Episode 80: Realtors and Investors


How can realtors and investors build a trusting relationship to work together successfully? Honesty about needs, values and what each has to offer can go far in building the win-win for realtors and investors alike. In this episode of The Science of Flipping, Justin and Kent discuss overcoming that age-old misconception that realtors and investors seldom get along.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The value of this relationship.
  • The importance of a return on investment to both investors and realtors.
  • Position your value to address your prospect’s pain point and make yourself their solution.
  • Ask honest questions about goals and vision to get all the right answers.

Resources mentioned:

  • Website: http://alliancewithkent.com
  • eBook: http://thescienceofflipping.com