How To BEAT Your Competition for 2023 | Real Estate Investing

How To BEAT Your Competition for 2023 | Real Estate Investing

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Alright guys, welcome back to the episode as I shoot this episode, it is December 12. And what that means, the vast majority of you are calling it in, you’re throwing in the flag, you’re done for the year, you’re gonna wait for next year. What that means for me, I’m gonna monopolize this game, it is the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t. While you may have had a great year, maybe you’ve made a lot of money and now this is your time to take vacation, I respect it, we do this so we can live an incredible life. With that said, I also want to go gain market share. I am not as concerned of whether I go get the deal now, as I am concerned about starting the conversation, that to get the deal in January or February. You see the philosophy that I have that I hope you will adopt is different for those that are actually going to be taking vacation and going enjoy their lives again, love it, I respect it. As a business owner, I’m thinking this, it may not be that the person is going to sell their home today to me, because the holidays are coming and it’s December 12. But I might make that connection, and have that conversation that will allow me to get the deal in January, where my competition won’t. So if there’s one thing I can impress upon you right now in the middle of December, to help you keep pushing forward, is think about what your competition is doing. And do the opposite. Because I know the thing that has always kept me in the game, even when times get rough, even when there are challenges like there are right now in today’s economy is I’m willing to put forth the effort. And I understand not every meeting or every conversation is going to lead to a paycheck today, but has a better chance to leading to a paycheck tomorrow. That’s how you got to be thinking. It’s not about whether you can get the deal this month and squeeze something in this month is will it create an opportunity for you next month and the month after? Because we all know it’s about talking to people. For many of you guys, you know, I’ve been working privy and agents I’ve been direct to homeowners themselves and I buy from wholesalers. I’m having conversations with everyone right now. This is the time to put forth the effort that most other people want. Again, it’s a mindset. Ed Mylett calls it separation season right where you are separating yourselves from the others. So here’s a synopsis of the last 90 days, the economy has changed drastically. Inflation is real interest rates are way higher, and most real estate investors have either had to go out of business are vastly in trouble. Or maybe they made a lot of money and they’re calling it quits for the rest of the year, which is another two weeks. Either way, right now is your time to gain that market share right now is your time to go put forth the effort, whether it’s cold calling door knocking text messaging, working privy or otherwise, right now is your time to be able to create opportunities that yes may not happen in the next two weeks because of the holidays. But likely can happen in the next 30 days. You know a lot of people join gyms because they’re starting fresh new year new me blah, blah, blah, blah. Why can’t it be every day? New Day New me let’s keep pushing. Why can’t we just push ourselves? Because we do understand that if you’re not pushing, that means someone else’s that means your competition is and they’re gaining market share on you.

So if I can leave you with one thought with one belief with one understanding with one philosophy, that is just because it’s mid December does not mean you should be taking it off because the homeowners aren’t motivated to sell and close during the holidays. In fact, it means you should be having those conversations because even if they aren’t willing to close during the holidays, they’ll close the week after or the week after that. So hopefully this motivates you. Hopefully you understand how I think why I’m pushing my team so hard. I want you to be pushing too. If you haven’t yet, go over to Make sure you subscribe and check out all the videos there’s over 500 videos. If you are listening to this on iTunes, drop me a five star review. I’d appreciate it. Peace.

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