Episode 81: Welcome to 2017 – Real Estate Investing Podcast


itunes-justin-colbyWelcome to 2017 – Real Estate Investing Podcast. This podcast is about the buyers, sellers, wholesalers, fix and flippers! This is a fresh start and I want you to be get going. You can download the best selling book “The Science Of Flipping” on the right hand side and now you can also join our Mastermind group. APPLY NOW!!

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • How can you get more deals? How to create a life that you want?
  • Planning your year – Having a plan and setting your goals
  • How to attack – Real Estate Investing. How to keep your cost low?
  • How much money you spend to get a deal? Are you budgeting it right?
  • Marketing Strategy- Door Knocking, Cold Calling, Direct Mail, PPC on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Bing and SEO
  • Learn what marketing type can bring you more value and higher profit margins
  • Joining Mastermind and how to get the most out of it