#1 Buyer List Mistake I Real Estate Wholesaling


I am Justin Colby and I want to review what is the number one biggest buyer list mistake that you may be making right now. That is what we’re going to go into. Now, as wholesalers, we are always taught and should be taught your gold is with your buyers, you can find deals, whether you are marketing yourself through direct mail, cold calling text messaging, PPC or otherwise. Or if you have to do a cold wholesale deal with another investor, you will be able to find deals, but where the gold is and where the rubber meets the road road is your buyers. Now here’s a massive mistake that I know some of you are making. Some of you are not using an email service, you are simply trying to use, you know your Gmail, your Yahoo, your Hotmail, or otherwise to send out the properties. Well, one mistake that is largely the biggest mistake that you could possibly make is to put a group together on your Gmail, and then send it all out. Here is why if you do that, the all of the recipients can see who the other buyers are. And they simply add those buyers to their buyer list. Again, your buyers list in my opinion is really the only IP intellectual property of a wholesalers business. Everything else you can find online, you can watch all of my YouTubes and realize and find out in strategize how to simply create a wholesale business and to do that fast, right. So there’s no intellectual property in that I teach that for free on YouTube. By the way, if you have not subscribed yet, click the subscribe button. Also, by the way, if you are not a member of the science of flipping Academy group on Facebook, get over to the science of flipping Academy group and request to join I give great material in there. Anyways, back to the topic. So the only real IP intellectual property something that may be sellable as a wholesaler will be your buyers list. So if you are not using services such as MailChimp Active Campaign, Constant Contact, eye contact, there’s so many out there, then you are making a mistake, your buyers should go into that CRM or email company blanking on the words so that you can send an email and no one sees the actual email list. I know people out there are making this mistake because I received those emails, they will put my email address along with 20 or 30 or 50 other people’s email address, and they will send the email through Google or Yahoo or hotmail etc. And now all of a sudden, I’ve been able to add 2030 or 40 other buyers to my buyers list right without doing anything. So save yourself the pain. Your number one objective is to go I use MailChimp go get a MailChimp account I believe I spend $39 a month is the base. I believe that’s correct, but it’s relatively inexpensive, is the baseline membership. And that way you can create a flyer that actually looks like if you bear with me here I’ll show you what one of my flyers looks like. As I sent several deals out just this morning. Let’s just go see here. Boom. Here’s what one of my flyers look like off market Maryville the last one sold price, I never put ARV photos so you click a link right here there’s photos,contact, etc. Right. And so what I tell you is you create a flyer like this in MailChimp and you send it out and no other buyer can actually see the other buyers in that group. It should be one of if not the very first service that you buy is your email Relationship Manager. MailChimp is who I use. I have no affiliation with them in the sense I don’t make money when you go, you know sign up for MailChimp. But again, I know this to be true because I get the emails or even text messages. another layer of this is those of you who are text messaging your buyers, if you are not using a software where they do not see all of the other buyers on a chain, then you need to go get a software for those for those text messages. Again, the way I use text message because I do use it quite frequently is I actually am a little old school, the people that I know are really good buyers, I actually use my phone, right. It just works. Every time I sold a home, I sold two homes this morning, doing that one strategy by texting my buyers that I know perform, until you know they perform, you might stick to email. But even then, if you only have a small buyer’s list, I would be texting them on each and every deal that you get, so that you can get the deal sold again, the biggest mistake that you or others are likely making right now is not using an email Relationship Manager like MailChimp or not using some sort of text message service like skipio for your buyers. Now again, I have no relationship to those companies. Those are just good companies that I’ve used over time. And that is really really important. So hopefully I find you find this well again, subscribe to my YouTube channel. And also get over to the science of flipping Academy group and ask to join on Facebook the science of flipping Academy group. I hope you guys enjoyed this don’t make that mistake right now. Go get MailChimp or skip yo if you’re undecided text. I’ll see you guys on the next training.


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