain but like the reason why reds are hard is because they are so like making action move Now hurry. And besides a yellow greens and blues won’t.
So then the red although the offer is the right offer, because they’re like not patient they don’t want to follow up they want to follow up with you make a decision if you’re going to say no, just say no Now hurry up. That’s hard. That’s why when I go into this space and I teach read sales, I have to calm them down and make them understand follow up in the power of follow up because it’s not natural for read or read that one call close guy teaching them follow up and nurture and build a relationship. That’s not easy for reds. Right? They just on to the next let’s just keep going. That’s the high level salesperson is the the chameleon. You could be a hardcore red, but when you go against a blue all And you’re like, let me get my facts together. Let me present you the whole thing. When I have that, I’ll give you that because He’s good. He’s red, it’s gonna kill him inside. But he’s gonna say, Okay, I’m going to get some blue, I gotta get to the blue level. So now I gotta go drive all the facts, bring all the comps, show all the numbers and make this elaborate, beautiful presentation. So the blue can then go. Very nice. Let me fact check that, right. I mean, there for me, for a yellow blues are the hardest personality to deal with. For me. They are difficult, like not even just in business, just like, in general, just like man.
God, gosh, is
Yeah. And it’s just hot. Like, we’re just so different blues and yellows like, and it’s not just like fun, fun, fun versus like, boring. It’s just like, there’s just something almost energetically different, where it’s just like the blues just really dive into the facts on anything and everything like hey, I think the best restaurant is all of an IV let’s go to all of an IDA. Well, you know, based around Yelp and the amount of stars that all the restaurants are giving and I really think it’s in the top third like what they have a great salad. What do you want from me? Like let’s go to all of an IV right? Like, you know what I mean? Like it’s just that like, So, the key to any of this and I’ll give you these slides and you know, I’m sure most of you have heard me coach on this. It’s just like, the better you are knowing this the slower you can slow down. Unless you’re going against read and you got to go here’s the offer. Take it or leave it

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