Episode 17: Tony Robbins Awaken the Giant Within | Real Estate Investing Podcast


Justin talks about the importance of making decisions on what your life will look like in 10 years.  How important it is to start making decisions today that correlate with the vision you have of yourself and business in 10 years. As entrepreneurs we often times do not work on ourselves as much as we should. This is why Justin has made the decision to include podcasts that help entrepreneurs with the mindset it takes to build a successful business.  Take Action.

Episode 16: Situation Real Estate | Real Estate Investing Podcast


We are currently in a real estate market that has evened out. You can no longer just rely on the MLS or the auction to find your deals. Its time for you to start learning about situation real estate, and how that will get you deals.  You don’t want to miss this!!

Episode 15: Quick Tip – Holiday Season Slow Down | Real Estate Investing Podcast


With the Holiday season upon us, buying tends to slow down. Justin gives you a great idea on how to make sure you create some sort of income during the buying slow down. Don’t let the fact that homes aren’t flying off the MLS be the reason for you going in debt or losing all the profit in your flips..
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Episode 14: Subject to (On Steroid) | Real Estate Investing Podcast


No credit, no money, no problem!!!  The technique that Justin uses in this podcast will allow any investor to get into flipping homes with no money, no credit.  He calls this strategy subject to on steroids. He will teach you how to find a seller and match them up with a buyer who wants that home but cant get a loan. Use this strategy and you will get paid.
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Episode 13: Flipping Quick Tip – Holding Time and Holding Costs | Real Estate Investing Podcast


This week Justin has given us a flipping quick tip regarding holding time and holding costs on your flips. He address’s the fact that there are many cities that the market has softened for one reason or another. He give you a couple of great tips on how to make sure your hand doesn’t get caught in the cookie jar.
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Episode 12: Where do I start finding deals? | Real Estate Investing Podcast

itunes-justin-colbyThis podcast will show you some very simple ways to start finding deals.  What zip codes to go after, why, and how to find the right zip codes. I show you some very easy ways to figure out where to start investing and why you want to start there.

Episode 11: How to create more Paychecks more often | Real Estate Investing Podcast

itunes-justin-colbyYou tired of paycheck coming in so few and far between?  As fix and flippers we all know that paychecks are not consistent. So on episode 11 I go over how to systemize your business to make more paychecks more often. These systems will help you double or even triple the amount of deals you do in the next 12 months.  Don’t miss this!!!!

Episode 10: Outsourcing | Real Estate Investing Podcast


As real estate investors we tend to be control freaks.  We think we can do it all ourselves or we will do it right. Todays podcast will give you example of positions in your business you NEED to be outsourcing.  Focus on making money not managing people.

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Episode 9: Working with and finding good contractors | Real Estate Investing Podcast

itunes-justin-colbyWe all know it is difficult to find good contractors that stick around.  This podcast reviews how to find the good ones, how to keep them around, and how to keep them at the best price. It can be a full time job dealing with contractors on you flip deals.  It is incredibly important to have multiple contractors you work with on a consistent bases. Learn the systems we use with our contractors.

Episode 8 – Creative ways to do Deals! | Real Estate Investing Podcast

itunes-justin-colbyIn todays podcast I go over how to look at deals with a different set of glasses. The major complaint we are hearing from our students is, the margins are just not there. Well look at deals differently. Maybe you’ll build vertical, maybe you’ll put a duplex is the neighborhood etc.

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