Best Strategies To Build Your Buyers List

Best Strategies To Build Your Buyers List

 I will tell you one best strategy to consistently build your buyers list but also get in front of these hedge funds is realtors. Okay. Realtors typically have those relationships because hedge funds tend to lean on Realtors a ton. And so, you know, one of the best ways for realtors or to find realtors will be well, not one, but several best ways, right

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? So Zillow is one of them. Right? So if you go on to Zillow, you will be able to go see listings, right active listing, sold, comps, etc. Reach out to those agents in that area. Now, you might be thinking, Justin, but I don’t have a deal yet. I have nothing to reach out to them for. Yeah, you might not, but your other wholesalers might. And that’s where you can leverage other people’s deals to at least open the conversation. So you know, I have plenty of friends that have deals and if I was just getting started, I would be able to take that deal and open the door slightly to have that conversation with the realtor which is gonna give me confidence. I might not have my own deal. But they have a deal that I want to be able to leverage to open the door with those realtors. So again, utilizing Zillow, looking at active listings, as well as closed listings is really one best practice that we use every single day in our business, right. The next thing will be you can put in a zip code you can put in a county, right that you can actually leverage the other deal from another wholesaler right and then you can go in and have those conversations with realtors in those zip codes. And lastly, you can use prop stream to go find cash transactions through zip code or county and look up the realtors that were a part of that transaction and go ahead and give them a call let them know that you know that they have investing buyers and clients and that you have deal that is off market that you’re contemplating whether you’re going to remodel or whatnot but you also might consider selling it this is the best way especially virtually for you to get in front of active buyers and hedge funds, which is through realtors, okay.

The other way that we navigate building a buyer’s list actively to find great buy and hold people to find great flips, especially if you’re talking about nationally. We’ll be through Facebook. Right there are a lot of active investors in Facebook that are buying from wholesalers. Now, you have hundreds of real estate investing groups, including mine the science of flipping that you can go in and you can search a term such as Miami, Florida or Phoenix, Arizona, or was the most recent one banned in Oregon we did a deal in Bandon, Oregon, you go in you look up anyone who has typed in Bandon Oregon maybe you look up a close city to abandon because abandons a little rural is not necessarily in the you know, a major city or town. And then you reach out to them, you friend request them, you send them a message and you try to jump on the phone. Now part of my best practices with my team will be this idea of getting on the phone with them. I don’t like just sending a message. Hey, bro, what do you want? That’s not the game here. The game is getting on the phone with them helping you understand what type of homes are actively trying to buy? Are they buying for flip purposes, are they buying for buy and hold purposes. Understand that and you’ll understand how to get active buyers that you can simply text. The the funny thing about that is I I sell more properties via you know, texting a handful of my buyers than I do by sending it out to my buyers list. Because we built that rapport with the buyer so that they trust us they know we’re gonna deliver good product, they know we can close on time, there’s very rarely any circumstantial issues that happen. We make it very, very easy for that buyer. And so the vast majority of deals that we sell, are through text message, not through email blasts, but we sell a bunch of deals every month. So yes, of course we sell through email blasts. So if you are looking, and you should be, by the way, the best practice a reason why this became such a hot issues because I basically emphasized during my two day intensive, how important it is to have a relationship with your buyers and what are the best practices. And then people were saying, Well, you know, I don’t have a deal and the conversation just came up about, you need to not worry about whether you have a deal per se, you need to make sure you have buyers. And even more importantly, you want to make sure that you have retail buyers, you have hedge fund buyers, right you have eye buyers who will pay top dollar? Well, the easiest way to have that relationship will be through agents agents tend to have that relationship. The reason why I’ve sold so many properties to the hedge funds and to the eye buyers in Phoenix is because I had a realtor group who held their account. And if you’re watching this, you saw I just put bunny ears up. By the way, if you’re not watching this, and you’re listening to this on iTunes, give me a five star review. I’d greatly appreciate this. But also get over to forward slash Justin Colby and subscribe to my channel. Drop in six videos a week, subscribe to my channel, Justin Colby and turn on those notifications. So you get notified when I drop a new podcast or video right there on YouTube. Now back to the point. So I say they have an account with bunny ears is because hedge funds in ibuyers They’re pretty loyal. But at the end of the day, any agent can bring them a deal, right? And they need to buy. Now. Again, I’m going to remove this because I’ve already talked about it. But yes, Zillow has stopped buying. I understand that they’re selling off properties. There are still a ton I mean a ton of funds buying right now I can think of progressive. Blackstone in Blackstone has like 710 12 different entities they buy in SFR is the main one that I can think of they have like SFR, one SFR, two, three, etc. Invitation homes. Rooftop, I mean, there’s just there’s plenty of them. Right? And so you need to find them. The best way to find them is through a realtor because a realtor is going to be able to get a commission on their sale of property or get a commission on their buy. Right and so I now have learned recently, we just sold our first deal and a true assignment to a fund out in Phoenix that they took an actual true assignment. It they we didn’t have to get very creative and it worked and it closed and we are very happy about that. because prior to that, we were doing a lot of kind of creative stuff and splitting commissions and things of that nature to try to get their deals closed. So, I digress. I circle back to this. I don’t care where you’re at in your business, I don’t care if you’re a newbie or a veteran, I’m 14 years deep in this game in my business is consistently adding buyers, I would say, and I’m going to confirm this, we’re adding anywhere from five to 10 buyers a day to our buyers list now. We’re buying and wholesaling nationally. So you know our number I want our number to be even larger, right? We are, you know, getting deals, contracting states, we don’t know people so I want more than five to 10 because we’re getting deals done in Jersey in New York and Kansas and Oregon and Texas. And you know, Kansas, I already say Kansas, but just to name a few states that were getting deals done and that we don’t necessarily have those buyers. So it doesn’t matter where you’re at in your business. I don’t care if you’re a newbie, I don’t care if you’re a veteran, you need to be building your active buyers list. Zillow, prop stream are the easiest ways if you go to prop stream just put in promo code t s o f, go to T SOS t s o f Put in promo code t s o f, they will give you a free 10,000 person list download, okay? Free 10,000 Personal download, utilize it, take advantage of it and start building the active buyers list. Now again, if you’re listening to this on iTunes, give a five star review I would love that but just as importantly, get over to youtube forward slash Justin Colby, subscribe to my channel and make sure you are turning on those notifications. So you see when each and every one of my videos drop, hopefully has found you. Well. I look forward to talking to you guys on the next podcast. See you when I see you. Peace

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