4 Comprehensive Coaching Calls With Justin Colby

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Here's What You Get...

Week 1

  • Learn When to Wholesale
  • Learn When to Wholetail
  • Learn When to rehab
  • Learn how to use the spreadsheet
  • Pros and cons to each strategy

Week 2

  • How to find the deals
  • Lists to use
  • Mail piece to use
  • Systems to organize your business
  • How to properly contract the deal with a certain exit strategy
  • How to analyze a property and know rehab costs

Week 3

  • Finding Private Money
  • Where to find it
  • What to say
  • How to structure it
  • What paperwork to use

Week 4

  • Sell the property in 14 days or less
  • How to find a realtor partner
  • What to say to the realtor partner
  • Whats in it for them?
  • How to calculate profits with selling costs


✓ Rehab Estimator
✓ Weekly Monday and Wednesday Calls
✓ Lien Waivers for Contractors
✓ Phone Scripts
✓ Direct Mail Piece
✓ Notice Template For Eviction
✓ Private Money Presentation
✓ List of National Lenders to Fund Acq and Rehab
✓ Deal Analyzer with holding costs and more...

(Regular Price $1497) Today Only $597

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