DONT Be a “one trick pony”

DONT Be a “one trick pony”

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Being a one trick pony gets tricky. The only times I’ve really been hurt in my business is like I only bought homes at the auction, direct mail. I was only doing direct mail all the sudden the call-back ratio went to like nothing. Okay, now I’m hurt again. So anytime that you’re just a one trick pony and only tried to acquire in one single way, then it can be challenging. So I still love to be able to have calling as one of my verticals. So I do a lot of cold calling, because I already spent so much money on skip tracing guess what’s next? Texting. So I always have multiple avenues. Co-wholesaling is one, privy is one. calling is one, Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising became really big for us. We’re spending about $50K a month on. And it’s still working. You don’t stop when it keeps working right? So right now. We currently as of last month still are getting a 5x return. So it’s been unbelievable. And that’s not doing a single flip that is all wholesaling.

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