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Episode 3 – Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork | Real Estate Investing Podcast

itunes-justin-colbyHaving the right team around you is a crucial step to building a million dollar business.

You will hear me describe who the right team members are. How do you keep them on your team. How to keep them loyal to you. And lastly, what works better, the carrot or the stick?

Episode 2 – Show Me the MONEY! | Real Estate Investing Podcast


Today I review how we have raised millions of dollars from private investors.

How we structure the money, and the systems for funding deals.  I lay out for you the preferred way to borrow money and where to keep the money until you find the right deal. I also go in-depth about how and where to find the MONEY.

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Episode 1 – Secrets to Finding Deals in Today's Market | Real Estate Investing Podcast


Are you having a hard time finding inventory in today’s Market?

Find out how we found 50 deals already this year.

Are you continuing to network?

How much are you marketing to sellers?

What type of marketing are you doing?
We give you the blueprint to all those questions and more.