How To Get A Deal With No Marketing Budget


. So this video is for those trying to get their first deal. And truthfully, this could be even those that are trying to get a consistency in deals. So make sure you pay attention and implement this one strategy in your business right away. All right, so for those of you just getting started as wholesalers and real estate investors, one thing I will tell you is, it can be challenging, as we all know, to get your first deal, I would advise you to do one thing as part of your strategy to get your first deal. Find the expert in the area, find the veteran, find someone like myself, who has been doing it for 13 years, consistently and find a way to work together. Now what does that mean? Well, it can mean a bunch of different things. But let me give you some examples of ways that you can work together so that you don’t have to come out of pocket for a big marketing expense. And you can make some money fast. The reason why I’m actually shooting this video guys is I actually have two students here in Phoenix that basically have made the decision to partner with me to get their first deals done, both of them got a deal done and got paid in the first 30 days, both of them have made checks north of $5,000 each. And the reality is they can just keep this business model turning and actually make a ton of money as I myself am doing anywhere from 10 to 20 deals a month, every month. And as long as they’re implemented in my strategy, they can make 20 $500 $3,000 $5,000, one of the first checks that one student of mine, specifically, last month made was north of $5,000. So these aren’t small little checks. I’d ask you imagine what would $5,000 more do for you right now, especially going into the holidays.

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Now here’s the other big thing about this, that students specifically actually works full time at a completely different job. He is doing a part time hustle in real estate investing in wholesaling. And he’s already done two deals in the first call it 60 days one a month. But the point I’m bringing to you is in the first 30 days, because he came to me and said, hey, let’s create some level of a partnership, he was actually able to get his first deal done in the first 30 days, and he actually made five grand in the first 30 days. Now how do you do that? What do you say to the veteran? What do you say to the guy who has all the experience? And essentially has the marketing capital to do it all himself? How do you present yourself in a way that that veteran that staple in the market would actually want to work with you? Well think about what they would want or think about what they would need. So when you’re having the conversation, the conversation really is just focused on them about Hey, can I help you with maybe other investor contacts, realtor contacts, some door knocking, cold calling, things that they could do, just by brute force or a better way of saying that just by using their actions instead of creating or spending money on marketing that can actually help me get more deals done. If I can get more deals done, I am more than happy to share the wealth. And I know almost every real veteran who’s been in the game for a long time would would feel the same way. If you can help me get more deals, I’m happy to make sure you get paid period. So this student of mine who is actually partnering with me now is actually focusing on developing realtor relationships, leveraging my experience and financial capabilities to say, hey, realtors, we are looking for off market deals. Justin’s specifically, he leverages my name in the space that I’m in Justin is looking to buy more off market deals. He’s looking to, you know, make offers. He’s happy to make sure that you get paid and essentially make it so that it’s not a listing for you now but you can still make a commission or even a profit spread on the deal. Would you be interested now, back in the day What this would be called is bird dogging. Right?

That’s what we used to call it 567 years ago is you’re essentially a bird dog. But what the the reframe nowadays is, like, I have weekly meetings with these individuals, trying to figure out how they can actually make more money per check, right? Because I want them not just to make two grand, or three grand, four grand, or even five grand, I want them to try to get bigger checks like 70 510, grand, etc. And what I tell them and how I structure it, and I would tell you to structure it with the veteran in your market and say, Hey, if I can work the deal, if I can find the deal, and potentially even contract the deal with some of your assistance, can I make a piece of the wholesale fee. Now any reasonable wholesaler veteran wholesaler is gonna say, wait a minute, so you’re telling me, you’re going to put forth the work, you’re going to take the time, energy and effort to go find the deal, you’re going to negotiate the deal. And essentially, I’m just going to have to sell the deal. I’m more than happy to negotiate some sort of profit share split there. Now, the reason why it’s coaching is because I’m still advising him along the way, he’s not 100% certain where that offer needs to be out of the gate. And so there is a coaching involved. In fact, another student slash bird dog actually comes into the office each and every day and actually uses my resources in the sense of my team, and myself, my managers to make sure that he can get a number that really, really works for us, and contracts a deal. This other example I’m talking about, actually contracted two deals in his first week of being in my office each and every day. And he is going to get a percentage of that profit that can really change his life. This specific example actually got furloughed because of COVID. He wanted to go all in. And he knew that if he could sell himself to me, that I would be open to having him come in and actually work in as long as he works, I’m more than happy to have him come into the office. As a newbie, you really need to align yourself up with that veteran, you need to find a way to prove value to them, so that you can actually go out and do your deals, here’s what no veteran is likely going to do for you, though, they’re not going to likely give you access to their buyers list not going to happen.

They’re only going to say, if you have the available energy and time, you can sit in sit on my mojo dialer and cold call if you want, you can door knock and I will show you the system to door knock if you want, you can call realtors and try to make offers on off market properties if you want, as well as you can work with other investors to see if we can buy their properties. Now, you could do that yourself. But where the power comes in is you’re leveraging someone like me who’s been in the market for 13 years. And you can actually then have a different conversation when talking to a homeowner, real estate investor, realtor, or otherwise, because you now have 13 years of my partner or my boss, or whoever you want to say, is looking to buy more deals, it changes the frame of your conversation, you can start collecting pretty big checks. Here’s my big warning. If you have someone willing to do this with you, which for the most part, there’s no reason not to. Because for me, these people, whether they’re bird dogs, partners, however you want to say it, students, they know that they’re going to make more money with me than on their own when they’re just getting started. And what I do is I actually will allow them to create scenarios where we can actually grow together and allow them to grow in their own space along with me with my advisement, and it actually becomes a win win. And they’re collecting larger checks because they’re actually being able to not have to wonder what they should be doing. Because their growth I’m directly involved in. So for you, wholesalers, beginners that are trying to get in the space, find value that you can provide a veteran wholesaler, a veteran, real estate investor, if you do that in a way, such as door knocking, calling agents calling investors trying to find deals to buy or if I say cold calling, I would tell you, you’re going to find a place you’re going to find a home and you’re going to find yourself making money. And you’re going to make it quicker. As I mentioned two of the most the newest students and partners I have here in the Phoenix Arizona area. They collected checks in the very first 30 days, which is very hard for newbies to do. But they lowered their ego and pride and said I have to do it myself and they said hey Justin, I think I can get further faster with you. They jumped on board. They did what I advise them to do they leverage My team and making sure that we can contract the deal. And then we sell it and everyone’s making money. So this is one of if not the best ways to get into the game, get your first check, work for the veteran. And I don’t want to see this happen. I don’t want you to see you take this video, then then say, Okay, I’m going to go work for them. But once I’m done, I’m going to go out and do my own thing. Think of it as the very best relationship you possibly can have that you never want to end. And how can you after making a decent amount of money and making 1234 or five checks a month?

How do you now take that relationship and evolve it into a larger relationship where those checks become bigger and they become more? That’s what I want to see you guys do when you watch this video. If you liked this video, smash that like button, hit the subscribe button. I’m here in Sedona, Arizona. I’m excited to spend the next couple days just relaxing with the family, my wife, my dog, and taking a look at this incredible place. Unfortunately can’t see this this cathedral rock right back there. But anyways, I hope you’re good. I will see you soon. If you are wanting to talk to me about coaching. If you’re wanting to see about partnership about me helping you get to the next level, go to the science of website. There is a simple strategy session form there a business assessment form, fill it out, schedule a call directly with me, it’ll go straight to my calendar, and we’ll jump on a call and see how I can help you talk to you soon. Peace.

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